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Be nice to people


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School can be difficult. People get judged for everything: from the way they look and dress to what they like and even having a boyfriend. People think it’s geeky and wrong to like school and reading.  Wearing braces and glasses doesn’t make you a geek. People are a lot different inside than on the out, so take your time to get to know them instead of judging them. As the saying puts it; you should never judge a book by its cover, and you shouldn’t judge a human by their appearance.  Secrets spread around the school like water, and they can create serious problems such as bullying, teasing and everybody knowing…that’s why school is so hard. How would you like it if everybody knew about your private life? Whether you’re fat, thin, tall, small, blonde, coloured, smart or ginger; YOU are unique.  If you are getting bullied the PLEASE tell someone, or if you know someone being bullied then please help them!

 “Be nice to nerds. Chances are you’ll end up working for one”-Bill Gates

If you are creative you can enter the ‘Find Your Voice’ competition run by Beat Bullying with  Amelia Lily.   The competition invites budding poets and songwriters to pen a short piece based on the subject of beating bullying, or finding your voice. The winning entry will be produced as a song performed by Amelia Lily, with the winner also given the chance to meet the star.

The closing date for the ‘Find Your Voice’ competition is 12pm on Thursday 18 April 2013. You can enter by for more info, or by  We will publish your entry on HGS Atticus so get to work.

Watch the video below


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Charities week 2013

diabetes-uk-bodyThe always successful charities week has been here again! This year it’s for the school charity Diabetes UK!


 The week kicked off on Friday with the famous StayAwake! You can read all about it in James Clark’s story.  According to Mr Stockton, the organiser of the event, we raised £4,500 if everyone brings the money promised, which will make it was one of the most successful events yet. Mr Stockton did admit to finding a few people dosing off , but “they were soon awake again!” The StayAwake was great fun the best bits being karaoke in the jamming room and just dance in the wii room!

On Monday was the Bizarre Bazaar and it went down a storm! At the centre there was a raffle with some great prizes including:  a jump to the front off the lunch que pass, a snood and many more! There were also games like whack a rat and plenty of cakes and sweets to be bought.

The variety performance on Tuesday lunch time this was brilliant. It was non-competitive and enormous fun. One of the best acts was Harry Murray and Heidi Goddard who sang turning tables by Adele.  Despite Harry admitting to feeling nervous, shaky, anxious but excited, they were excellent.

Then on Wednesday it was time for the Quiz with a 2012 theme. The quiz was composed of four rounds:  music intros, pop culture, an observation round and a puzzles round. Music intros included ‘Skyfall’ and ‘Somebody that I used to know’.

The popular culture round featured questions like; who played at the interval of the Super Bowl?’ This quite clearly was Beyonce! The third round was the observation round.  We were taken on a video of a tour of the school and then got asked questions like ‘how many fire extinguishers where on the stairs? The fourth and final round was the puzzles sheet round.   There were two winning teams, “Angles and Demons” (the maths teachers), and a group of year 10s who’s team name is too complicated to spell! The teachers kindly gave the Mama Doreen’s and the cinema vouchers to the other team!

After nearly a week of fun came the big Gig on Thursday. This was a rock style concert which included performances from Oblivion, winners of the Battle of the Bands and Talent Show finalists. Many of the talented performers went to the extra effort of writing their own songs. The Gig was a great place to go listen to modern day rock music and a fantastic experience.


Unfortunately the teacher’s clothes show was postponed due to the snow! Watch this space to hear about the teachers clothes show once it happens and how much money was raised!


If you have any photographs of these events please send them to us.

By Alicia Kernaghan

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Stayawake 2013

narcolepsy-schoolWell I’m still awake.  It is 3am and so far Ive been to the tuck shop, played on the computers, played chess, bridge and connect 4 but all I want to do is sleep.  Its Stay Awake 2013 and we are raising money for Diabeties UK.  Its crowded there are over 240 year 7 and 8 students crammed into Music Block.

So how easy was it to stay awake.  I interviews three excited participants:  Ben Eastwood, Andrew Burchell, and Edward Malone.  Ben thought it wasn’t going to be problem, “I often stay awake late” he said casually. The key challenge for Ben was to avoid staying in the computer room playing computer games all night.  He was clear that roaming around with his friends was going to be key.  In the event Ben stayed nearly all night in P15 chatting and playing Truth or Dare.  Clearly I can’t divulge the details of Ben’s conversation but I don’t think he will be featuring on the best of Gangham Style any time soon.  Luckily for Ben Ipads were banned, or you could now view him on YouTube.

I have to be hones t I expected to find a few people asleep hidden in corners, but I didn’t   The atmosphere was excited and there was plenty to keep you awake.  There was Disco, Dodgeball, Table Tennis, Badminton and Basketball.  If you dint like these you could do additional maths and read Shakespeare.

So was  it worth it? Yes, yes, yes, I had a lot of fun and discovered some worrying things about my friends and we raised over  £4,000 FOR Diabetes UK.

By James Clark

Photos coming soon.


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Horses for courses


Basashi (raw horsemeat) from Towada.

Raw horse meat (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Do you shop at Tesco or any supermarket? Well, if you do, don’t buy the beef products! On the package it might say 100% beef. But you will be shocked to find that in some cases 60% of it is horse!

If you’re a horse lover that is the last thing you want on your plate.   Beef products containing horse meat have been found in a number of European countries including France, Norway, Austria, Switzerland, Sweden and Germany.

But I bet you didn’t know that horse meat is a lot more expensive than beef. So you could find that you might be paying more than you bargained for.

Harrogate Grammar School has NOT got horse meat in it so please do not worry!


Written by Maddy Hinchcliffe and Julia Dabrowska.




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Harrogate Christmas Fair

christmas 2007

Christmas (Photo credit: paparutzi)

Undeterred by the horrible weather, stall holders and buyers flocked in to Harrogate and brought festive cheer to the dreary weekend.

Commencing on Saturday 24th November, the first ever Harrogate Christmas Fair (on the Stray) braved the cold, clad in wintery wear. Business boomed, and many a happy face left the stalls, arms full with sweets and roasted nuts. Fathers lead away beaming children, whilst mothers appeared laden with presents. Live reindeers entertained all (yes, real, live reindeers!). Cheese dealers (and the wine stalls!) seduced all adults, young children fascinated by the huge mess of organised chaos! Sellers laughed. Sweet lovers gorged themselves. Chestnuts roasted. All was well. Until the rain came.

Rain, Britain’s worst enemy, jeopardized Harrogate’s Fair. Washing away hopes as well as customers, the rain continued to fall for the remainder of the day. Umbrellas were raised, clogging up the narrow passages. Children cried. Stall holders held their hands up in despair at their leaking roofs. Even the reindeers couldn’t salvage the occasion. Slowly, the once lively audience dispersed in dismal mirth.

‘It was really good…until the rain spoiled it…’ a Y7 student said wistfully. ‘I felt so sorry for them.’ a teacher said who didn’t go.

Next year, there will be another Christmas fair. Let’s hope that the weather holds up for us then.

Click to see photos of the event

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Early cup exit for HGS seniors

HGS senior’s participation in the National cup came to an early and shocking conclusion with a 4-0 defeat by neighbours ST Aiden’s.

The start of an embarrassing evening for HGS began with early pressure from the home side, who failed to convert their chances. Despite some aggressive early challenges ST Aiden’s, refused to hide and continued to attack dangerously.

The first chance of the match arrived when an early mistake by the Aiden’s defence let Jake Hallet through on goal, his shot was well saved by the oncoming keeper. Despite the  positive start, St Aiden’s scored  only two minutes later after a pacey attack.  Keeper James Rule was unable to prevent their striker sliding the ball past him into the bottom corner. The goal scorer would continue to cause the HGS defence problems and on the seventeen minute mark he went through a second time.  Usin


Goal (Photo credit: Robbie Veldwijk)

g his blistering pace to race through the HGS defence he was only stopped by a large puddle inside the penalty box.  However the seniors luck was about to run out.  A few minutes later a free kick whipped in from the left hand side was nodded in at the far post.  Half time ended what was a shocking first half display HGS performance.  The team manger did not hold back his feelings during interval.

HGS came out positively in the second half and after fifty five minutes tricky winger Gareth Traynor was hauled down on the edge of the box.  Pleas for a penalty were waived away.   Despite this controversy Traynor had another chance to score when his powerful shot was tipped over by the Aiden’s keeper. It was clear to that the HGS did not intend to go down without a fight.

However the game was effectively over on 55 minutes when another header was not dealt with by the HGS defence, and was nodded in at the far post. The misery continued when with yet another poorly defended looping cross was headed in to make it 4-0  to the hosts. The match slowly came to end with little to mention apart from a promising shot from skilful midfielder Mikey Mossman.  For HGS the final whistle could not have come soon enough and they will be eager to put this terrible result behind them and focus on upcoming games.

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Hundreds die in Bangladesh Floods

At least a hundred people have died and 250,000 people are stranded in Bangladesh because of five days of monsoon rain. Last weeks flash floods triggered landslides and made buildings collapse, there were also lighting strikes. The majority of the victims were children who got crushed when buildings started to collapse. The weather offices recorded 18.2 inches of rainfall in Chittagong over the past 24 hours. Houses were washed away and crop fields flooded causing the harvest to be destroyed and washed away. Hundreds of families  are fighting for shelter on higher ground and are in desperate need of food and water. It is forecast that the rain will continue for another five days meaning the rescue services are going to have to keep working.

Bangladesh Plan International are responding to   6,000 poor and hard hit people by supplying them with emergency money and transfers of food and clean water. Today the death toll is estimated to be up to 110 people.  Rescue workers, the police and fire brigade are beginning to leave the scene because there are no new reports of people missing however they continue to hand out rice and clean water to all of those affected.

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Yorkshire rainned its show away

On Tuesday 10th july the Great Yorkshire Show started its 3 day event. As you probably already know on the Tuesday there was also a heavy downfall of rain to add to what we  had already endured last week. The after effects of this rain left tractors pulling cars out of the field  and car parks and stall holders packing up. This was a real shame for every one involved because the stall holders lost lots of money with the food stall holder reduced to  giving away the food they could not sell. The staff and visitors were equally affected.  The entrance gate staff  lost their  3 day job and membership and ticket holders lost out on  3 days of fun they had already paid for. This years Yorkshire show was to be the busiest for decades.  I know people have come from as far as Scotland for this event that only lasted 1 day. Now we will all have to wait again till next year and hopefully we might get some better weather.


How it should have been.

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Fight Against The Allerton Incinerator

Artists impression of proposed plant

NYWAG is an organisation opposed to incineration as a waste solution anywhere in the UK with a focus on the planned construction of an incinerator site at Allerton Park Quarry, between Harrogate and York.
They aim to persuade the council and others (and the public inquiry when they get it) that this is an unnecessary and costly proposal for which there are much cheaper, greener alternatives:
320,000 tons of waste will be transported by road to Allerton Park near Knaresborough where up to 80% of the waste will be incinerated and 12% will be fed into an AD. (only about 5% will be recycled!)

Reasons against the incinerator

  1. The incinerator will cause harm to the landscape, the environment and the wider economy.  If approved the incinerator will reduce re-cycling: the need to feed the incinerator will discourage re-cycling.
  2. Need is not demonstrated and the plant is too big: it is designed to burn 320,000 tonnes of waste a year – much more than North Yorkshire currently produces. It’ll be too big in future, because volumes of waste are going down as re-cycling increases and packaging is reduced.
  3. The case for a single site is not made.  The council’s own public consultation reveals residents would prefer to have smaller local facilities – including at Allerton Park – to reduce the number of lorries on the roads. But the incinerator proposal would put many tens of thousands of lorries on to our roads bringing in waste from all over the county. As well as adding to traffic congestion and to road deaths and injuries, lorry fumes will add to pollution and increase our carbon footprint.
  4.  There’s nothing nearby that could make use of heat from the plant.
  5. It will have big climate change impacts:  Incineration is one of the worst performing methods for waste disposal when carbon dioxide costs are calculated. Electricity-only incinerators produce 33% more fossil fuel derived CO2 per unit energy generated than a gas fired power station. By 2020, with increases in recycling and improved technology, these incinerators will be 78% worse than new gas power stations!
  6. Visual Impact: Despite the height of the main incinerator chimney stack being reduced to 70m from earlier designs, this chimney, together with the surrounding high buildings, will dominate the landscape for many miles around and will constitute a significant visual intrusion on the immediate and wider countryside area. This is the gateway to Yorkshire and will be the first you see when entering this county, which relies on tourism.

North Yorkshire County Council has backed this scheme in principle because it failed to develop a better plan for meeting targets to reduce landfill. Now the council will be judge and jury on the planning application, unless we can get the planning application ‘called in’ and decided at a public inquiry.

Things you can do:

  • You can still write to your MP to object.
  • Fund Raising – please organise events to help fundraise and spread the message!
  • Or simply just sign the online petition (and forward onto your friends)!
  • NYWAG are having their annual sponsored bike ride to raise money for public inquiry. If you are interested please see the links at the bottom of this article.

Sign the petition at:

Contact Steve about NYWAG or the bike ride or to ask for a sponsor form:

Telephone: 01423 330639


Written by: Ailsa Mummery

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Art Show Review

Full story coming soon. 8-)

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The end of an era for Year 11

Left to right; Isobel Samuel-Huskisson, Elena Harrington, Jenny Visick, Harry Woffenden, Vanessa Turnbull, Kirsten Traynor, Saskia Lawson-Tuvey and Harriet Taylor

Friday 11th May marked the end of an era for Year 11, the end of compulsory lessons and the beginning of the revision programme and examinations. It was an emotional and nostalgic occasion for many, even though the majority will return in September. The extended assembly in the morning was an opportunity to share memories, celebrate success, offer thanks and distribute prizes, as well as enjoy the music and dance. The students then went away to prepare themselves for the excitement of evening of their Leavers’ Ball.

Not even the rain could dampen the spirits of the two hundred and thirty five students and staff as they arrived to celebrate in style at the Old Swan Hotel. It was an evening of elegance and glamour and certainly one to remember for all involved – all the students were stunning, becoming film stars for the occasion. Michael Buble, alias Will Eley, made an appearance as the after-dinner soloist, followed by Indie Rock Band, The Idea, which added excitement and splendour to the occasion. Alas, the end of the evening came all too soon. What a superb year group who celebrated in style!


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Bomb Threats in the Local Area

On Monday and then again on Tuesday 29th May 2012, Rossett Acre Primary just yards up Arthurs Avenue from Harrogate Grammar received bomb threats.  The school received the emails at around 12pm on the Monday and 8:45am on the Tuesday which warned the staff that  there was a bomb inside the building and that it was real. On both days, the building was quickly evacuated by the sounding the fire alarm and the police were called.

On the Monday the children and staff were safely evacuated to the Rossett High School Astro-turf. On the Tuesday, the teachers gathered all the children up when school started at 8:50am.

North Yorkshire Police said that it was ‘malicious hoax’ on both occasions and they and the Metropolitan police were investigating the possibility of a link to series of malicious communications to schools across the UK.
On the Monday, a spokesperson from the North Yorkshire County Council said: “Investigations have established the message was a malicious hoax and the school will reopen as usual tomorrow morning.” But on Tuesday school couldn’t even start because of the new email.
North Yorkshire police said it had “fully assessed” the situation at Rossett Acre and they are now urging anyone who receives similar messages to contact the police immediately.

The critical issue is, who would really bomb  Rossett Acre and could Harrogate Grammar be next?

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