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Musical Opportunites for year 7

Get involved in Music

Music Note Bokeh

(Photo credit: all that improbable blue)

There are so many extra-curricular music opportunities for year 7!

These are only some of the clubs that you could join that run though lunch and after school:

  • Year 7&8 Choir: every Thursday Lunch time.
  • Strings Assemble: every Monday Lunch time.
  • Strings and Woodwind orchestra,  Monday After school.

Contact the Music Department for more information

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Harrogate Christmas Fair

christmas 2007

Christmas (Photo credit: paparutzi)

Undeterred by the horrible weather, stall holders and buyers flocked in to Harrogate and brought festive cheer to the dreary weekend.

Commencing on Saturday 24th November, the first ever Harrogate Christmas Fair (on the Stray) braved the cold, clad in wintery wear. Business boomed, and many a happy face left the stalls, arms full with sweets and roasted nuts. Fathers lead away beaming children, whilst mothers appeared laden with presents. Live reindeers entertained all (yes, real, live reindeers!). Cheese dealers (and the wine stalls!) seduced all adults, young children fascinated by the huge mess of organised chaos! Sellers laughed. Sweet lovers gorged themselves. Chestnuts roasted. All was well. Until the rain came.

Rain, Britain’s worst enemy, jeopardized Harrogate’s Fair. Washing away hopes as well as customers, the rain continued to fall for the remainder of the day. Umbrellas were raised, clogging up the narrow passages. Children cried. Stall holders held their hands up in despair at their leaking roofs. Even the reindeers couldn’t salvage the occasion. Slowly, the once lively audience dispersed in dismal mirth.

‘It was really good…until the rain spoiled it…’ a Y7 student said wistfully. ‘I felt so sorry for them.’ a teacher said who didn’t go.

Next year, there will be another Christmas fair. Let’s hope that the weather holds up for us then.

Click to see photos of the event

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The movie of the year has just been released, called Skyfall  it is the new James Bond film. Thousands of people all over the world hae already queued up to see it and were ecstatic. There is also the theme song for Skyfall from Adele.


Watch the trailer below.

You can watch the complete Adele music video below


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Book Review on Bleeding Hearts

One of my favourite  books is Bleeding Hearts its by Alyxandra Harvey.  It is the fourth book in the Drake Chronicles  series of vampire stories.   In this one a girl called  Christabel is kidnapped.  Lucy’s best friend’s  brother Connor  Drake sets out to  rescue her and togethor they discover a new breed of vampire called na-foir.  They are held prisoner and before escaping.  Chistabel gets staked and Connor tells there kidnapper to turn her into a vampire.  She passes out and Connor carries her back to his court.  It turns out he is a vampire prince.


Alyxandra Harvey talks about the book.

Listen to a bit of the book.

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Rylan Clark leaves X Factor


The X Factor (Australia)

The X Factor (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

On Sunday Rylan Clark, who was loved by some, left X Factor 2012.  Many agreed he should have left but many were upset and gob smacked. The Essex wannabe sang his heart out on the show to deliver what proved to of been his best performances of the competition. In the sing off Rylan took to the stage to perform a surprisingly in-tune version of  the Athlete hit Wires. During his performance he was seen giving Gary Barlow a kiss and it is clear the Take That singer has warmed the Essex lad.  After his exit Rylan thanked everyone on the show and said it was a pleasure to be part of the competition  It seemed as if all the contestants  judges and even Dermot were sorry to see Rylan leave.


Rylan sings for survival

Watch his original audition


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Banksy, The Man Behind The Mask

For those of you who do not know, Banksy is the worlds most famous graffiti artist.  His work comments on the political debates of the day. The Conservatives want to remove all of Banksy’s work and have him arrested for damage to property and vandalism. The other political parties are more tolerant and see Banksy’s visual commentary  as  a kind of visual  political time line .  History in a spray can if you will.    Banksy  hasn’t just fallen out with the Conservative but King Robo and  a graffiti legend. King Robo was one of the first people to graffiti in London.

Watch a complilation of the best of Banksy’s Work.

Banksy has some books for sale such as “Banksy wall and piece” and “Seven years with Banksy”. You can visit his website here;  He also has a DVD named “Banksy exit through the gift shop”.  You can buy this at

Banksy has kept identify  under wraps for years and  he is unlikely to reveal his face any time soon. All that most people know is that he is from Bristol, and that  he arranges the annual Bristol graffiti festival. However, he is never actually attends the festival himself.  Banksy, like all graffiti artists, he works at night using stencils.  He needs to be quick and has never  been caught. Therefore, Banksy remains anonymous and anonymous he shall stay.  All we know of him is his art and maybe how he thinks.

Watch the trailer for Exit through the the Gift shop.

You can watch the whole movie on YouTube until it gets removed – enoy.

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Art Show Review

Full story coming soon. 8-)

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Dutch exchange 2012

A picture of everyone with their exchanges

On the 20th of march to the 23rd Dutch 21 students  from the Waterings Veld college in The Hague, or in the Dutch Den Haag,   visited Harrogate Grammar.  The Hague, the third largest city in the Netherlands,  is located in the province of South Holland similar to our counties such as Yorkshire.  My exchange partner was called Ré-angelo Jarvis he was born in Aruba in the Caribbean and is 15 years old. They travelled by overnight ferry and  then came by coach to Harrogate.  On their first day  I was pretty nervous about meeting Ré-angelo but we quickly started to become friends.  I was surprised to find out he could speak English, Dutch and German and even despite knowing so many languages he had started to learn Spanish. On the first night a lot of us went to Pizza Express and  I took the opportunity to show him some of Harrogate’s famous sights. I would definitely recommend hosting an exchange student  because it is very interesting learning about their country, school and is a good way to make a new friend or pen pal.


If you hosted a Dutch student and have any stories or photos you want to share please contact me.



Harrogate Grammar Studetns

Waterings Veld Students


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The New Series of Doctor Who: What You need to Know

Although no specific date has been given, the new series of the hit science-fiction programme Doctor Who is expected to start broadcasting in the autumn of 2012. The series is again going to be split into two halves. There will be a Christmas Special in December and another eight episodes in 2013, which will lead up to the series’ climatic 50th anniversary. Matt Smith is returning to play the Doctor, while Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill are also returning to play Amy and Rory for the first five episodes. A new companion is going to appear in the Christmas Special. This companion will be played by Jenna-Louise Coleman.

Some specific details have been given on the first five episodes of the series. The first episode has been written by Steven Moffat, the current head-writer, and directed by Nick Hurran, who directed last year’s The Girl Who Waited and The God Complex. The episode is going to see the dramatic return of the Daleks. But instead of just the current versions of the Doctor’s deadliest enemies, all of the previous versions of the Daleks are going to be appearing. The BBC has lauched a worldwide search for the White Daleks from the 1960′s and the Grey Daleks from the 1970′s and 1980′s. A selction of Gold Daleks from 2005-2010 are also appearing.

The second episode has been written by Chris Chibnall, whose previous stories include 42 and The Hungry Earth/Cold Blood. This episode has been directed by series newcomer Saul Metzstein. Also we will see the biggest set ever constructed in Doctor Who’s entire history in this episode.

The third episode has been written by Toby Whithouse, who has previously written School Reunion, The Vampires of Venice and The God Complex. The episode has also been directed by Metzstein. Also this episode will have a Western theme, and has been partly shot in Spain, which will double as America’a Wild West. There is also rumoured to be a monster called The Reckoner in this episode.

Very little detail has been given on the fourth episode of the series. We only know that it has been written by Chris Chibnall and directed by Douglas Mackinnon, who previously directed The Sontaran Stratagem/ The Poison Sky.

The fifth episode has been written by Steven Moffat and directed by Nick Hurran. This episode will see the departure of Amy and Rory from the series and also see the return of the Weeping Angels. Alex Kingston is also returning as River Song. The story has been partly shot in New York. Moffat has given some hints to what will make Amy and Rory leave the TARDIS crew, including the fact that Rory will die after been zapped into the past by a Weeping Angel.

Guest stars that are going to be appearing include David Bradley, Rupert Graves, Mark Williams, Garrick Hagon, Ben Browder, Adrian Scarborough, Andrew Brooke, Dominic Kemp, Rob Cavezos, David Gyasi and Michael McShane.

So let’s hope we will see plenty of excitement and adventure in the coming stories later this year!


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Brave! a new film

A new Disney film from is coming out this summer. Brave is a story about a girl that wants to be a boy in my words I mean she wants to go hunting and join the males in practise.

with the style of the movie it’s going towards how to train your dragon but this time the hero is a girl called merida played by kelly macdonald.

Directed by: Mark Andrews (the director of incredibales and the lion king) so i have high hopes for this movie as both of those movies are good, fingers cross it will be as good.

Produced by: Katherine Sarafian

Screenplay by: Brenda Chapman and Irene Mecchi

Starring: Kelly Macdonald, Julie Walters, Billy Connolly, Emma Thompson, Kevin McKidd, Craig Ferguson, Robbie Coltrane and John Ratzenberger

Music by: Patrick Doyle

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The Library; some Exciting New Things.

Over the last couple of weeks the library have bought several new kindles that you are able to take out. These kindles will be a whole new approach to reading and one that the library hope many people will like to use.   To be able to take the kindles out of the library you will have to get your parents to fill out a permission slip  you can get these from the library desk.

I would also like to take this opportunity to tell you about the library app. This app is a way that you can look at books that the library have and you can also look at all the books that you have taken out from the library. To get your user name and password for this new app go the desk in the library and ask them for your login details.

The library is having some very exciting changes and you need to be sure that you are going to be the person that will maximise the new resources.



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An Interview with Andrew Hammond

Andrew Hammond in converstaion

Leading children’s author Andrew Hammond visited Harrogate Grammar School as part of Harrogate International Festivals Reach Out Schools event. Giving a highly entertaining talk to students in Years 7, 8 and 9 Andrew Hammond spoke about his CRYPT series of books, exploring a fantastic blend of ghost-busting, teenage spies. the supernatural as well as mixing in some funny stories from his childhood. At the end of his presentation we caught up with him for Atticus.



Watch our interview with Andrew.

Also worth watching is this preview of Crypt

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