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The Prince Of Wales Round About

Have you seen the new people Harrogate Borough Council have put on the Prince of Wales roundabout near Comet?
They have put four runners running around the roundabout for the Olympics, but they have got something wrong with them.  They are running around in a clockwise direction but if you go to the Olympic Games they will run in an anti-clockwise direction around the running track. This is because the Greeks who started the Olympic Games ran in an anti-clockwise direction and we all followed that tradition. It is also an advantage for the runner because the earth spins clockwise on its axis so the ground is slowly edging towards you as you’re running anti-clockwise.
I personally think the Council should do some research before they placed the runners.

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Google Glasses

The Google Glasses


The Google glasses are only a prototype at the moment but they could be the future. These hi-tech glasses are made by Google and have got loads of features including a camera, Google+, weather when you look out of the window and will tell you whether your train has been delayed or if the station is closed when you walk into it. This device also has voice command, but the design is not great, instead of looking like normal glasses they are more cricular pieces of glass and also the price is£158.29, but still it could the next big thing. What do you think?

There is also a video about it which tells you lots more about the Google Glasses. Google Glasses video


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Josh Hollick shoots for gaming stardom.

Josh hollick shoots for gaming stardom with his very first, first person shooter.  The game STRANDED is based in the near future.    “This game will be set in the near future so it will include weapons that you would probably expect in 20 or 30 years from now and the game is called STRANDED Because you start inside a crashed plane and explore the Many Islands that the game has to offer and the game will take some time and I hope to achieve a good selling FPS Video game for the PC”  said Josh.  He aims to be put it in the  G.W.R Gamers Edition and to have the game published in shops by 2013.

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The Raspberry Pi

The worlds cheapest computer is here the raspberry pi. The raspberry Pi is low cost, small, and portable. It’s actually as small as a credit card. It is a computer that is designed for teaching programming and runs on fedora (an operating system). The raspberry pi has no cover and comes with preinstalled programs like scratch.
It was designed for educational purposes like teaching children how to program with a cheap and easy to use computer. It’s as cheap as £16.00 in the UK. At the minute the raspberry pi is being targeted at children and schools. Element 14 (company of the raspberry pi) think this will be the very first step to intelligent robots. This could be the very thing that leads the way to the future.

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AstroTurf- Great Expectations

Close up of the new Astroturf

As you will all know we have a brand new AstroTurf pitch but is it a convincing investment?  Has it lived up to the Great Expectations? The AstroTurf pitch was installed last summer to replace the shale pitch but was it a big leap forward or are we still stuck in the mud? As you will have seen when it is wet on the AstroTurf it is like a sand pit and when it is dry it is like a dust bowl.

This is not the only problem that has been brought up by this new pitch, when the summer comes we will be doing athletics in our P.E lessons but when you look at the pitch you can see that there is no running markings on it. If you remember the shale you would see that there were markings for you to be able to do sprints and long distance.

On the other hand hockey is a lot better because when you hit the ball you do not get gravel and small stones into your eyes. It is also a lot more of an even surface to play the sport on. I also feel that when we have visitors to the school they will feel that it is a really good facility it would also add to why people would want to send there children to Harrogate Grammar School. Maybe if the sand was taken of the top of the Astro people may feel alot more confident about it.

I have spoken to Mr Brown who is part of the P.E department and here is what he said:

The new Astroturf is a fantastic opportunity for students to enhance the way that they play sport. It especially benefits hockey players. He said that “Lessons are no longer interrupted because of the weather. The quality of teaching and of the learning has gone up massively” The last thing he said was that the range of activities that we can do has increased a lot because of the new all weather pitch. In this interview he said nothing about the amount of sand on top or the lack of running track.

I have also spoken to Mrs Garcia here is what she said:

The reason why there is so much sand on the AstroTurf pitch is because it is in a time of bedding in this is because the Astro keeps getting wet she said when the dry weather comes the amount of sand will decrease. Mrs Garcia also told me that the lack of the 400 meter track was because of cost of adding a track because they would have needed to do more digging she also said that they wanted to maximise the playing space and if they had added a track then they would have lost some room and it would have made Hockey more difficult to play.

After doing a survey I have seen that people that play Hockey and Football love the new pitch as it is easier  play these sports on. On the other hand people who run are a bit surprised that there are no track marks on the pitch.

After reading this article I really do hope that you know a little bit more about are new pitch.

I believe that with a few adjustments, we could make this AstoTurf really great and it could live up to the Great Expectations.

The Astroturf in use



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Feelings of violence

Violence has been in my life a lot, whether in the verbal or in the physical form.  Being a large family means a lot happens, such as when you fall out with brothers/sisters.  I know that my family are close together and that we do stuff together and that stuff may be said but it always ends up we are better again. But when someone starts name calling or inflicting stuff upon you, it hurts a lot more for me and it’s hard to block them out.  And I hate it when people say just walk away:  thoses words cause anger inside me.  I am not a person who is good with words and I resolve my problems with anger: it may seem dumb and stupid but it builds up and up until it explodes and releases the anger.  I feel that if anger wasn’t near me all the time I may be different.

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One of many wishes

I wished you were with me every minute of the hour

I wished to see you every day of the year

I wished you to be here forever and ever

I loved it when you looked at me with your proud old smile

I loved it when you’d kiss me goodnight

I loved it when you said a simple” I love you”

I wished you to be here for ever and ever

I hated it when you were angry

I hated when you were sad

But most of all I hated it when you walked through the garden gate

I wished you never left that day

but we must all keep wishing

For my hope will come some day

But for now I’ll keep wishing.

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I’ve always known there was something wrong with her.  Well, since, I’ve known her and I’ve known her since I was about five.  She worked with my gran and soon she got into debt, or something.  So my gran said she could move in with her and my auntie.  I found out when I was 11/12 that she had epilepsy.  She had a fit at work and was rushed to hospital.  She explained to me that she had epilepsy since she was 14.  Then, late in 2010, she had a really bad fit and the doctors at the hospital found that she had tumour on her brain.  Earlier this year after another fit, the doctors discovered that the tumour was cancerous.  She has a whellchair for when she needs to go a long way and a special bungalow because she can’t go up the stairs anymore.  She is only 27.

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Just take a breath and let them flow

The tears through which your strength does show

That you’ve soldiered through another day

Now, hear me out , just let me say:

Never let yourself believe

That weakness within is what you perceive

Inside you when you start yo cry

Shed just one tear from one eye

To your room and through the door

Your smiles not needed anymore

For your brave face has been so strong

Just cry, cry it all away

And with you, let this always stay:

Crying is not that you’re not strong

You’ve just been strong for far too long

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Family matters


 family matters

You would not be here without them

They make you happy

They make you sad

But they are meant to stick together

The moment,

 the moment you know it won’t ever be the same

everything changes

with one decision

just a few words


family loves each other

but there is a hole,

a hole that can’t be filled,

something missing


a wish is what I wish for

that I could change that one choice

turn back time and stop.


family that is now separated into two

no longer one

a whole halved forever.


I miss that feeling

the one where your heart is as one

it won’t ever be the same

but things can change

things have changed

and changed for the better.

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