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Trafalgar Day Parade 2013

Trafalgar day parade is a special day for sea cadets in England.  It is the day we remember the Royal Navy’s most famous victory.  With the French under Napoleon about to invade it was vital the royal navy won the battle of Trafalgar, Lord Nelson, who sadly died after he was killed by a gun shot from a French sniper, led the British fleet to victory.

English: The Battle of Trafalgar, as Seen from the Mizen Starboard Shrouds of the Victory, oil on canvas painting by JMW Turner, c. 1806, Tate Britain
English: The Battle of Trafalgar, as Seen from the Mizen Starboard Shrouds of the Victory, oil on canvas painting by JMW Turner, c. 1806, Tate Britain

 DSCF1495On Sunday the 13th of October over 200  years after the battle  on 21 October 1805 all North Yorkshires five cadet groups representing Harrogate, Scarborough, Filey, Hull and York paraded in Harrogate. The celebrations were led by the Harrogate Sea Cadets band.  Most of the Harrogate Sea Cadets are in the band, we were very proud! The rest of the group marched behind the Marine Cadets from Scarborough from St Peters Church to the Council Offices.  The parade was inspected by Commodore P Sutermeister in front of the petty officers (P.O.’S) and the chiefs.  Over 120 Cadets united together to make a very good day.




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Syria – Should we act?

English: A volcano called Syria

English: A volcano called Syria (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

One of the big issues of today is Syria. Riots started in March 2011 when civilians wanted political prisoners freed.  The protests started relativity peacefully as part of the “Arab Spring” but the government respond very violently. It rapidly spiralled out of control with protests starting in all the major cities including Damascus and Deraa. Tanks have invaded the cities.  Over 110,000 people  have been shot, shelled and poisoned.  The protests have now turned into a civil war nation wide with many children killed and injured. The red cross and other charities like it have been setting up various camps outside of Syria to help refugees. The UN (united nations) have been urging  President Assad to do something about this.

This week there has been a chemical weapons disarmament deal done by John Kerry (USA) and Sergei Lavrov (Russia) which means that Syria have seven days to declare all its chemical weapons.  If they don’t there will be  serious action will be taken by Russia and America.

David Cameron recently lost a vote to take military action in Syria.  If the Assad government doesnt comply with the chemical weapon agreement should Britain intervene and support Ameriaca in strikes against the Syrian Government.

What do you think? Should we fight them or help them?

100% of the people asked Syria Freind or Foe answered foe!

Syria 1

Syria 2



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Tour De France Week 1

hqdefaultThe Tour De France has been running for over a week now and has lots of great events! Here is some the stages so far…

Stage         Start                             Finish          Length         Date

1                Porto-Vecchino           Bastia           213km         29/6/13

2                Bastia                          Ajaccio         156km         30/6/13

3                Ajaccio                        Calvi            145.5km      1/7/13

4                Nice                             Nice              25km          2/7/13

5                Cagnes sur Mer           Marsielle       228.5km     3/7/13

6                Aix en Provence          Montpellier   176.5km     4/7/13

7                Montpellier                  Albi               205.5km    5/7/13


It has been an excellent start to the Tour De France this year despite the chaos of stage 1. Chris Froome the Kenyan born Sky and British cyclist has taken the yellow jersey which is very good news for team SKY!

Watch the chaos of stage one unfold as a bus gets stuck under the finishing line.

Keep reading to find out more about the upcoming stages in next weeks article and what happened!

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Tour De France

This is going to be my weekly column covering the Tour  De France which starts on Saturday 29th June.  It is the 100th tour and Team Sky are again in a great position to win with Chris Froome a pre-race favourite. I hope you will keep reading  until it ends on Sunday 21st June.


Watch a fly through of the first stage in Corsica and then an interview with Chris Froome.


Happy Cycling

Will Banks

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World Asthma Day

imageAsthma isn’t really considered a major thing, But it is. Eleven people per day die in the U.K.  Both young and old people suffer from it. In the next few articles, we’ll be looking into asthma and how people deal with it as we build up to World Asthma Day on the 7th of May.  The aim is to raise awareness of asthma and improve asthma care throughout the world.  The theme for this years day is “You Can Control Your Asthma.”

It would be really nice to show support for those who have lost someone to asthma, and people who suffer from it.

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My Big Idea

Over the summer of 2012, I, decided to start a business. So Snap Photography was born.


It started on a wet, cold, summer morning, and I was watching Dragons den on TV, and I thought; wouldn’t it be great to have a business, to have something to set a goal for, and to

This image shows a "Nikon Nikkor 18-70 AF...

This is the lens from a DSLR camera.

grow it, to try and get it to the top. So, I said to myself, I will start a business,and I will be the best, but what sort of business? After hours of pondering, I came to a conclusion. I’d have a photography business, after all, I’d won a big school competition, so it would be the perfect. I had saved up for the whole of my life and waited for the perfect investment. I thought this was that perfect one.


I went in to town the next weekend, and picked my camera; a Canon 1100d DSLR, it was fabulous,  the picture quality was unbeatable. The next day, I went to the stretch of grass outside Betty’s tea rooms and set up my tripod and camera.  As people walked past, I stopped them and asked if they wanted their photo taking for £2.50, and lots of people said yes (!!!) As a result of the hight demand I raised the price to £5.00, and people still paid.  The highest price I charged was £10.00! The total takings for the day was £50.50.

I’m very glad that I set up my business, because it helped me improve my self-confidence.  I hope I’ve inspired you to do something extra special, because the thrill is amazing, and it will be successful.

Jonathan Colquhoun,

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Uniform – but stylish?

Recently many negative comments have been scribbled in year seven student planners about uniform; short ties, top buttons undone, skirts rolled up, and make-up. Harrogate Grammar Students complain and hide from teachers in case they spot their improperly worn uniform. Its not just in year seven though, I see many  year 10 and 11 students  with heavy out lined eyes and 3 stripe long ties, but they hardly ever get stopped. I think the skirts for girls should be shortened by a couple of cm to satisfy girls and save them from getting ‘negs’. Our ties should be allowed to be shorter because they look ridiculous so long. I agree no make-up should be worn because it might damage the image of our school.

If you went around school assessing how many HGS students were wearing correct uniform, you wouldn’t find many because no teenager wears skirts around their knees or ties touching the top of their skirts or trousers. I asked “normal” year seven students their opinion, “it isn’t fair that we have to stick by rules, we should be allowed to express ourselves for who we are.”. To make sure it wasn’t just girls who thought this I also asked a boy in my form who said “I think its a good uniform as it is very formal and is suited for special occasions, I don’t think there is much problem with it but it would be better if we could wear hats and coats”.

So there are mixed opinions about Grammar uniform but there seem to be more wishes than stars.  My opinion of the uniform has already been expressed through my article but I have to admit they are very smart and make us look more efficient  The question though, is what is Harrogate Grammar going to do?

Articlewritten by Emily Louise Spurling :mrgreen:

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The Wii U



English: Illustration made in Inkscape by Toky...

English: Illustration made in Inkscape by Tokyoship. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Nintendo, one of the biggest gaming companies have just released their newest console, the Wii U. The Wii U’s most significant feature is the game pad, a tablet looking controller. It has a touch screen interface which allows an extra boost to most games on the Wii U such as on Nintendo’s first horror game, ZombiU. You can use the game pad to open doors that have combination lock’s and searching for items in the inventory. Here is a video about what you can do with the gamepad for this game:



Warning: May Contain Inapropriate Content:

Nintendo are really trying to beat Microsoft’s XBox 360 & Sony’s Playstation 3.


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Mouse In The House!

Русский: Мышь домовая Mus musculus

Русский: Мышь домовая Mus musculus (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Last night at 7pm, Francesca had moved into her new house, her and her family were moving boxes in and out of the house when suddenly a little brown mouse ran across the floor, Francesca and her brothers spent all night trying to catch the mouse… Which failed…..? A lot… badly… It was unspeakable… While Francesca was trying to catch the mouse in her hands it leaped up and jumped on her face! Savagely attacking her and causing her to scream the house down! (Not literally) Of course her mum went to go get the dog so that the dog (Rio) could capture it and kill it. Rio just fell asleep on the job…. Good old Rio. Francesca has not yet found the mouse and was too scared to sleep because she thought the mouse would climb on her in her sleep….

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Language Celebrations for Local Primary Schools

On Friday the 18th May 2012, a language celebration took place at Harrogate Grammar School for some of the local primary school children in the area.

Six groups of year five pupils from Rossett Acre, Forest, Pannal, Western, St Peter’s and Oatlands came to the Grammar school to take part in a fun filled morning of activites. On offer was Spanish, Italian and German for beginners, Handball, Tongue Twisters and Rowing. The carousel of activites was preceded by singing in various languages which was led by Miss Segal.

Despite the inclement weather, the children were able to enjoy the outdoor activities which were on offer. They showed a lot of enthusiasm while playing handball and during the other activities.

The first three sessions came to an end with a short break of biscuits, drinks and an activity of making flags and banners for different countries. This was to fit in with the Olympic theme of the day.

The activities came to an exciting end with the headteacher Mr Sherriff, presenting medals to all students. The enjoyment that they felt was clear on their faces as they happily watched the award ceremony.

The junior sports leaders were also on hand to help out throughout the morning.

There were also many pictures taken during the morning which show some of the exciting things the primary school students were able to take part in. 


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The new JAG (f-type)

From the great and glorious country of the UK, a new car is here. The first of its kind, it’s pure, it’s healthy,  JAGUAR F-TYPE  coming out next year of 2013.

At the moment, details are a little sketchy because it’s not due to go on sale until mid-2013, but we do know it will appear as a canvas-roofed convertible.

It’s also going to be the most focused Jag yet. Think XKR-S scale of things. Which might seem a bit of a paradox, given that convertibles aren’t normally associated with hardcore driving, but for various engineering and launch-timing issues, Jag is going down this route.

If you want this car get your head down, revise well for exams get a good job, save up and then hopefully this this car could be yours.

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French Exchange; photos

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