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Life in the Sea Cadets

Sergeant Steve Wood of Harrogate Sea Cadets came to speak at the Y7 assembly on 17th of  June to tell us about life as a Sea Cadet.  He is a volunteer who helps young people work towards joining the Navy and  fulfil their dreams.  However, you don’t need to want to join the Navy to join the Cadets. The Junior Cadets are aimed at young people aged below 12.  When you become 13 you move up to the official Sea Cadets. It is a  great hobby and  can help you learn important life skills..


Sergeant Wood described the range of great activities available through Sea Cadets including mountain biking, sailing, wind surfing, climbing, paddle sports, and rowing.   They do lots of camping,  and you learn how to survive in the wild in “Camp Craft” training. You can even do courses in Liverpool, its on the sea. He explained that when you want to go to college or university or apply for a job, you can put all these things on your c.v.

We asked Sergeant Wood how many recruits go through the Harrogate branch and he said that a new course starts every 18 weeks.  However, if you cant wait you can  join at any time.  If you are interested in joining you can find Sergeant Wood in the Hub where he works in the kitchen.  You can also find out more details about the Harrogate branch of the Sea Cadets by clicking here. 

The interview.



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Outside Life

Marc WathieuWelcome to Outside Life. Outside Life is a new weekly column about Hobbies, Passions and Pastimes.

Over the next few months I will be finding out about the different weird and wacky  hobbies of students and teachers across Harrogate Grammar. So if you have a hobby or passion, or know someone who does,  and would like to share it then please contact me here at Atticus.

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The Thank You Awards


thank you awards The The Judges

Sometimes we forget to say thank you to the most important and influential peoples in our lives.  This year year 7 entered the The Thank You Film Awards organised by Birmingham University.    Each form had to produce at least one film.  It was up to them to decide who and how to say thank you.  Most Thank Yous were  awarded to the people who have done something amazing but have not been recognised.

The films were judged in a year 7 assembly with each form putting just one film through to the final.  Our judges then would  who decide which film and form would win.  The best film was then sent as Harrogate Grammars entry into the competition.  The winners will get a camera or go to or a day trip to one of the country’s best media companies.

After a tough hour of tears and laughs, the winners for a great  team effort was form 7 AMB.

Well done 7AMB you deserve it.  For a fantastic team effort and lots of very personal thank yous.




This is the winning video


To find out more about the competition visit Birmingham University’s Jubliee Centre

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Google Glasses

A smiley with glasses.

Google have been hiding in their lab for a while…

They have been creating their very own new piece of technology…


These wonders of science are supposedly able to bring up adverts according to what settings are on. Perhaps you needed to remember something? Tell your glasses! Don’t remember someone’s name? Ask your glasses!

However, these can be dangerous; of course you won’t be able to drive with them on. They are the new big thing! They won’t be for sale just yet but soon they will. For people with glasses you may need special ones; but I don’t know of any yet.

Watch Google’s own video


The features of the glasses are…

  • Google Glass PrototypeRecording videos
  • Taking pictures
  • Giving directions
  • Translating
  • Displaying weather
  • Searching
  • Searching photos
  • Answers questions
  • Send message
  • Give flight details

Hang out with people on Google Me+


Thankyou for reading

by Millie J.S




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Fight Against The Allerton Incinerator

Artists impression of proposed plant

NYWAG is an organisation opposed to incineration as a waste solution anywhere in the UK with a focus on the planned construction of an incinerator site at Allerton Park Quarry, between Harrogate and York.
They aim to persuade the council and others (and the public inquiry when they get it) that this is an unnecessary and costly proposal for which there are much cheaper, greener alternatives:
320,000 tons of waste will be transported by road to Allerton Park near Knaresborough where up to 80% of the waste will be incinerated and 12% will be fed into an AD. (only about 5% will be recycled!)

Reasons against the incinerator

  1. The incinerator will cause harm to the landscape, the environment and the wider economy.  If approved the incinerator will reduce re-cycling: the need to feed the incinerator will discourage re-cycling.
  2. Need is not demonstrated and the plant is too big: it is designed to burn 320,000 tonnes of waste a year – much more than North Yorkshire currently produces. It’ll be too big in future, because volumes of waste are going down as re-cycling increases and packaging is reduced.
  3. The case for a single site is not made.  The council’s own public consultation reveals residents would prefer to have smaller local facilities – including at Allerton Park – to reduce the number of lorries on the roads. But the incinerator proposal would put many tens of thousands of lorries on to our roads bringing in waste from all over the county. As well as adding to traffic congestion and to road deaths and injuries, lorry fumes will add to pollution and increase our carbon footprint.
  4.  There’s nothing nearby that could make use of heat from the plant.
  5. It will have big climate change impacts:  Incineration is one of the worst performing methods for waste disposal when carbon dioxide costs are calculated. Electricity-only incinerators produce 33% more fossil fuel derived CO2 per unit energy generated than a gas fired power station. By 2020, with increases in recycling and improved technology, these incinerators will be 78% worse than new gas power stations!
  6. Visual Impact: Despite the height of the main incinerator chimney stack being reduced to 70m from earlier designs, this chimney, together with the surrounding high buildings, will dominate the landscape for many miles around and will constitute a significant visual intrusion on the immediate and wider countryside area. This is the gateway to Yorkshire and will be the first you see when entering this county, which relies on tourism.

North Yorkshire County Council has backed this scheme in principle because it failed to develop a better plan for meeting targets to reduce landfill. Now the council will be judge and jury on the planning application, unless we can get the planning application ‘called in’ and decided at a public inquiry.

Things you can do:

  • You can still write to your MP to object.
  • Fund Raising – please organise events to help fundraise and spread the message!
  • Or simply just sign the online petition (and forward onto your friends)!
  • NYWAG are having their annual sponsored bike ride to raise money for public inquiry. If you are interested please see the links at the bottom of this article.

Sign the petition at:

Contact Steve about NYWAG or the bike ride or to ask for a sponsor form:

Telephone: 01423 330639


Written by: Ailsa Mummery

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Trainers – the real story



The Year 9 extended performing arts class have been working on a play called Trainers  which is about the low wages of the people who make big brand name trainers.  It is focused on the poor working conditions of the sweat shops that these people work in and the amount they are paid.  This story is set in the far east.  It starts with a girl called Laura who’s mother tells her that she can no longer afford to send her to school, and that she has to go work at the Oriental Footwear Company. Laura meets the unkind boss Mr Lee who tells her, after a long hard 12 hour day, that she has only earned £3.80 . The year 9s have been working very hard to pull these productions together with the help of their teacher Miss Sargison. 

The facts:

  • Almost half the toys in the US are produced in China, Thailand, and other Asian countries in sweatshops.
  • 85% of sweatshop workers are young women between the ages of 15-25
  • No health insurance is provided
  • On average, a migrant worker works about 12 hours a day, 26 days a month.
  • In a sweatshop in Capetown, there were only 3 toilets for about 2,000 workers
  • 200,00 children die annually due to the hazardous conditions in the sweatshops.

So where were your trainers made and how?  What responsibility do we have?

Trainers and shoes in Harrogate Grammar.  An international issue at our feet.






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british touring cars go to local crofts race course

On saturday 23rd – sunday 24th of june

The stars of Britain’s premier motor racing  championship are back at Croft! Honda ace Matt Neal won two of the three races  at Croft in 2011 on his way to the crown – can he do the same again in 2012 as  he seeks to equal Andy Rouse’s record of four titles? Two days of non-stop  bumper-to-bumper, fender-bending action featuring BTCC practice, qualifying and three races plus plenty more thrills and spills from the supporting  categories such as Porsche Carrera Cup GB, Ginetta GT Supercup, Ginetta Juniors  etc! Children 15 and under are admitted free to the  Circuit as long as accompanied by an adult.  A grandstand seat would also need to be purchased for Children.

it’s near Dalton-on-Tees in North Yorkshire, England.

the tickets cost around £13 – £78 which are quite cheap!

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Google Glasses

The Google Glasses


The Google glasses are only a prototype at the moment but they could be the future. These hi-tech glasses are made by Google and have got loads of features including a camera, Google+, weather when you look out of the window and will tell you whether your train has been delayed or if the station is closed when you walk into it. This device also has voice command, but the design is not great, instead of looking like normal glasses they are more cricular pieces of glass and also the price is£158.29, but still it could the next big thing. What do you think?

There is also a video about it which tells you lots more about the Google Glasses. Google Glasses video


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French Exchange Video



Voila le video

Amusez-vous bien





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The New Series of Doctor Who: What You need to Know

Although no specific date has been given, the new series of the hit science-fiction programme Doctor Who is expected to start broadcasting in the autumn of 2012. The series is again going to be split into two halves. There will be a Christmas Special in December and another eight episodes in 2013, which will lead up to the series’ climatic 50th anniversary. Matt Smith is returning to play the Doctor, while Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill are also returning to play Amy and Rory for the first five episodes. A new companion is going to appear in the Christmas Special. This companion will be played by Jenna-Louise Coleman.

Some specific details have been given on the first five episodes of the series. The first episode has been written by Steven Moffat, the current head-writer, and directed by Nick Hurran, who directed last year’s The Girl Who Waited and The God Complex. The episode is going to see the dramatic return of the Daleks. But instead of just the current versions of the Doctor’s deadliest enemies, all of the previous versions of the Daleks are going to be appearing. The BBC has lauched a worldwide search for the White Daleks from the 1960′s and the Grey Daleks from the 1970′s and 1980′s. A selction of Gold Daleks from 2005-2010 are also appearing.

The second episode has been written by Chris Chibnall, whose previous stories include 42 and The Hungry Earth/Cold Blood. This episode has been directed by series newcomer Saul Metzstein. Also we will see the biggest set ever constructed in Doctor Who’s entire history in this episode.

The third episode has been written by Toby Whithouse, who has previously written School Reunion, The Vampires of Venice and The God Complex. The episode has also been directed by Metzstein. Also this episode will have a Western theme, and has been partly shot in Spain, which will double as America’a Wild West. There is also rumoured to be a monster called The Reckoner in this episode.

Very little detail has been given on the fourth episode of the series. We only know that it has been written by Chris Chibnall and directed by Douglas Mackinnon, who previously directed The Sontaran Stratagem/ The Poison Sky.

The fifth episode has been written by Steven Moffat and directed by Nick Hurran. This episode will see the departure of Amy and Rory from the series and also see the return of the Weeping Angels. Alex Kingston is also returning as River Song. The story has been partly shot in New York. Moffat has given some hints to what will make Amy and Rory leave the TARDIS crew, including the fact that Rory will die after been zapped into the past by a Weeping Angel.

Guest stars that are going to be appearing include David Bradley, Rupert Graves, Mark Williams, Garrick Hagon, Ben Browder, Adrian Scarborough, Andrew Brooke, Dominic Kemp, Rob Cavezos, David Gyasi and Michael McShane.

So let’s hope we will see plenty of excitement and adventure in the coming stories later this year!


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Brave! a new film

A new Disney film from is coming out this summer. Brave is a story about a girl that wants to be a boy in my words I mean she wants to go hunting and join the males in practise.

with the style of the movie it’s going towards how to train your dragon but this time the hero is a girl called merida played by kelly macdonald.

Directed by: Mark Andrews (the director of incredibales and the lion king) so i have high hopes for this movie as both of those movies are good, fingers cross it will be as good.

Produced by: Katherine Sarafian

Screenplay by: Brenda Chapman and Irene Mecchi

Starring: Kelly Macdonald, Julie Walters, Billy Connolly, Emma Thompson, Kevin McKidd, Craig Ferguson, Robbie Coltrane and John Ratzenberger

Music by: Patrick Doyle

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Switching Languages


现在, 很多同学和老师们都可以讲不止一种语言. 但是他们什么时候讲英语,什么时候讲母语呢?


来自哈若盖特文法中学的一名法语老师, Le Bourdon 先生说:“我不知道为什么,我跟我的三个孩子一起时会讲英语,但跟其中一个人谈话时则会讲法语”




Switching languages

Many students and teachers today can speak more than one language. But when do they actually speak English and when do they speak their own language?

As I found out, most people would speak their own language at home or to friends and relatives back in their own home country and would mostly speak English to friends and teachers at school, even if they’re friends are from e.g. china etc. they would speak English to communicate with each other all the same as they would find English an easier language and more comfortable to communicate with.

One French teacher from Harrogate Grammar School, Mr Le Bourdon said: ‘’I don’t know why but I usually speak English when talking to my three children all at once but then I would speak in French when just talking to one of them’’.

With me, I usually speak my home language, mandarin to my parents, my grandparents, friends and relatives back home but would always speak English to my friends and siblings.

But the good thing is that speaking another language looks good on university applications, CVs (Cultivated variety), job applications etc. Plus it gives you a whole new job opportunity-being an English translator etc.! It enables you to communicate with all different kinds of people around the world.

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