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Syria – Should we act?

English: A volcano called Syria

English: A volcano called Syria (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

One of the big issues of today is Syria. Riots started in March 2011 when civilians wanted political prisoners freed.  The protests started relativity peacefully as part of the “Arab Spring” but the government respond very violently. It rapidly spiralled out of control with protests starting in all the major cities including Damascus and Deraa. Tanks have invaded the cities.  Over 110,000 people  have been shot, shelled and poisoned.  The protests have now turned into a civil war nation wide with many children killed and injured. The red cross and other charities like it have been setting up various camps outside of Syria to help refugees. The UN (united nations) have been urging  President Assad to do something about this.

This week there has been a chemical weapons disarmament deal done by John Kerry (USA) and Sergei Lavrov (Russia) which means that Syria have seven days to declare all its chemical weapons.  If they don’t there will be  serious action will be taken by Russia and America.

David Cameron recently lost a vote to take military action in Syria.  If the Assad government doesnt comply with the chemical weapon agreement should Britain intervene and support Ameriaca in strikes against the Syrian Government.

What do you think? Should we fight them or help them?

100% of the people asked Syria Freind or Foe answered foe!

Syria 1

Syria 2



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Your future the all new I Level

exams-4050886In September 2015 the new I level (Intermediate level) exams will be introduced. Their introduction will be the biggest change in school qualifications for over 30 years.  And guess what, we, the current year 7, will be the first to sit the new exams. The reason is according to Ofqual, the exams regulator, is that a growing number of schools had lost confidence in GCSEs.


View our interview with experienced senior teacher.

I level interview from Atticus HGS on Vimeo.


So what’s the deal?

  • The aim of the new exams is to provide greater differentiation between the best students so they are going to b harder.
  • The new changes, will apply first to qualifications in English, maths, physics, chemistry, biology, double science, history and geography. Other subjects will be ready to be taught from 2016.
  • This will means we will sit a combination of I levels and GCSEs.
  • Under the plans the highest grade will be an 8 and the lowest will be a 1.
  • Coursework will no longer be part of the formal assessment, except in science, where 10% of your marks will be awarded for practical experiments.
  • Under the new system, all end-of-course exams will be taken in the summer, except for English and maths papers that can also be sat in November. This is the end of modules. This will mean the end of lots of re-sit exams.

Have your say.

Are these changes good? Are you happy to be the first year to sit these exams?



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National Smile Month

From the 20th May to the 20 June 2013 we have had NATIONAL SMILE MONTH!  National Smile Month is the UK’s largest oral health campaign.

The Y7 Atticus Team  interviewed local dentist, Dr Andrew Rufnell, to ask him a few questions about smiles and teeth.

Firstly we asked him what were his top 5 tips for healthy teeth.  He thought for a few minutes before listing four:-

1.  No fizzy drinks

2. Brush your teeth twice a day

3. Visit your dentist regularly

4. Be careful about what you eat, cut down on the sugar.

We asked him what the funniest thing that had ever happened in his dental surgery.  He said that someone actually fell asleep whilst he was working on their mouth and,  ”boy did they snore”!!  ”Oh yes” he said suddenly interrupting his story, “number 5 wear a mouth guard”.  Its essential if you play rugby but also if you play other sports like hockey.  It should be part of school kit lists.

Does he get scared when he goes to the dentist we enquired? He admitted he does get bit scared but thinks that it is good to be a bit nervous about going to the dentist.

Thank you to Dr Rufnell and if you are looking for a new dentist you can find his surgery on Otley Rd and he is really very nice.

If you would like to find out about who won the smile competition please go to the story on it.

BY Will Banks



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School Concert: March 2013

Myddelton Grange

Myddelton Grange

After a hugely successful (as always) residential at Myddelton Grange prior to the Easter holidays, the music students put on a concert for their parents and friends.

The night started with the Main School Orchestra performing Handel’s ‘Royal Fireworks’ and Mendelsohn’s ‘Dance of The Clowns.’ Then the concert continued with a wide array of acts including the: Wind Band, Barbershop Singers, Solo Acts, Student Bands, Choir, Jazz Band and the String Orchestra. My evening picks were: the Barbershop Singers who were very funny as well as sounding very good, the String Orchestra’s rendition of Eleanor Rigby the classic Beatles hit, and the Wind Band’s compilation of John Williams’ compositions which even with a few giggles, was very pleasant to listen to!

As per tradition, at the end of the night the teachers who gave up so much of their time to run the  residential were gifted some sweet treats from Betty’s and everybody went home in high spirits. I hope you come next year!

Ellen Young

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Harrogate Grammar School attended Battle of the Books at Harrogate Ladies College for the annual competition against the surrounding secondary schools. The evening quiz master was Curtis Jobling the author of the Wereworld series, designer of Bob the Builder and creator of Frankenstein’s Cat . The teams battled against one another over six rounds with Harrogate Grammar School wining one round and the overall winners being King James School. Curtis entertained the audience with his illustrations and stories of how he became involved in animation in particular with Bob the Builder. It was lovely to watch a group of teenagers talking about books and answering questions relating to different genre. The school team made a valiant effort and fun was had by all involved. 

Our team for BATTLE of the BOOKS consisted of Jack Hennighan, Albert Jennings, Will Giddings and Eleanor Watkin all of year 9.

Battle Of the Books 2013

Reposted by Bryony Keyse

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Charities week 2013

diabetes-uk-bodyThe always successful charities week has been here again! This year it’s for the school charity Diabetes UK!


 The week kicked off on Friday with the famous StayAwake! You can read all about it in James Clark’s story.  According to Mr Stockton, the organiser of the event, we raised £4,500 if everyone brings the money promised, which will make it was one of the most successful events yet. Mr Stockton did admit to finding a few people dosing off , but “they were soon awake again!” The StayAwake was great fun the best bits being karaoke in the jamming room and just dance in the wii room!

On Monday was the Bizarre Bazaar and it went down a storm! At the centre there was a raffle with some great prizes including:  a jump to the front off the lunch que pass, a snood and many more! There were also games like whack a rat and plenty of cakes and sweets to be bought.

The variety performance on Tuesday lunch time this was brilliant. It was non-competitive and enormous fun. One of the best acts was Harry Murray and Heidi Goddard who sang turning tables by Adele.  Despite Harry admitting to feeling nervous, shaky, anxious but excited, they were excellent.

Then on Wednesday it was time for the Quiz with a 2012 theme. The quiz was composed of four rounds:  music intros, pop culture, an observation round and a puzzles round. Music intros included ‘Skyfall’ and ‘Somebody that I used to know’.

The popular culture round featured questions like; who played at the interval of the Super Bowl?’ This quite clearly was Beyonce! The third round was the observation round.  We were taken on a video of a tour of the school and then got asked questions like ‘how many fire extinguishers where on the stairs? The fourth and final round was the puzzles sheet round.   There were two winning teams, “Angles and Demons” (the maths teachers), and a group of year 10s who’s team name is too complicated to spell! The teachers kindly gave the Mama Doreen’s and the cinema vouchers to the other team!

After nearly a week of fun came the big Gig on Thursday. This was a rock style concert which included performances from Oblivion, winners of the Battle of the Bands and Talent Show finalists. Many of the talented performers went to the extra effort of writing their own songs. The Gig was a great place to go listen to modern day rock music and a fantastic experience.


Unfortunately the teacher’s clothes show was postponed due to the snow! Watch this space to hear about the teachers clothes show once it happens and how much money was raised!


If you have any photographs of these events please send them to us.

By Alicia Kernaghan

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Stayawake 2013

narcolepsy-schoolWell I’m still awake.  It is 3am and so far Ive been to the tuck shop, played on the computers, played chess, bridge and connect 4 but all I want to do is sleep.  Its Stay Awake 2013 and we are raising money for Diabeties UK.  Its crowded there are over 240 year 7 and 8 students crammed into Music Block.

So how easy was it to stay awake.  I interviews three excited participants:  Ben Eastwood, Andrew Burchell, and Edward Malone.  Ben thought it wasn’t going to be problem, “I often stay awake late” he said casually. The key challenge for Ben was to avoid staying in the computer room playing computer games all night.  He was clear that roaming around with his friends was going to be key.  In the event Ben stayed nearly all night in P15 chatting and playing Truth or Dare.  Clearly I can’t divulge the details of Ben’s conversation but I don’t think he will be featuring on the best of Gangham Style any time soon.  Luckily for Ben Ipads were banned, or you could now view him on YouTube.

I have to be hones t I expected to find a few people asleep hidden in corners, but I didn’t   The atmosphere was excited and there was plenty to keep you awake.  There was Disco, Dodgeball, Table Tennis, Badminton and Basketball.  If you dint like these you could do additional maths and read Shakespeare.

So was  it worth it? Yes, yes, yes, I had a lot of fun and discovered some worrying things about my friends and we raised over  £4,000 FOR Diabetes UK.

By James Clark

Photos coming soon.


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Horses for courses


Basashi (raw horsemeat) from Towada.

Raw horse meat (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Do you shop at Tesco or any supermarket? Well, if you do, don’t buy the beef products! On the package it might say 100% beef. But you will be shocked to find that in some cases 60% of it is horse!

If you’re a horse lover that is the last thing you want on your plate.   Beef products containing horse meat have been found in a number of European countries including France, Norway, Austria, Switzerland, Sweden and Germany.

But I bet you didn’t know that horse meat is a lot more expensive than beef. So you could find that you might be paying more than you bargained for.

Harrogate Grammar School has NOT got horse meat in it so please do not worry!


Written by Maddy Hinchcliffe and Julia Dabrowska.




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Forecasters have suggested that parts of the country will see the mercury plunge to as low as -6C, with icy winds from Siberia expected to blow in over the eastern coast.

But while coastal areas in the east remain likely to receive sleet and snow from the 7,000-mile wide weather front, the extreme conditions are not expected to be felt far inland.

L Hartshorn

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School Council issues


Lunch Trays

Lunch Trays (Photo credit: PinkMoose)

In last weeks School Council meeting we raised the following issues.  We are keen to get your feedback.  If you have any ideas please email me.

  • Upgrading the girls toilets
  • People pushing people out of the line
  • Smelly school lunch trays!!!
  • Hot meals – Not many of Year 7 are buying hot meals because they cant be bothered to line up in the massive queue
  • Gum under the table really disgusting!!
  • Making the drinks be included in the meal deal at lunch
  • Teachers letting pupils out of class at different times.  We need every teacher to apply  the same rules

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HGS ChristmasFair


London Mince Pies.

Mince Pies. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

On Saturday was the annual Christmas fair hosted by the P.T.A. It was great fun with lots of things to do and see. This included stalls from local business’s . Games like sweet jar tombola , raffles and a general tombola were all done by the P.T.A. Mince pies and mulled wine  were served at the door which gave it a really nice Christmas feel. The wonderful school orchestra led by Miss Hinkins played a mixture of Christmas songs. A variety of  games were lead by students including  whack a rat and hoopla.


My parents described it as thoroughly enjoyable. A friend said “it was good fun and I look forward to the next one.” I’m sure every one will agree that it was a very good way to spend a cold November Saturday afternoon.

By Alicia Kernaghan

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Garage Damage Shock – Oatlands Junior School

English: Oatlands Junior School Oatlands Junio...

Oatlands Junior School Oatlands Junior School in Harrogate.  (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Two boys attending Oatlands Junior School purposely got rocks and threw them at someone’s garage window.

The garage window smashed and the two boys were told off when the headteacher found them mucking about.  The boys who cant be identified for legal reasons  had to write a letter of apology to the person whose house they had vandalised.  The Headteacher excluded them for three weeks.

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