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Hundreds die in Bangladesh Floods

At least a hundred people have died and 250,000 people are stranded in Bangladesh because of five days of monsoon rain. Last weeks flash floods triggered landslides and made buildings collapse, there were also lighting strikes. The majority of the victims were children who got crushed when buildings started to collapse. The weather offices recorded 18.2 inches of rainfall in Chittagong over the past 24 hours. Houses were washed away and crop fields flooded causing the harvest to be destroyed and washed away. Hundreds of families  are fighting for shelter on higher ground and are in desperate need of food and water. It is forecast that the rain will continue for another five days meaning the rescue services are going to have to keep working.

Bangladesh Plan International are responding to   6,000 poor and hard hit people by supplying them with emergency money and transfers of food and clean water. Today the death toll is estimated to be up to 110 people.  Rescue workers, the police and fire brigade are beginning to leave the scene because there are no new reports of people missing however they continue to hand out rice and clean water to all of those affected.

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The Syrian Ceasefire: Saviour or a Sham?

The UN Secretary General, Kofi Annan, has outlined his peace plans for Syria and has received word from the Syrian Government that it agrees to the peace plans. But has President Assad kept his word? According to the Free Syrian Army Militants, troops from the Syrian Army are still on the streets of cities like Homs, together with tanks and artillery batteries. This was confirmed when journalists from the BBC shot secret footage of Syrian Army tanks still on the streets of rebel-held cities.

Free Syrian Army

Free Syrian Army (Photo credit: FreedomHouse)

Assad has decreed that the tanks are there purely for security measures and to fight the Free Syrian Army, which the Syrian government has branded ‘Armed Terrorists.’ The Free Syrians say they are fighting for a just cause but have refused to listen to Kofi Annan’s peace plan as they believe that the government will not respect it. For the time being they may be right.

The UN have sent monitors to Syria to see that Assad removes all tanks and soldiers from Syrian cities and that a democratic voting process is introduced. It has refused to take any military action, but will issue sanctions on Syria if the ceasefire is not acted upon properly by the Syrian Government.

However, the Free Syrians have committed  atrocities as well as Assad’s Army. A UN truck was blown up by a Free Syrian bomb in the capital Damascus, wounding the truck’s occupants. The Free Syrians have said that this was simply a mistake, but the government and the UN are wary of the Free Syrians motives.

After more bombing was reported in Homs and Damascus, the UN issued a final warning to President Assad and the Free Syrian Army, that if they did not make peace and form a coalition government, more sanctions would be appplied. The UN even threatened to use force to remove the government and install a democratic constitution, but Russia and China have vetoed this, causing outrage throughout the UN General Assembly.

Recently, it has been reported that the Syrian Army have been kidnapping children and torturing them to find out if their parents support the Free Syrians, and then tying them to their tanks to use as a human shield. Large-scale massacres in villages have also taken place. This has forced the UN to brand President Assad as a war criminal, even though the country isn’t officially at war!

As has been clearly shown, the Syrian ceasefire clearly hasn’t worked and the UN fear that if action is not taken immediately  the country will slide into full-scale civil war.



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The new JAG (f-type)

From the great and glorious country of the UK, a new car is here. The first of its kind, it’s pure, it’s healthy,  JAGUAR F-TYPE  coming out next year of 2013.

At the moment, details are a little sketchy because it’s not due to go on sale until mid-2013, but we do know it will appear as a canvas-roofed convertible.

It’s also going to be the most focused Jag yet. Think XKR-S scale of things. Which might seem a bit of a paradox, given that convertibles aren’t normally associated with hardcore driving, but for various engineering and launch-timing issues, Jag is going down this route.

If you want this car get your head down, revise well for exams get a good job, save up and then hopefully this this car could be yours.

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Syrian Army Continues it’s Attacks

The Syrian Army, who are under the orders of President Bashar-Al Assad, are continuing offensives against the main headquarters of the Free Syrian Army.  Lightly armed Free Syrians are so far proving no match for Assad’s troops, who are armed with flamethrowers, rocket launchers, tanks and artillery batteries.




The Russian Foreign Secretary has been meeting President Assad to discuss a resolution to the crisis, but Russia remains a friend of Syria and President Assad. Iran and China have also declared their support for Assad. At a meeting in Geneva, Russia and China vetoed a UN vote to sanction the amount of weapons that are provided for Assad’s army, a stance which has outraged the USA, Britain and France who say that Russia and China are destroying the lives of thousands of innocent Syrian civilians. Russia is therefore still sending weaponry to Assad and his troops.

On the 23rd February 2012, Marie Colvin, a journalist for the Sun newspaper, was killed alongside 20 other foreign journalists and photographers during a bombing raid by the Syrian army. Colvin had been a journalist for the Sun for over 20 years, and had worked in some of the most dangerous conflicts in the world, such as in Kosovo and Sri Lanka. The British government has expressed their condolences, and also said that this is a stark reminder that the conflict should end soon.



Over 50 world powers, including the USA, Britain and France, have been meeting in Tunis to discuss a resolution to the crisis and to force President Assad to allow aid groups into the city of Homs to treat wounded. Eventually, China agreed to UN plans for allowing aid workers into Homs.

Despite the fact that world powers are discussing an end to the crisis, it is unlikely the conflict will end soon. But the Free Syrians are still confident that the uprising will succed, as they did in Tunisia, Egypt and Libya.



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The Raspberry Pi

The worlds cheapest computer is here the raspberry pi. The raspberry Pi is low cost, small, and portable. It’s actually as small as a credit card. It is a computer that is designed for teaching programming and runs on fedora (an operating system). The raspberry pi has no cover and comes with preinstalled programs like scratch.
It was designed for educational purposes like teaching children how to program with a cheap and easy to use computer. It’s as cheap as £16.00 in the UK. At the minute the raspberry pi is being targeted at children and schools. Element 14 (company of the raspberry pi) think this will be the very first step to intelligent robots. This could be the very thing that leads the way to the future.

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Work Experience- Accused of Slave Labour!

Should This be Happening?

Over the last few weeks there have been allegations saying that work experience for older people is really slave work. Do you agree? Read on to see my views on this debate.

I believe that if you are a older person and that you are out of work you should get experience but you should get paid a small amount of money for your work. The government could  set up a sum of money that people get paid which may be not the minimum wage but a sufficient amount of money that would allow you to survive. If you do get paid during this period this may encourage you to go out and get a job. I also feel that if you do pay people to do work experience then your business would be seen as a place that helps society that we live  in and that  you are trying to encourage that society to grow economically and socially.

On the other hand people may think that work experience is experience, it should be used as a time for people to learn about what happens in a business and this should be free work. Other people also feel that the work that they are doing is not significant enough to get  paid but sometimes the owner of the company will give them a small amount of money if one day they had complete work that really benefited the company.

What do you think about this issue. Do you think that work experience should be paid for older people? Please voice your views by writing a comment.

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London Olympics- Last Chance to Buy Tickets!


The Olympic Mascot

As we all know, this year in London the Olympic games will be held, it will be one of the biggest sporting event that this country has ever held! Are you going to get tickets? Have you already got tickets?If not then read on through this article to find out more about how to purchase tickets and when the final lot are going on sale.

The Olympic games are the most historical games that we still perform they came from the Ancient Greek time when they would have seen men in the local area taking part in different sporting activities such as running, javelin, discus and many more. These are the kind of things that they still do in todays Olympics’. It is a life time chance  to go and see this ancient event. At present the Olympics are run every four years and they are always a event that catches the eye of the media all over the world.

The last of the tickets will be put on sale this Spring. You have to pay over the internet by Visa(debit,credit or prepaid card). So now you have read this short article I hope that you will go and buy tickets for London 2012 and if you are going already then I hope that you have a great time.



Some Olympic Tickets


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Cruise ship runs aground

On January 14th one of Europe’s largest cruise ships ran aground. The incident happened just off the coast of Italy. There are 16 people considered dead and up to 40 people thought missing and injured. The Costa Concordia hit a reef,  slicing a large hole in its side . The ship was carrying 3,200 passengers on board, the captain and first officer were arrested on suspicion of manslaughter. The captain steered the ship to the nearby rocks to speak to the crew of a local ship that he knew. He got a bit too close and it didn’t end well. There are thought to have been cases of passengers trapped on lower decks drowning as the ship tilted. There is radio evidence that the captain refused to stay on board and help evacuate the vessel, but instead he abandoned ship. Passengers say it compared to the Titanic, with the loud noises and not knowing if they were going to make it to shore or the safety of a life boat . For the time being the search will go on for bodies, but it may make you think twice about taking a cruise.



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Cancer breakthrough: arthritis pill stops tumor growth

Doctors have long prescribed the drug Leflunomide to treat the symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis; but now, combined with PLX4720, another cancer drug, Leflunomide has been proven to stop tumors growing. Because the drug is already on the market, there will not be a long wait until it is available and will only be 3 years until it can be prescribed.
The pill cannot stop skin cancer but can stop tumors from growing. Hospitals have described this breakthrough as ‘life-changing’. Cancer will never be completely cured but treatments are always being made – this one especially will save many lives. In the UK around 2,000 people a year die from malignant melanoma when their cancerous tumors return after being surgically removed.
The new treatment will give melanoma cancer sufferers”a chance of life” If the trials are proved successful then there will be many saved lives in the future. People are being optimistic as it can only get better from this one medical breakthrough.

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Prices on cigarettes are going up even more, will this help stop teenagers buying cigarettes…?

Cigarettes have gone up in price by 50p a packet and this may stop teenagers smoking and damaging their body. I had a interview with a student at Harrogate Grammar school. I cannot state their name due to personal reasons but they do smoke and I have asked a few questions on what they think about a packet of cigarettes going up 50p a packet.
“Will the price of cigarettes going up stop you smoking?”

“No, it will not stop me, the money isn’t a problem because I can just go and get some more off my dad and my dad won’t mind if I only ask for 50p”

“Do you think it will stop other teenagers smoking?”

“Yes I do think it will stop a few but only the very poor people because they won’t be able to afford the little extra money, but it won’t make them stop overall because they will put their money together with their mates and buy a packet to share, or they will just ask a few of their mates that who can afford them and ask them for a cigarette. The sensible people who realise they cannot afford it realise there is no point in carrying on and it’s a sign to stop”

So the conclusion of cigarettes going up in price (putting aside all the tax reasons) will hopefully stop teenagers smoking and maybe even some adults.

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Night stalker denies any claims to the 29 charges

53 year old Delroy Grant was arrested in November 2009 for multiple horrible crimes such as; breaking and entering, rape, burglary and sexual assault. The defendant has been jailed for life after a police hunt which cost £10million and lasted nearly two decades. Delroy Grant was accused of attacking over 200 elderly people at least over 80 years old. His first wife, Janet Watson, said:

“He was very charming and sophisticated. I thought I’d found my soul-mate. But then the violence started.”

Grant was good-looking and had a friendly nature, according to the people that knew him well. It was disturbing and shocking to discover how vile and brutal he really was. Police have branded him as “perverted, callous and a violent individual” who attacked some of the most vulnerable people in society. Grant denied 29 charges, between 1992 and 2009 at Woolwich Crown Court, before finally being brought to justice and arrested.

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Are Illegal Immigrants Causing Sham Marriages?

In 2010, registrars reported 934 suspected sham marriages In England and Wales. This shocking number was 66% greater than 2009. Sham marriages are illegal and some can be sentenced to seven years in prison however this doesn’t seem to have the slightest impact on the so called bride and grooms as every year 100’s of people try to get in using their husbands/Wife’s EU passport. With so many investigators cracking down on sham marriages it is alarming to hear that some solicitor are more than happy to process illegal applications for a few thousand. With lots of sham marriages taking place and the real meaning of weddings being vandalised, registrars are getting frustrated and aggravated about marrying foreign couples – there are few happy endings in the world of sham weddings.

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