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Trafalgar Day Parade 2013

Trafalgar day parade is a special day for sea cadets in England.  It is the day we remember the Royal Navy’s most famous victory.  With the French under Napoleon about to invade it was vital the royal navy won the battle of Trafalgar, Lord Nelson, who sadly died after he was killed by a gun shot from a [...]


School uniform – Good or Bad?

“RELAXED, liberal schools that shun uniforms and encourage pupils to call teachers by their first names produce students who are more highly motivated than more disciplined establishments, according to research by Harvard University.” 54% of students find school boring, so why do we have a uniform if it’s proven that schools do better dressed down? [...]


Your future the all new I Level

In September 2015 the new I level (Intermediate level) exams will be introduced. Their introduction will be the biggest change in school qualifications for over 30 years.  And guess what, we, the current year 7, will be the first to sit the new exams. The reason is according to Ofqual, the exams regulator, is that [...]


Life in the Sea Cadets

Sergeant Steve Wood of Harrogate Sea Cadets came to speak at the Y7 assembly on 17th of  June to tell us about life as a Sea Cadet.  He is a volunteer who helps young people work towards joining the Navy and  fulfil their dreams.  However, you don’t need to want to join the Navy to join [...]

Britain’s Got Talent 2013 Judges

kids rule BGT

Kids rule Britans Got Talent  don’t they? Now officials are complaining  that there is too much stress involved for the children, and that many may find it intimidating by being watched by millions of strangers. A lot of young people are for this, but not us. Why, because many kids have incredible talents! if you watched this [...]


Merida – really to be changed?

Recently Disney released Brave an feature length animation about an adventurous girl who didn’t want to be the princess everyone expected. Set in Scotland a long time ago she refused to tie her wild hair up. She was a strong and powerful female role model. Now Disney has decided to change her and defeat the [...]

Syria – Should we act?

Syria – Should we act?

08 October 2013

One of the big issues of today is Syria. Riots started in March 2011 when civilians wanted political prisoners freed.  The protests started relativity peacefully as part of the “Arab Spring” but the government respond very violently. It rapidly spiralled out of control with protests starting in all the major cities including Damascus and Deraa. Tanks have invaded [...]

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Tour De France Week 1

16 July 2013

The Tour De France has been running for over a week now and has lots of great events! Here is some the stages so far… Stage         Start                             Finish          Length         Date 1                Porto-Vecchino           Bastia           213km         29/6/13 2                Bastia                          Ajaccio         156km         30/6/13 3                Ajaccio                        Calvi            145.5km      1/7/13 4                Nice                             Nice              25km          2/7/13 5                Cagnes sur Mer           Marsielle       [...]

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End of year exams

End of year exams

24 June 2013

  I don’t know if you can, but I can definitely tell the exams  are here! Students are getting homework in on time and seem to be staying awake really late revising. Sure, it’s good to revise but we need sleep as well. These tests are really important, they determine where you go, and what set you [...]

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hgs press cards 002

National Smile Month

24 June 2013

From the 20th May to the 20 June 2013 we have had NATIONAL SMILE MONTH!  National Smile Month is the UK’s largest oral health campaign. The Y7 Atticus Team  interviewed local dentist, Dr Andrew Rufnell, to ask him a few questions about smiles and teeth. Firstly we asked him what were his top 5 tips for [...]

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Tour De France

Tour De France

24 June 2013

This is going to be my weekly column covering the Tour  De France which starts on Saturday 29th June.  It is the 100th tour and Team Sky are again in a great position to win with Chris Froome a pre-race favourite. I hope you will keep reading  until it ends on Sunday 21st June.   Watch a [...]

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Marc Wathieu

Outside Life

13 May 2013

Welcome to Outside Life. Outside Life is a new weekly column about Hobbies, Passions and Pastimes. Over the next few months I will be finding out about the different weird and wacky  hobbies of students and teachers across Harrogate Grammar. So if you have a hobby or passion, or know someone who does,  and would like [...]

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hockey team

Welcome to the HGS Hockey column

27 April 2013

HGS has gone hockey mad. There are now  two hockey teams for year 7 alone . I’m Naimh and I am reporting on HGS girls hockey, this will be a monthly column for you to delve into. Over the next months I will be: profiling the team and players as well as covering the games. Welcome to the year [...]

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Google Glasses

Google Glasses

27 April 2013

Google have been hiding in their lab for a while… They have been creating their very own new piece of technology… THE GOOGLE GLASSES!!! These wonders of science are supposedly able to bring up adverts according to what settings are on. Perhaps you needed to remember something? Tell your glasses! Don’t remember someone’s name? Ask [...]

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Teachers Clothes Show

26 April 2013

The teacher’s clothes show rocked!!! It was one of the most popular shows of charities week. This was no conventional fashion catwalk. It was more of a teacher’s fancy dress show, pantomime and  sing song.  The teachers performed in departments. The first subject  up was the Design department dressed as Hawaiian Ninjas doing ZUMBA, we [...]

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16 April 2013

Psy has recently released a new single ‘ Gentleman’. Since Saturday it has got over 94 million views on YouTube  Despite the threat of a nuclear bomb attack, from neighbours North Korea, Psy still carried on releasing his new single.  Watch him in action below.  Is it as good as Gangnam Style?  Let us know what you think.     Related articles PSY Debuts New Music Video [...]

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World Asthma Day

16 April 2013

Asthma isn’t really considered a major thing, But it is. Eleven people per day die in the U.K.  Both young and old people suffer from it. In the next few articles, we’ll be looking into asthma and how people deal with it as we build up to World Asthma Day on the 7th of May. [...]

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27 March 2013

Harrogate Grammar School attended Battle of the Books at Harrogate Ladies College for the annual competition against the surrounding secondary schools. The evening quiz master was Curtis Jobling the author of the Wereworld series, designer of Bob the Builder and creator of Frankenstein’s Cat . The teams battled against one another over six rounds with [...]

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