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Cancer breakthrough: arthritis pill stops tumor growth

Doctors have long prescribed the drug Leflunomide to treat the symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis; but now, combined with PLX4720, another cancer drug, Leflunomide has been proven to stop tumors growing. Because the drug is already on the market, there will not be a long wait until it is available and will only be 3 years until it can be prescribed.
The pill cannot stop skin cancer but can stop tumors from growing. Hospitals have described this breakthrough as ‘life-changing’. Cancer will never be completely cured but treatments are always being made – this one especially will save many lives. In the UK around 2,000 people a year die from malignant melanoma when their cancerous tumors return after being surgically removed.
The new treatment will give melanoma cancer sufferers”a chance of life” If the trials are proved successful then there will be many saved lives in the future. People are being optimistic as it can only get better from this one medical breakthrough.

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Red Nose Day 2011

Where Does The Money Go?


Do you know where the money goes? Across Africa lots of people are suffering from a very common and serious eye disease called cataract which could potentially blind them. Some celebrities were trekking around the world’s harshest deserts in Kenya. They travelled 100 kilometres (62 mi) and raised £1,375,037!
In Africa every day, thousands of people are desperate to escape terrible poverty in horrible rural areas across Africa. They often move to the city with high hopes to find a job and to look after, feed and put a roof over their family’s heads. But life is often tougher when they get there and usually can’t afford to pay the city rents. If they can’t afford it they are forced to live in overcrowded slums or the streets where they just moved from.
Your money that you donate to comic relief is helping these people in urban slums improve their living conditions and life in general.
Your money that you donate to comic relief is helping these people in urban slums improve their living conditions and life in general. Your money can pay for changes like access to clean water, toilets and basic health care. Just better living conditions all together and often the legal right to occupy the land — so families can build their own house instead of living in overcrowded slums or the streets.

Malaria is one of the biggest issues Red Nose Day is trying to tackle. Malaria is a fatal disease that kills over 781,000 people every year and 90% of these unfortunate people live in Africa, and 85% of these people are under 5 years old.
But your money will help these people hugely. £8 will pay for 10 children to be tested for this life threatening disease, so they can get the treatment they need. Just a fiver can buy a mosquito net to prevent this disease happening in the first place.
£120 could get together 4 people in Africa and give them the training they need to cure these people and the medicines to help them fight malaria. See what your money can do? Thank-you for helping these people in Africa

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Prices on cigarettes are going up even more, will this help stop teenagers buying cigarettes…?

Cigarettes have gone up in price by 50p a packet and this may stop teenagers smoking and damaging their body. I had a interview with a student at Harrogate Grammar school. I cannot state their name due to personal reasons but they do smoke and I have asked a few questions on what they think about a packet of cigarettes going up 50p a packet.
“Will the price of cigarettes going up stop you smoking?”

“No, it will not stop me, the money isn’t a problem because I can just go and get some more off my dad and my dad won’t mind if I only ask for 50p”

“Do you think it will stop other teenagers smoking?”

“Yes I do think it will stop a few but only the very poor people because they won’t be able to afford the little extra money, but it won’t make them stop overall because they will put their money together with their mates and buy a packet to share, or they will just ask a few of their mates that who can afford them and ask them for a cigarette. The sensible people who realise they cannot afford it realise there is no point in carrying on and it’s a sign to stop”

So the conclusion of cigarettes going up in price (putting aside all the tax reasons) will hopefully stop teenagers smoking and maybe even some adults.

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Night stalker denies any claims to the 29 charges

53 year old Delroy Grant was arrested in November 2009 for multiple horrible crimes such as; breaking and entering, rape, burglary and sexual assault. The defendant has been jailed for life after a police hunt which cost £10million and lasted nearly two decades. Delroy Grant was accused of attacking over 200 elderly people at least over 80 years old. His first wife, Janet Watson, said:

“He was very charming and sophisticated. I thought I’d found my soul-mate. But then the violence started.”

Grant was good-looking and had a friendly nature, according to the people that knew him well. It was disturbing and shocking to discover how vile and brutal he really was. Police have branded him as “perverted, callous and a violent individual” who attacked some of the most vulnerable people in society. Grant denied 29 charges, between 1992 and 2009 at Woolwich Crown Court, before finally being brought to justice and arrested.

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Why People Play Xbox?

In our BBC school report our group picked the topic of. ‘Why people play so much on their Xbox and does it affect our school work. In this news report we will be covering the points:

  • How much people play Xbox.
  • What are the most exciting games?
  • If it is starting to effect their school work.
  • And if it does affect their school work if there are any jobs involving gaming.

Currently there are 797 games in the world for people to buy. Just one of them games, Call of Duty Black Ops, has currently been played online for over SIX CENTURIES, and that’s just for Xbox!
Over 40,000,000 Xbox games consoles have been sold, a number almost as large as the population of England.
There are lots of jobs available to do with Xbox, such as: a game tester, a game creator and some people even get paid for making YouTube clips. But that is just a few. Thousands of peoples school work has been affected by games. People fail their exams and after they struggle to get jobs.
Playing Xbox too much can ruin your life!

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Are Illegal Immigrants Causing Sham Marriages?

In 2010, registrars reported 934 suspected sham marriages In England and Wales. This shocking number was 66% greater than 2009. Sham marriages are illegal and some can be sentenced to seven years in prison however this doesn’t seem to have the slightest impact on the so called bride and grooms as every year 100’s of people try to get in using their husbands/Wife’s EU passport. With so many investigators cracking down on sham marriages it is alarming to hear that some solicitor are more than happy to process illegal applications for a few thousand. With lots of sham marriages taking place and the real meaning of weddings being vandalised, registrars are getting frustrated and aggravated about marrying foreign couples – there are few happy endings in the world of sham weddings.

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Harrogate Grammar Does Charities Week

Last year, Harrogate Grammar school exceeded all expectations by raising a staggering £13,620 for the charity Vamos, raising money by holding bake sales, raffles, and even a teacher fashion show.
This year, the chosen charity is Harrogate Hospital Community and Friends, which supports Harrogate District Hospital, buying equipment for the children’s ward. In contrast to the last charity, which helped street children in Mexico, Harrogate Hospital Community and Friends, is close to the hearts of many students.
We spoke to Mrs Boag, head of the charities committee and the person responsible for arranging everything happens for charities. According to her, the decision of choosing Harrogate Hospital Community and Friends was largely put forward by some sixth formers who had visited the hospital on volunteer work.
Charities week is the one week a year dedicated to raising as much money as possible for the school charity. Students take part in all sorts of events like dancing competitions, bake sales and singing shows. But the pupils aren’t the only ones to get involved. The annual teacher’s clothes show will again be held during this week, when teachers don the everyday suits and ties for famous costumes and fancy outfits. Teachers dread it, pupils love it, but in the end it’s all good money towards helping Harrogate hospital.
Part of the money raised is going towards a ‘Thomas the Tank Engine’ food car, an instant hit with the younger patients. The money will also pay for a machine that uses miniscule pumps to insert blood in babies during operations. As these machines are in high demand throughout the UK, the NHS doesn’t cover the cost of them. This machine will particularly help babies with meningitis.
Claire Margerison, a former patient of Harrogate Hospital and pupil at Harrogate Grammar School, said the Thomas the Tank Engine food trolley ‘really brightened the atmosphere of the ward’.
Charities week certainly looks like it will be an action packed week for everyone involved, by having fun and raising money for a good cause.

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Japanese Children in Danger

Japan trying to retain normality for the children

 As the tsunami hit her school in Sendai, kindergarten teacher Junko Kamada, 60, stood in front of the window of the second story hall to block the children from seeing the destruction caused by the 1.5 metre wave. Teachers are trying to keep the children occupied rather than keep them in shock from the magnitude 9.0 earthquake on March 11th, that killed three of their 235 pupils aged 3-5. Schools resumed a few days ago in north-eastern Japan and classes – some held in homes and makeshift spaces – are providing children to reunite with friends and keep a level of normality. At least 9,452 people died in the earthquake and tsunami, and radiation leaks from Fukushima’s nuclear power plant Tokyo Electric Power are adding to the stress.

Anxiety is mounting in Tokyo, where authorities are saying tap water may be unsafe for infants. Radioactive iodine levels collected from a sample on March 22nd were double the recommended limit for babies. They are saying that it’s unsafe for any infant under the age of one to drink the tap water. Chiho Hasunuma, 26, who lives in a western Tokyo suburb, stated that she was alerted about the contamination by text message from a friend, who was telling her not to let her five-month-old baby drink tap water.

 “I’ve been very depressed and cried a lot since the earthquake,” Hasunuma said, “But maybe it’s time to stop thinking about it and move to Ehime where a relative lives.”

The emotional consequences for the children are rising high and many will suffer from PTSD (Post-traumatic Stress Disorder), which may include nightmares, sleeplessness and panic attacks, while younger children will find it harder to articulate their distress. When children suffer from an acute fear, they tend to depend on their mother’s more for support and safety, psychiatrists say, also stating that stress and anxiety may be causing more asthma, mumps and pneumonia in the children.

Britt-Marie Drottz-Sjoberg, a professor of psychology at the Norwegian University of Science quotes:

 “If they know that everything is being done to help them get into some sort of normal situation as soon as possible, I am quite confident that the Japanese society will come through this and rise again. It’s a very resilient culture.”

It also means not succumbing to grief for the teachers, who have taken care of the children and taught them. Junko Kamada said that the teachers are incredibly sad, but are trying desperately to get the school back on its feet, for the protection of the children that are going through turmoil.

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