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Lionel Messi – the greatest ever?

Lionel Messi is widely regarded as the greatest footballer in the world. If you go a step further, he’s even regarded as the best player ever by many.  He recently scored his 234th goal for Barcelona – making him the clubs record top scorer and he’s only 24. He scored 3 goals in a recent 5-3  win against Granada. That means that those 234 goals have been scored in just  314 game. Before breaking the club record, Messi put 5 past Bayer Leverkusen in a 7-1 victory, a feat that has never been matched before.

However, Messi has never shown this level of class for his national side - Argentina. He never took his chance to shine in Maradona’s side as he has in  Guardiola’s  Barcelona. That being said, his goal scoring record for Argentina would be a good by most strikers standards – but not Messi’s.

Cristiano Ronaldo of Real Madrid, is regarded as the second best player in the world by many despite having scored a record 98 in 90 games for Madrid in the league – a record that is even better than Messi’s.

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French Exchange 2012; 23/03/12

Today we went to a bell tower/town hall, a brewery and a workshop where they made giant puppets/floats.

We also went to some lessons in a french school, they like to try and speak english to us as much as they can, but they’re not very good! :)

In the bell tower/town hall we met the Mayor of Laventie, and we went up to the top of the bell tower. – It was very high up!

In the brewery we learnt how they make the 2 different types of beer, and we had an oppourtunity to try a small amount, and to buy some to take back for presents.

We went to two workshops, one where a giant donkey and soldier was built, and another where a giant cat had been built. They showed us how they made them, how they operated them, and what they are used for. They told us that when a new giant is built, they baptise it, by having a gathering of giants, and a drinking session afterwards! The giants are operated by 2-4 people who carry the weight of the giant on their shoulders, by some poles and planks of wood with cushions on the end.

We have started recording video diaries with different students each night, that way parents, friends and family can see what we have been doing whilst in Laventie :)



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French Exchange 2012


After a very uneventful journey, the 28 French Exchange students and the two teachers arrived safely in Laventie where they were given a very French  welcome.Wine (for the parents), orange juice (for the students) and a speech by the Principal of the College, Monsieur Thierry Chevalier.

By half past six, local time, all the students had been reunited with their respective families.  There is little doubt that our arrival had created a lot of interest on the part of all the students in the college as most of 600 or so eleves  came to watch as the British and French students were reunited.

Dover -Leaving the UK

Tomorrow, we are in school for part of the day and visiting the town for the rest of the time.

It is hoped that photos and videos will also be available.

Bonsoir tout le monde


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Epic battle for Under 15′s Rugby team

This is the epic tale of the HGS Rugby legends.  This weekend the under 15s will play away in the semi-final of the national Daily Mail competition.  It is a daunting quest –  basically its just  like Justin Biebers quest to hit puberty.

We have battled agaisnt 6 teams,  and battled for our lives, this conquest will not be ending on the 18th of march we will crush our oppositon like a worm beneath our heels and march on to the final. The teams base we will be at the Coventry  Holiday Inn where we will enjoy luxury service and dine like kings and queens.

We will be victorious  or  we will burn in eternal fiery hell!  Support your team.





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BBC School Report: iPads at Harrogate Grammar School


Harrogate Grammar recently started a trial period with Apple iPads for some students in years 8, 11 and sixth formers. If this trial period is successful and enhances learning experience with students instead of just being a fashion item then all students could be able to have access to the iPads.

The Apple iPads are likely to be rented by the students at Harrogate Grammar schools. The iPads are being introduced in an attempt to help children learn in an interesting and new way.

The possible advantages could be a boost of students’ grades, more lively and interesting lessons and make learning easier and fun. Children like going in I.T. rooms and going on computers so should find the iPads a new, fun and interesting way of learning and maybe this would encourage pupils to really enjoy their lessons and learn more using this new technology available to them.

The school is aware of the concerns regarding what happens if an iPad is dropped, stolen, used to play games etc. and is researching all the issues thoroughly before approaching parents. You can watch the news story and an interview with Miss Nicholson here:

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BBC School News

On Thursday 14th March, A select group of 20 year 9s will be filming, editing and reporting for the BBC News School Report to be uploaded to the BBC website at the end of the day. These pupils will be off timetable all day, but it will still be hard work. Jobs will include, scriptwriting, writing stories, interviewing, presenting, filming, editing to name but a few. Wish them luck!

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Debating Club

Every Thursday Lunch time there is a Debating Club where we debate about current affairs.  It opens up your mind to see lots of people’s views on things that are happening all over the world. At the moment, there are just a few of us who go and we would really love it if you would come and try it out. At the moment we are in practice to do a Magistrates Court competition but if you come along, we would be able to set up a small debate in the corner and you would be taught to debate properly . The club is run by Mr Andrew and Dr Curran in A19.

If you become very interested and are fairly confident  then you can enter competitions. Please come along and see if you enjoy it. We look forward to seeing you.


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Do you like reading

Reading is amazing it widens your brain and is fun the only work required is finding the kind of book that grips you and keeps you on the end of your seat the whole book through there are many different genres to choose from like :


Romantic books are for the kind of girls that like to sit in front of the fire with a blanket and a box of chocolates and dive into a book.


This is for people who want to sit  down and are not  able to put the book down they want to hang on the edge of there seat with excitement and when the book is finished reviewing in your head the last paragraph wanting to get the next book in the series or if the book is not a series get a new book.

There are loads of writers like jacqueline Wilson Jeff kinley and loads more.

Any book recommendations and post it.

Get reading.



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Year 9 Trenches Trip 2011

In May, Year 9 students travelled to Belgium to learn more about the history of the First World War and to visit several cemeteries in order to pay their respects.

Names, Names, Names.

Names, Names, Names.

The students also visited Bell’s Redoubt, the place where Donald Bell, a former student of Harrogate Grammar School, died attempting to take a German trench. Donald Bell earned the Victoria Cross for his bravery, and is the only professional footballer ever to earn the VC.


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Great Performance at U13 Hockey Tournament

On Monday 14th November, nine Year 8 girls set off to York to take part in an Under 13′s Hockey Tournament at St. Peter’s School. Eight teams took part, and the HGS team took on Scarborough College, St. Aidan’s and St. Martin’s in a series of heated 7-a-side matches. In the first match, the team lost 1-0 to Scarborough after a run of bad luck; but they managed to beat St. Aidan’s in the next match 3-0 after two goals from Charlotte Venebles and a third from Franki Callard.

Next the team took on St. Martin’s and drew 2-2, with Hattie Wheat scoring one of the goals and Charlotte Venebles scoring the other.The final match, again versus St. Aidans, was to determine the team’s place in the tournament; and the HGS squad won again, this time with a hefty 4-0: two goals from Hattie Wheat, one from Franki Callard and yet another from Charlotte Venebles. This final game placed the team in 4th, and Charlotte Venebles and goalie Eloise Hudson were named the players of the day due to their exceptional performance.

Coach Mr Le Bourdon said that “I think they were very good. I think they were very unfortunate not to place in the top two. Their performance bodes well for the future.”

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Book Review: The Stand by Stephen King

Regarded by many as one of Stephen King’s finest books, The Stand is set in America in 1990. The book begins with a deadly “superflu” virus escaping from a military base which proceeds to wipe out every human on the planet apart from a lucky few, who all share the same thing in common: frequent and vivid dreams. The survivors soon discover that they are all having two dreams; one about an elderly woman in Nebraska, and another about a sinister ‘dark man’. It quickly becomes clear that the virus was only the start, and the survivors must choose where they stand in the ensuing war.

King tells the story brilliantly, giving every character their distinctive and believable personality, dropping numerous cliffhangers to keep you hooked and expertly upping the tension until the story comes to its shocking conclusion. During the books 1400 or so pages, the story remains riveting; and for those looking for a long read, I would highly recommend this.

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Not A Carribean Cruise

The James Cook is a 70ft ketch (that’s yellow!). The Rotary Club sponsors 3 people from HGS to go on the ship each year during the summer holidays. The voyage this year was 5 days long and was very exciting with wind speeds of 90 km/h and waves over 23ft tall.

We started our voyage in North Shields, and travelled 23 miles to Amble. On the second day we headed north and made for Aberdeen. We set off at about 1pm and night sailed north into Scotland. We never actually got to Aberdeen (we got into Scotland) because the conditions were too rough. There were storm force winds (force 10) and 7m waves we broke a sail and most of us were sea sick. We harboured in Blythe instead of carrying on. We slept in Blythe port and had a well-deserved BBQ on the beach; most of the crew ended up thrown in the water. The next day we spent most of the day in Blythe and set off to Scarborough in the late afternoon. We got to Scarborough in record time and made 12 kts.

During the trip we were tested on our ability to helm and rig the boat, tie all the knots; know the parts of the boat and use the flares. Some of us got the ‘Start Yachting’ award and others (me) got the higher tier award ‘Competent Crew’.

We spent 17 hours night sailing and had the worst / best conditions that the skipper had ever sailed in. There were Force 10 winds, 7m waves and were sailing at 45 degrees. It was quite exciting.

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