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Villagers escape the floods

Hundreds die in Bangladesh Floods

At least a hundred people have died and 250,000 people are stranded in Bangladesh because of five days of monsoon rain. Last weeks flash floods triggered landslides and made buildings collapse, there were also lighting strikes. The majority of the victims were children who got crushed when buildings started to collapse. The weather offices recorded 18.2 inches of rainfall in Chittagong over the past 24 hours. Houses were washed away and crop fields flooded causing the harvest to be destroyed and washed away. Hundreds of families  are fighting for shelter on higher ground and are in desperate need of food and water. It is forecast that the rain will continue for another five days meaning the rescue services are going to have to keep working.

Bangladesh Plan International are responding to   6,000 poor and hard hit people by supplying them with emergency money and transfers of food and clean water. Today the death toll is estimated to be up to 110 people.  Rescue workers, the police and fire brigade are beginning to leave the scene because there are no new reports of people missing however they continue to hand out rice and clean water to all of those affected.

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google goggles

Google Glasses

The Google Glasses


The Google glasses are only a prototype at the moment but they could be the future. These hi-tech glasses are made by Google and have got loads of features including a camera, Google+, weather when you look out of the window and will tell you whether your train has been delayed or if the station is closed when you walk into it. This device also has voice command, but the design is not great, instead of looking like normal glasses they are more cricular pieces of glass and also the price is£158.29, but still it could the next big thing. What do you think?

There is also a video about it which tells you lots more about the Google Glasses. Google Glasses video


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The iPad 3

The iPad 3


The new iPad is not very different to the iPad 2. Some of the new features are faster internet, better graphics, better camera, and an A5X chip. It also has dictation which is where you can speak your words and it will put them down on a page.

For education purposes it could change people’s lives, with better iBooks it would be great for learning purposes it will also offer much more. Another good thing it has better apps; photo editing, iMovie and Garage band are all features that you can be download of the App Store.

Apple have made a few changes to iPads and other products but I think they are beginning to run out of ideas.

What do you think?



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