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‘The Perks Of Being A Wallflower’ – Review


The Perks of Being a Wallflower was released in February 2013. It stars Emma Watson, Logan Lerman and Ezra Miller and  was immediately a box office sensation.

Stephen Chbosky (the original writer) came up with a great plot. Charlie (Logan Lerman) is starting freshman year at high school and is the odd one out, the nerd, the geek. He feels isolated and alone. He misses his Aunt who suffered a life of abuse and died in a car accident when Charlie was young. His sister, Candice, is being abused by her boyfriend. Charlie becomes friends with Sam (Emma Watson) and her brother, Patrick (Ezra Miller). They allow him to explore his inner self, and come out of his shell. Whilst the plot isn’t unique the film is very enjoyable and engaging.

I haven’t seen a Logan Lerman film before but I can definitely say this won’t be the last one I watch! His acting skills are exceptional. He really was very good. Ezra Miller was also impressive especially in the fight scene and Emma Watson deserves a special note as she was awesome as always.

Soundtrack: I can’t stress how much I love the soundtrack! For someone with such of an old time music taste as me the soundtrack was audio heaven. The score was composed by Michael Brook  and featured as the main song is ‘Heroes’ by ‘David Bowie’. For me that says it all.  Other songs used included ‘Asleep’ by ‘The Smiths’.

Not particularly a massive factor for this film. I mean with Avatar, the visual effects were one of the main parts that contributed to the wow factor; however with this movie it doesn’t really have that effect. Don’t get me wrong though, the visual quality is great.  With a budget of $13 million, they can afford the best cameras out there!

To conclude, this is a fabulous film that I would definitely recommend. As BLISS MAGAZINE said, it is possibly ‘The best film of the year’! Well, almost. I give it 4 stars out of 5.

Ellen Young

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Myddelton Grange

School Concert: March 2013

Myddelton Grange

Myddelton Grange

After a hugely successful (as always) residential at Myddelton Grange prior to the Easter holidays, the music students put on a concert for their parents and friends.

The night started with the Main School Orchestra performing Handel’s ‘Royal Fireworks’ and Mendelsohn’s ‘Dance of The Clowns.’ Then the concert continued with a wide array of acts including the: Wind Band, Barbershop Singers, Solo Acts, Student Bands, Choir, Jazz Band and the String Orchestra. My evening picks were: the Barbershop Singers who were very funny as well as sounding very good, the String Orchestra’s rendition of Eleanor Rigby the classic Beatles hit, and the Wind Band’s compilation of John Williams’ compositions which even with a few giggles, was very pleasant to listen to!

As per tradition, at the end of the night the teachers who gave up so much of their time to run the  residential were gifted some sweet treats from Betty’s and everybody went home in high spirits. I hope you come next year!

Ellen Young

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UK Set For Continued Cold Snap As Snow Arrives


Forecasters have suggested that parts of the country will see the mercury plunge to as low as -6C, with icy winds from Siberia expected to blow in over the eastern coast.

But while coastal areas in the east remain likely to receive sleet and snow from the 7,000-mile wide weather front, the extreme conditions are not expected to be felt far inland.

L Hartshorn

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Fight Against The Allerton Incinerator

Artists impression of proposed plant

NYWAG is an organisation opposed to incineration as a waste solution anywhere in the UK with a focus on the planned construction of an incinerator site at Allerton Park Quarry, between Harrogate and York.
They aim to persuade the council and others (and the public inquiry when they get it) that this is an unnecessary and costly proposal for which there are much cheaper, greener alternatives:
320,000 tons of waste will be transported by road to Allerton Park near Knaresborough where up to 80% of the waste will be incinerated and 12% will be fed into an AD. (only about 5% will be recycled!)

Reasons against the incinerator

  1. The incinerator will cause harm to the landscape, the environment and the wider economy.  If approved the incinerator will reduce re-cycling: the need to feed the incinerator will discourage re-cycling.
  2. Need is not demonstrated and the plant is too big: it is designed to burn 320,000 tonnes of waste a year – much more than North Yorkshire currently produces. It’ll be too big in future, because volumes of waste are going down as re-cycling increases and packaging is reduced.
  3. The case for a single site is not made.  The council’s own public consultation reveals residents would prefer to have smaller local facilities – including at Allerton Park – to reduce the number of lorries on the roads. But the incinerator proposal would put many tens of thousands of lorries on to our roads bringing in waste from all over the county. As well as adding to traffic congestion and to road deaths and injuries, lorry fumes will add to pollution and increase our carbon footprint.
  4.  There’s nothing nearby that could make use of heat from the plant.
  5. It will have big climate change impacts:  Incineration is one of the worst performing methods for waste disposal when carbon dioxide costs are calculated. Electricity-only incinerators produce 33% more fossil fuel derived CO2 per unit energy generated than a gas fired power station. By 2020, with increases in recycling and improved technology, these incinerators will be 78% worse than new gas power stations!
  6. Visual Impact: Despite the height of the main incinerator chimney stack being reduced to 70m from earlier designs, this chimney, together with the surrounding high buildings, will dominate the landscape for many miles around and will constitute a significant visual intrusion on the immediate and wider countryside area. This is the gateway to Yorkshire and will be the first you see when entering this county, which relies on tourism.

North Yorkshire County Council has backed this scheme in principle because it failed to develop a better plan for meeting targets to reduce landfill. Now the council will be judge and jury on the planning application, unless we can get the planning application ‘called in’ and decided at a public inquiry.

Things you can do:

  • You can still write to your MP to object.
  • Fund Raising – please organise events to help fundraise and spread the message!
  • Or simply just sign the online petition (and forward onto your friends)!
  • NYWAG are having their annual sponsored bike ride to raise money for public inquiry. If you are interested please see the links at the bottom of this article.

Sign the petition at:

Contact Steve about NYWAG or the bike ride or to ask for a sponsor form:

Telephone: 01423 330639


Written by: Ailsa Mummery

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The end of an era for Year 11

Left to right; Isobel Samuel-Huskisson, Elena Harrington, Jenny Visick, Harry Woffenden, Vanessa Turnbull, Kirsten Traynor, Saskia Lawson-Tuvey and Harriet Taylor

Friday 11th May marked the end of an era for Year 11, the end of compulsory lessons and the beginning of the revision programme and examinations. It was an emotional and nostalgic occasion for many, even though the majority will return in September. The extended assembly in the morning was an opportunity to share memories, celebrate success, offer thanks and distribute prizes, as well as enjoy the music and dance. The students then went away to prepare themselves for the excitement of evening of their Leavers’ Ball.

Not even the rain could dampen the spirits of the two hundred and thirty five students and staff as they arrived to celebrate in style at the Old Swan Hotel. It was an evening of elegance and glamour and certainly one to remember for all involved – all the students were stunning, becoming film stars for the occasion. Michael Buble, alias Will Eley, made an appearance as the after-dinner soloist, followed by Indie Rock Band, The Idea, which added excitement and splendour to the occasion. Alas, the end of the evening came all too soon. What a superb year group who celebrated in style!


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wigyton lmoor 051

An Interview with Andrew Hammond

Andrew Hammond in converstaion

Leading children’s author Andrew Hammond visited Harrogate Grammar School as part of Harrogate International Festivals Reach Out Schools event. Giving a highly entertaining talk to students in Years 7, 8 and 9 Andrew Hammond spoke about his CRYPT series of books, exploring a fantastic blend of ghost-busting, teenage spies. the supernatural as well as mixing in some funny stories from his childhood. At the end of his presentation we caught up with him for Atticus.



Watch our interview with Andrew.

Also worth watching is this preview of Crypt

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Under 15s reach National Daily Mail Semi-final

Under 15s reach National Daily Mail Semi-final

The U15s rugby team are just one match away from reaching the final of the Daily Mail Vase competition at Twickenham. Having lost in the opening round of the Daily Mail Cup the team entered into the Vase where they won seven matches on the run scoring over 300 points at a cost of only 20 points.

U15s Rugby Team

The quarter-final against the Robert Smyth School in Market Harborough, was a very close encounter with the game in doubt up to the very last second. The home school boasted a front row from Leicester Academy and it was no surprise when they opened the score to go five points up. The team showed its resilience by taking the game to the hosts and applying a lot of pressure but to no avail. The game continued much the same way in the second half with both sides applying and absorbing periods of pressure. With ten minutes to go a good handling movement saw Jasper Jacob released on the left wing to score in the corner. In the last ten minutes the team  withstood a series of attacks but good defensive work kept Smyth School at bay. At the final whistle with the scores  locked at 5 – 5 we progressed as the away school!

We now travel to Broadstreet RFC where we will meet the Sir Thomas Rich School from Gloucester on Sunday 18th in the Semi-Final. The Gloucester side has several players on Gloucester’s books so beating them will be a real scalp.

This will be the third year in a row that the school has reached this stage in the National competition, with last year’s side reaching the final. So fingers crossed the school will look to go one better.

R Mckay

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World Champion Kicks @ HGS

In December last year, pupils from Harrogate Grammar School spent the day with former world champion Thai boxer Rachael MacKenzie as part of Sky Sports Living for Sport.  Click on the photograph to read the story on Sky Sports




First Published on Sky Sports on Tue 10th Jan 2012


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Harrogate Advertiser

In the News – U-18s rugby team triumph.

Read the Advertisers account of the Sixth Forms progress into the the sixth round of the Daily Mail National Cup for the first time.  Exciting times but this is not the first time the Advertiser has reported in glowing terms about this team. Take a trip down memory lane by reading their account of the team as Under 15s in 2010.  . Click on the Advertiser logos below to read the match reports. We would love to hear from you so, comment on this report and  send us your accounts of the matches and any photos. We would love some team photos.


Report first published on Saturday 17 December 2011


Report first published on Thursday 28 January 2010

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mailonline 2

In the News – Under 15s Match Report

It went to the wire.  Click on the newspaper logo to read the Daily Mail’s account.   If you have more detail about the game send it to us at HGSAtticus.  We would love to hear from you.

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Astro turf instalation – time lapse video

Watch this great time lapse video of the installation of the astro turf.  Who remembers life before the astro turf?

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Student Finance – BBC Money Box with Martin Lewis


View the BBC’s Slideshow of the event by clicking on the photo below


Click above to listen to the podcast


For more great photos visit Tim Hardy’s blog.  He is a professional photographer and you may even be able to buy an image.  Click on the photo.

Changes in tuition fees, and the many questions about student finance generally, prompted the Sixth Form Team at Harrogate Grammar School to contact the BBC Radio 4 Money Box Live programme to seek advice from experts as to how to best advise students applying to university for 2013.

Student Adviser, Josie Guinness, emailed the programme with an invitation to bring the show North and answer questions from students, parents and staff. The whole school was delighted by the response from the senior producer accepting the offer, and plans started to be put in place.

In addition to the well-known presenter, Paul Lewis, the programme also put together a panel of experts to ensure that the many questions being prepared by students could be covered – and there were many. The final panel comprised advisers from universities, both in the UK and overseas and from finance experts.

Shortly before the programme was due to be recorded the school learnt that the BBC would also be sending their Look North team to cover the event which led to even greater excitement by the HGS students.

Broadcast live on Wednesday 16th, featured on Radio York, and televised on the Look North programme later that day, the planning, organisation and meticulous arrangements came together very successfully and made for an excellent experience for all.

The advice given by the panel to the students and parents was not only helpful in answering their questions, but also covered broader issues which clarified some of the complexities of student finance which baffle students and parents alike.

“It made us think of questions we didn’t know we even had,” said one student. “It hadn’t dawned on me that I would have to start thinking about paying for a television licence or my own grocery bill very soon!”


The panel included:

Download the full transcript here

• Mo Onyett, student welfare advisor, University of York

• Keith Houghton, head of student funding service, Kingston University

• Christine Ross, head of financial planning at SG Hambros

• Mark Huntington, managing director, A Star Future



To read the

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