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kids rule BGT

Britain's Got Talent

Britain’s Got Talent (Photo credit: mrlerone)

Kids rule Britans Got Talent  don’t they? Now officials are complaining  that there is too much stress involved for the children, and that many may find it intimidating by being watched by millions of strangers. A lot of young people are for this, but not us.

Why, because many kids have incredible talents! if you watched this year’s show you will know what I mean! If a child has a talent and they want to share it with the country then they should be allowed to.  This is one of the only ways that this is possible.  Yet if they ban kids from BGT then some children’s talents could go unappreciated and to waist.  Silly people and bullies saying they’re rubbish risks ruining it for everyone.

Jack Carroll a star in the making?

Jack and Cormac – are they really going to make it at 13 and 14 years old. Is it the issue? Cant we and they simply enjoy their talent.

Malaki Paul struggles with stage fright. At only nine years old should he have been on stage?


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Merida – really to be changed?

184676-merida-makeoverRecently Disney released Brave an feature length animation about an adventurous girl who didn’t want to be the princess everyone expected. Set in Scotland a long time ago she refused to tie her wild hair up. She was a strong and powerful female role model. Now Disney has decided to change her and defeat the point of the entire film.

In this new Merida, they have put a belt in place of her signature bow and arrows and she is wearing the exact dress that she tried so hard to get out of in the film.


For her fans these changes have undermined the character or Merida and the purpose of the whole film.  This has been another one of the changes that Disney made to film characters. These changes have raised a lot of controversy and thankfully Disney has now reversed the decision.



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Harrogate Gang Show Spectacular

The Harrogate Gang Show takes place every 2 years in April in the royal hall, it is a show put on by the members of the Harrogate Scout and Guide association. Children from as young as 5 years old to 18 years old took part in creating a singing, dancing and toe tapping spectacular!

gang show

Here are some of the highlights

This year’s show was kicked off with a hearty version of ‘Be Part of our Gang’ a song specially written for gang shows. The Brownies and Cubs gave a very enthusiastic rendition of Gareth Malone’s choir, ‘Do Re Mi’ followed by ‘A Handful of Songs’, and ‘I’d Like to Teach The World to Sing’. The Rainbows and Beavers took a trip to the bottom of the sea and told some very fishy jokes before singing ‘Under the Sea’.

 It was all hoting  when suddenly Apollo 11 landed.  Out came a group of Guides and Scouts who had turned into spacemen. Our very own Neil Armstrong arrived singing ‘A Weekend On the Moon’ and was later joined by Buzz Aldrin.  Other songs included ‘Catch a Falling Star ,‘Good Morning Star Shine’, ,‘When You Wish Upon a Star’ followed by ‘Fly Me To the Moon’ , ‘Moon River’ and rounded it off by spending ‘A Weekend On The Moon’.


 ‘Saturday Night at the Movies’ started the Oscar’s ceremony. The first award went to Titanic for the best film presented by ‘Helen Mirren’ who fortunately kept her remarks clean. We sang ‘New York, New York’ in tribute to Martin Scorsese, before Sharon Osborn gave the award for best song we then sang ‘Skyfall’. This was followed by an award presented by Kylie Minogue .for best cartoon which was given to Toy Story we sang ‘you’ve got a friend in me’. The final award was for best actress presented to ‘Anne Hathaway’ our final song was ‘do you hear the people sing’.

Click to link to the Harrogate & District Gang Show gallery and see the rehearsals.

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8540649391_fd1eeff79aPsy has recently released a new single ‘ Gentleman’. Since Saturday it has got over 94 million views on YouTube  Despite the threat of a nuclear bomb attack, from neighbours North Korea, Psy still carried on releasing his new single.  Watch him in action below.  Is it as good as Gangnam Style?  Let us know what you think.



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‘The Perks Of Being A Wallflower’ – Review


The Perks of Being a Wallflower was released in February 2013. It stars Emma Watson, Logan Lerman and Ezra Miller and  was immediately a box office sensation.

Stephen Chbosky (the original writer) came up with a great plot. Charlie (Logan Lerman) is starting freshman year at high school and is the odd one out, the nerd, the geek. He feels isolated and alone. He misses his Aunt who suffered a life of abuse and died in a car accident when Charlie was young. His sister, Candice, is being abused by her boyfriend. Charlie becomes friends with Sam (Emma Watson) and her brother, Patrick (Ezra Miller). They allow him to explore his inner self, and come out of his shell. Whilst the plot isn’t unique the film is very enjoyable and engaging.

I haven’t seen a Logan Lerman film before but I can definitely say this won’t be the last one I watch! His acting skills are exceptional. He really was very good. Ezra Miller was also impressive especially in the fight scene and Emma Watson deserves a special note as she was awesome as always.

Soundtrack: I can’t stress how much I love the soundtrack! For someone with such of an old time music taste as me the soundtrack was audio heaven. The score was composed by Michael Brook  and featured as the main song is ‘Heroes’ by ‘David Bowie’. For me that says it all.  Other songs used included ‘Asleep’ by ‘The Smiths’.

Not particularly a massive factor for this film. I mean with Avatar, the visual effects were one of the main parts that contributed to the wow factor; however with this movie it doesn’t really have that effect. Don’t get me wrong though, the visual quality is great.  With a budget of $13 million, they can afford the best cameras out there!

To conclude, this is a fabulous film that I would definitely recommend. As BLISS MAGAZINE said, it is possibly ‘The best film of the year’! Well, almost. I give it 4 stars out of 5.

Ellen Young

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School Concert: March 2013

Myddelton Grange

Myddelton Grange

After a hugely successful (as always) residential at Myddelton Grange prior to the Easter holidays, the music students put on a concert for their parents and friends.

The night started with the Main School Orchestra performing Handel’s ‘Royal Fireworks’ and Mendelsohn’s ‘Dance of The Clowns.’ Then the concert continued with a wide array of acts including the: Wind Band, Barbershop Singers, Solo Acts, Student Bands, Choir, Jazz Band and the String Orchestra. My evening picks were: the Barbershop Singers who were very funny as well as sounding very good, the String Orchestra’s rendition of Eleanor Rigby the classic Beatles hit, and the Wind Band’s compilation of John Williams’ compositions which even with a few giggles, was very pleasant to listen to!

As per tradition, at the end of the night the teachers who gave up so much of their time to run the  residential were gifted some sweet treats from Betty’s and everybody went home in high spirits. I hope you come next year!

Ellen Young

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Harrogate Grammar School attended Battle of the Books at Harrogate Ladies College for the annual competition against the surrounding secondary schools. The evening quiz master was Curtis Jobling the author of the Wereworld series, designer of Bob the Builder and creator of Frankenstein’s Cat . The teams battled against one another over six rounds with Harrogate Grammar School wining one round and the overall winners being King James School. Curtis entertained the audience with his illustrations and stories of how he became involved in animation in particular with Bob the Builder. It was lovely to watch a group of teenagers talking about books and answering questions relating to different genre. The school team made a valiant effort and fun was had by all involved. 

Our team for BATTLE of the BOOKS consisted of Jack Hennighan, Albert Jennings, Will Giddings and Eleanor Watkin all of year 9.

Battle Of the Books 2013

Reposted by Bryony Keyse

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HGS got talent!


lPhoto credit: Jason H. Smith)

Year 7 and 8 look out because the talent is coming to town! Within the next few weeks there will be a series of talent show auditions for each house. The Ignis audition was on Monday the 28th of January and boy there was some great performances.  Amy Collins from form 7LJW sang the A-Team by Ed Sheeran and was absolutely  fantastic.  There will be two acts chosen from each house,  for years 7 and 8,  and Amy is definitely in the running. The winners will get the privilege of representing  their house.  I for one am very excited about meeting the next Lady GaGa! 8-) If you can sing, dance, act, make people laugh or even juggle, in fact do  anything that  will entertain the judges  then you are ready for the competition.  I will be updating you with news from the  Aqua auditions on the 5th March so get practising.

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Nativity 2 in Aid of Children in Need

Nativity 2 Danger In The Manger,  is the Christmas hit that gets everyone up dancing. This new movie  opened in cinemas on the 23rd November and is already a seasonal special. The cast includes; David Tennent playing Mr Peterson, Marc Wootten as Mr poppy, Joanna Page plays the wife of Mr Peterson and Ian McNeice plays the disappointed father of Mr Peterson.  Millions have been getting into the Christmas spirit and supporting Children in Need!





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Twilight – Breaking Dawn Part 2

A screenshot depicting Edward and Bella in the...

A screenshot depicting Edward and Bella in the meadow. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Lets be clear  Breaking Dawn Part 2 is a fantastic film. The film stars Roberet Patterson , Kristen Stewert and Taylor Launtner. It is a seamless sequel to the other Twilight films.  It didn’t let the saga down.

I really enjoyed it because it had everything: there was action, romance and humour.    The story revolves around  their baby girl Renesmee as she grows up.  But Edward’s cousin, Tanya, reports to Voltori, the most powerful vampires, that Renesmee was  half mortal, half immortal; half vampire and half human.  There is a big fight and Edward has to recruit all his relatives to fight for Renesmee.  They have to prove she is innocent and that she was born naturally and not bitten. The Volturi collect people to fight for them.  If they wanted to fight they are transformed into a vampires and if they don’t they are killed!

By Lulu & Louie


Watch the trailer

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The Book Week – Dress up day

IMG_3615 - Katniss Everdeen

Katniss Everdeen (Photo credit: Anime Nut)

It’s going to be awesome. I am very interested about what everyone is going as, I predict that the most common outfits are going to be characters from the hunger games. That sounds pretty weird considering I am going as one of them too, however lots of people I know have said they are going as people from the hunger games . I would reccomend the outfit of KATNISS EVERDEEN the main character. If all of you could tell all your friends and find it out i would be very thanful!!! I HOPE MY ANSWER IS RIGHT!!! :D






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Photography Club

What type of photography inspires you?

Campaign for a Photography Club


051807 My Cameras with Notes.

 (Photo credit: rachel a. k.)

I think there should be a photography club as lots of people are really interested in photography. Photography is a  great hobby  which can turn into a career.  Photography allows you to capture special moments in time so you can look back and remember what happened.  

Digital cameras give you the chance to delete pictures that aren’t what you want, traditional film and disposable camera’s don’t give you that option.  Disposable cameras are great for 6-8 year olds, but  they are not appropriate for older children and adults.  Digital camera’s capture light really enable you to edit the photos.   The iPads will enable us all to take and edit photographs so there are no resource problems.  You can put photos on lots of things, e.g-mugs, computer mats, on the fridge, in  frames, on pillows, on key rings, clocks…………  You can go to a supermarket or computer shop and print off photos/get a picture printed onto something really easily and cheaply. 

If we had a photography club at school it would give children the chance learn how to use camera’ s properly. This would be especially good for children who don’t have assess to a camera at home.  You can do all sorts of photography, still life, wedding photography, wild life photography………… There is a type of photography for everyone.

With the iPads we will all be able to take photographs but taking good photographs is a real skill.

What type of photography inspires you?



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