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great yorkshire show

Yorkshire rainned its show away

On Tuesday 10th july the Great Yorkshire Show started its 3 day event. As you probably already know on the Tuesday there was also a heavy downfall of rain to add to what we  had already endured last week. The after effects of this rain left tractors pulling cars out of the field  and car parks and stall holders packing up. This was a real shame for every one involved because the stall holders lost lots of money with the food stall holder reduced to  giving away the food they could not sell. The staff and visitors were equally affected.  The entrance gate staff  lost their  3 day job and membership and ticket holders lost out on  3 days of fun they had already paid for. This years Yorkshire show was to be the busiest for decades.  I know people have come from as far as Scotland for this event that only lasted 1 day. Now we will all have to wait again till next year and hopefully we might get some better weather.


How it should have been.

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Harrogate High to be rebuilt.

Harrogate High to be rebuilt.

 Harrogate High School originally built in the 1960s is getting demolished and rebuilt from scratch as part of a government scheme.  Nationwide only 261 schools  have been chosen for investment. The government think that it will improve the conditions in Britain’s schools and academic achievement.  To minimise student and staffs disruption  the new building to be built on site before the old one is demolished. They expect the new school to open in 2-3 years time.


Harrogate high is very lucky to have this opportunity because they are the only school in North Yorkshire to be included in the programme  To ensure fair play a surveyor visited and inspected every school before deciding which ones were eligible.


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The Prince Of Wales Round About

Have you seen the new people Harrogate Borough Council have put on the Prince of Wales roundabout near Comet?
They have put four runners running around the roundabout for the Olympics, but they have got something wrong with them.  They are running around in a clockwise direction but if you go to the Olympic Games they will run in an anti-clockwise direction around the running track. This is because the Greeks who started the Olympic Games ran in an anti-clockwise direction and we all followed that tradition. It is also an advantage for the runner because the earth spins clockwise on its axis so the ground is slowly edging towards you as you’re running anti-clockwise.
I personally think the Council should do some research before they placed the runners.

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Raspberry Pi

The Raspberry Pi

The worlds cheapest computer is here the raspberry pi. The raspberry Pi is low cost, small, and portable. It’s actually as small as a credit card. It is a computer that is designed for teaching programming and runs on fedora (an operating system). The raspberry pi has no cover and comes with preinstalled programs like scratch.
It was designed for educational purposes like teaching children how to program with a cheap and easy to use computer. It’s as cheap as £16.00 in the UK. At the minute the raspberry pi is being targeted at children and schools. Element 14 (company of the raspberry pi) think this will be the very first step to intelligent robots. This could be the very thing that leads the way to the future.

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