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Bitter Defeat

On the 24th of April our school’s under 15′s played against St.Aidans in the county cup final. Unfortunately Harrogate Grammar School lost 2 – 0. The defeat was a real sting in the tail as in the match we played very well and overall we looked and were the better team, a bit like Barcelona vs Chelsea were.


The first goal was scored in the 25th minute from a set piece (Corner) which led to the goal. Our two center backs (Tom Hunt and Harry Waite) went up for the corner leaving Patrick Mayhew isolated at the back on his own. The corner was whipped in and headed away which was picked up by their forward who used his pace to escape and left him 1 on 1 with Patrick Mayhew. He was too quick and Patrick could not catch up with him which left the striker one on one with the goal keeper (Joe Brook), which he finished.


The second goal was a tidy finish from the edge of the area which not even Joe Brook could reach. Then onwards we pushed forward with Brad Hope and Rob Worrall hitting the post and Adam Barrall working the keeper with a sweet volley from outside the area.


Commiserations to the team and we are very proud of them, for there effort and determination to get to the final!


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HGS u14′s football final postponed!

The planned U14 football cup final between St.Aidans and Harrogate Grammar School, due to be played today,  was cancelled only two  hours before kick off. It was called off because of very heavy and persistant rain which affected the pitch meaning it was unplayable.  The match will be rescheduled very soon.  Watch this space for further team news and the match report.

Harrogate Town’s stadium and match venue

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Under 15s reach National Daily Mail Semi-final

The U15s rugby team are just one match away from reaching the final of the Daily Mail Vase competition at Twickenham. Having lost in the opening round of the Daily Mail Cup the team entered into the Vase where they won seven matches on the run scoring over 300 points at a cost of only 20 points.

U15s Rugby Team

The quarter-final against the Robert Smyth School in Market Harborough, was a very close encounter with the game in doubt up to the very last second. The home school boasted a front row from Leicester Academy and it was no surprise when they opened the score to go five points up. The team showed its resilience by taking the game to the hosts and applying a lot of pressure but to no avail. The game continued much the same way in the second half with both sides applying and absorbing periods of pressure. With ten minutes to go a good handling movement saw Jasper Jacob released on the left wing to score in the corner. In the last ten minutes the team  withstood a series of attacks but good defensive work kept Smyth School at bay. At the final whistle with the scores  locked at 5 – 5 we progressed as the away school!

We now travel to Broadstreet RFC where we will meet the Sir Thomas Rich School from Gloucester on Sunday 18th in the Semi-Final. The Gloucester side has several players on Gloucester’s books so beating them will be a real scalp.

This will be the third year in a row that the school has reached this stage in the National competition, with last year’s side reaching the final. So fingers crossed the school will look to go one better.

R Mckay

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Epic battle for Under 15′s Rugby team

This is the epic tale of the HGS Rugby legends.  This weekend the under 15s will play away in the semi-final of the national Daily Mail competition.  It is a daunting quest –  basically its just  like Justin Biebers quest to hit puberty.

We have battled agaisnt 6 teams,  and battled for our lives, this conquest will not be ending on the 18th of march we will crush our oppositon like a worm beneath our heels and march on to the final. The teams base we will be at the Coventry  Holiday Inn where we will enjoy luxury service and dine like kings and queens.

We will be victorious  or  we will burn in eternal fiery hell!  Support your team.





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World Champion Kicks @ HGS

In December last year, pupils from Harrogate Grammar School spent the day with former world champion Thai boxer Rachael MacKenzie as part of Sky Sports Living for Sport.  Click on the photograph to read the story on Sky Sports




First Published on Sky Sports on Tue 10th Jan 2012


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In the News – U-18s rugby team triumph.

Read the Advertisers account of the Sixth Forms progress into the the sixth round of the Daily Mail National Cup for the first time.  Exciting times but this is not the first time the Advertiser has reported in glowing terms about this team. Take a trip down memory lane by reading their account of the team as Under 15s in 2010.  . Click on the Advertiser logos below to read the match reports. We would love to hear from you so, comment on this report and  send us your accounts of the matches and any photos. We would love some team photos.


Report first published on Saturday 17 December 2011


Report first published on Thursday 28 January 2010

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In the News – Under 15s Match Report

It went to the wire.  Click on the newspaper logo to read the Daily Mail’s account.   If you have more detail about the game send it to us at HGSAtticus.  We would love to hear from you.

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HGS Year 11s storm into semi-finals!

Year 11 rugby team thrashed St. James’ Knaresborough 10-0 in a very one-sided encounter. The team are now through to the semi-finals of the national Daily Mail Schools’ Rugby competition. Congratulations to the whole team and good luck!


Watch the interview below and check out some of our other rugby stories.  Send the team your support by leaving a comment.

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London Olympics- Last Chance to Buy Tickets!


The Olympic Mascot

As we all know, this year in London the Olympic games will be held, it will be one of the biggest sporting event that this country has ever held! Are you going to get tickets? Have you already got tickets?If not then read on through this article to find out more about how to purchase tickets and when the final lot are going on sale.

The Olympic games are the most historical games that we still perform they came from the Ancient Greek time when they would have seen men in the local area taking part in different sporting activities such as running, javelin, discus and many more. These are the kind of things that they still do in todays Olympics’. It is a life time chance  to go and see this ancient event. At present the Olympics are run every four years and they are always a event that catches the eye of the media all over the world.

The last of the tickets will be put on sale this Spring. You have to pay over the internet by Visa(debit,credit or prepaid card). So now you have read this short article I hope that you will go and buy tickets for London 2012 and if you are going already then I hope that you have a great time.



Some Olympic Tickets


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AstroTurf- Great Expectations

Close up of the new Astroturf

As you will all know we have a brand new AstroTurf pitch but is it a convincing investment?  Has it lived up to the Great Expectations? The AstroTurf pitch was installed last summer to replace the shale pitch but was it a big leap forward or are we still stuck in the mud? As you will have seen when it is wet on the AstroTurf it is like a sand pit and when it is dry it is like a dust bowl.

This is not the only problem that has been brought up by this new pitch, when the summer comes we will be doing athletics in our P.E lessons but when you look at the pitch you can see that there is no running markings on it. If you remember the shale you would see that there were markings for you to be able to do sprints and long distance.

On the other hand hockey is a lot better because when you hit the ball you do not get gravel and small stones into your eyes. It is also a lot more of an even surface to play the sport on. I also feel that when we have visitors to the school they will feel that it is a really good facility it would also add to why people would want to send there children to Harrogate Grammar School. Maybe if the sand was taken of the top of the Astro people may feel alot more confident about it.

I have spoken to Mr Brown who is part of the P.E department and here is what he said:

The new Astroturf is a fantastic opportunity for students to enhance the way that they play sport. It especially benefits hockey players. He said that “Lessons are no longer interrupted because of the weather. The quality of teaching and of the learning has gone up massively” The last thing he said was that the range of activities that we can do has increased a lot because of the new all weather pitch. In this interview he said nothing about the amount of sand on top or the lack of running track.

I have also spoken to Mrs Garcia here is what she said:

The reason why there is so much sand on the AstroTurf pitch is because it is in a time of bedding in this is because the Astro keeps getting wet she said when the dry weather comes the amount of sand will decrease. Mrs Garcia also told me that the lack of the 400 meter track was because of cost of adding a track because they would have needed to do more digging she also said that they wanted to maximise the playing space and if they had added a track then they would have lost some room and it would have made Hockey more difficult to play.

After doing a survey I have seen that people that play Hockey and Football love the new pitch as it is easier  play these sports on. On the other hand people who run are a bit surprised that there are no track marks on the pitch.

After reading this article I really do hope that you know a little bit more about are new pitch.

I believe that with a few adjustments, we could make this AstoTurf really great and it could live up to the Great Expectations.

The Astroturf in use



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U15 Rugby Team

The U15 rugby team has had an excellent season this year, of the 17 teams they have played they have won 11 matches. 2 of these matches were in the Yorkshire Cup in which they are currently undefeated. The teams captain is Alistair Cameron Jones and the vice captain is David Rowbotham. At the moment they are playing in the Daily Mail Vase in which they have lost 1 game and won 6, they are now in the country’s final 16 teams with another match on Friday 20th of January at HGS which will be playing for a spot in the top 8. It is an all or nothing game with a victory bringing them one step closer to Twickenham and a loss knocking them out of the competition. Mr Mackay commented on their chances saying that “Their chances are good but they must avoid complacency, they’ve played us before and know how we play, there is fierce competition for places” The game will be against Driffield who they have beaten once already. Commenting on the team Mr Mackay has stated that the team has an “Excellent team spirit.”

On the team there are several highly accomplished players such as Scott Irvine and David Rowbotham who play for the Yorkshire U15′s. Alistair Cameron Jones, Tom Mitchell and Sam Mitchell play for the North Yorkshire U15′s.

If you are interested and able watch the match on Friday at 2pm then you should go and support our team as they play against Driffield.

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Astro turf instalation – time lapse video

Watch this great time lapse video of the installation of the astro turf.  Who remembers life before the astro turf?

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