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Work Experience- Accused of Slave Labour!

Should This be Happening?

Over the last few weeks there have been allegations saying that work experience for older people is really slave work. Do you agree? Read on to see my views on this debate.

I believe that if you are a older person and that you are out of work you should get experience but you should get paid a small amount of money for your work. The government could  set up a sum of money that people get paid which may be not the minimum wage but a sufficient amount of money that would allow you to survive. If you do get paid during this period this may encourage you to go out and get a job. I also feel that if you do pay people to do work experience then your business would be seen as a place that helps society that we live  in and that  you are trying to encourage that society to grow economically and socially.

On the other hand people may think that work experience is experience, it should be used as a time for people to learn about what happens in a business and this should be free work. Other people also feel that the work that they are doing is not significant enough to get  paid but sometimes the owner of the company will give them a small amount of money if one day they had complete work that really benefited the company.

What do you think about this issue. Do you think that work experience should be paid for older people? Please voice your views by writing a comment.

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London Olympics- Last Chance to Buy Tickets!


The Olympic Mascot

As we all know, this year in London the Olympic games will be held, it will be one of the biggest sporting event that this country has ever held! Are you going to get tickets? Have you already got tickets?If not then read on through this article to find out more about how to purchase tickets and when the final lot are going on sale.

The Olympic games are the most historical games that we still perform they came from the Ancient Greek time when they would have seen men in the local area taking part in different sporting activities such as running, javelin, discus and many more. These are the kind of things that they still do in todays Olympics’. It is a life time chance  to go and see this ancient event. At present the Olympics are run every four years and they are always a event that catches the eye of the media all over the world.

The last of the tickets will be put on sale this Spring. You have to pay over the internet by Visa(debit,credit or prepaid card). So now you have read this short article I hope that you will go and buy tickets for London 2012 and if you are going already then I hope that you have a great time.



Some Olympic Tickets


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An Author Is Coming to Town

Next Wednesday afternoon the author Andrew Hammond will be performing in The Forum. He is a highly rated children’s author. After Cathy Cassidy’s girl-friendly visit last term, this is an attempt to redress the balance as he will appeal to the boys this time.

Students have been offered the chance to attend and the following numbers of students from each year will be attending:

Y7: 121

Y8: 76

Y9: 52

 There will also be students from Rossett and St John Fisher’s.

 The performance begins at the end of lunch so students will miss period 5 and period 6. Apologies for any missing students in your lessons that afternoon.


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Donald Bell VC

VC Donald Simpson Bell

Donald Simpson Bell was born on the 3rd December 1890. He was an English school teacher at Starbeck Primary School. Before the war Bell had a promising football career ahead of him, having become a professional with Bradford Park Avenue Football Club. He made his debut in 1913 as a full-back against Wolverhampton Wanderers and had made five league appearances for the club when the Great War broke out in August 1914. Determined to fight for his country, he asked the Bradford directors to release him from his contract and in November of that year signed up as a volunteer soldier with the West Yorkshire Regiment. He quickly rose through the ranks and in less than a year of joining he had been made an officer in the 9th Battalion of the Yorkshire Regiment (The Green Howards).

Just a year later, in June 1915, having just got married, he was part of Lord Kitchener’s new Volunteer Army which crossed the English Channel to get to the Western Front in readiness for the Battle of the Somme.

On the evening of 5 July, 1916, his battalion was given the order to enter the fray and soon captured a German position, known as Horse Shoe Trench. But they quickly came under attack again from another enemy machine gun. Without a second thought for his own safety, 25-year-old Bell crept up a communication trench and then dashed towards the gun across open ground. He was a superb athlete and moved with incredible speed. Within minutes he had reached the post, he shot the gunner with his revolver and blew up the rest with hand grenades before throwing more bombs into a dugout, killing more than 50 Germans.

During the First World War he was awarded the Victoria Cross for wiping out a German gun post in the Somme, only to die 5 days later. Before his success he attended Harrogate Grammar School before attending Westminster College. When World War I broke out, he became the first professional footballer to enlist into the British Army – joining the West Yorkshire Regiment in 1915. He was rapidly promoted to Lance Corporal and then was commissioned into the 9th Battalion, The Yorkshire Regiment (Alexandra, Princess of Wales’ Own) in 1915. He was awarded the Victoria Cross for his actions on 5 July 1916 at Horseshoe Trench, Somme, France. He was killed in action on 10 July 1916. He is now buried at Gordon Dump Cemetery, France.  His Victoria Cross was formerly displayed at the Green Howards Museum in Richmond, Yorkshire. On 25 November 2010 it was auctioned by London medal specialists, Spink. It was purchased for a reported £252,000 by the Professional Footballers’ Association and will go on display at their museum in Manchester.

To watch the BBCs coverage of his heroic achivements click on the photo below.

Click to watch BBC video


This is some real footage from The Battle Of The Somme:

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Debating Club

Every Thursday Lunch time there is a Debating Club where we debate about current affairs.  It opens up your mind to see lots of people’s views on things that are happening all over the world. At the moment, there are just a few of us who go and we would really love it if you would come and try it out. At the moment we are in practice to do a Magistrates Court competition but if you come along, we would be able to set up a small debate in the corner and you would be taught to debate properly . The club is run by Mr Andrew and Dr Curran in A19.

If you become very interested and are fairly confident  then you can enter competitions. Please come along and see if you enjoy it. We look forward to seeing you.


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AstroTurf- Great Expectations

Close up of the new Astroturf

As you will all know we have a brand new AstroTurf pitch but is it a convincing investment?  Has it lived up to the Great Expectations? The AstroTurf pitch was installed last summer to replace the shale pitch but was it a big leap forward or are we still stuck in the mud? As you will have seen when it is wet on the AstroTurf it is like a sand pit and when it is dry it is like a dust bowl.

This is not the only problem that has been brought up by this new pitch, when the summer comes we will be doing athletics in our P.E lessons but when you look at the pitch you can see that there is no running markings on it. If you remember the shale you would see that there were markings for you to be able to do sprints and long distance.

On the other hand hockey is a lot better because when you hit the ball you do not get gravel and small stones into your eyes. It is also a lot more of an even surface to play the sport on. I also feel that when we have visitors to the school they will feel that it is a really good facility it would also add to why people would want to send there children to Harrogate Grammar School. Maybe if the sand was taken of the top of the Astro people may feel alot more confident about it.

I have spoken to Mr Brown who is part of the P.E department and here is what he said:

The new Astroturf is a fantastic opportunity for students to enhance the way that they play sport. It especially benefits hockey players. He said that “Lessons are no longer interrupted because of the weather. The quality of teaching and of the learning has gone up massively” The last thing he said was that the range of activities that we can do has increased a lot because of the new all weather pitch. In this interview he said nothing about the amount of sand on top or the lack of running track.

I have also spoken to Mrs Garcia here is what she said:

The reason why there is so much sand on the AstroTurf pitch is because it is in a time of bedding in this is because the Astro keeps getting wet she said when the dry weather comes the amount of sand will decrease. Mrs Garcia also told me that the lack of the 400 meter track was because of cost of adding a track because they would have needed to do more digging she also said that they wanted to maximise the playing space and if they had added a track then they would have lost some room and it would have made Hockey more difficult to play.

After doing a survey I have seen that people that play Hockey and Football love the new pitch as it is easier  play these sports on. On the other hand people who run are a bit surprised that there are no track marks on the pitch.

After reading this article I really do hope that you know a little bit more about are new pitch.

I believe that with a few adjustments, we could make this AstoTurf really great and it could live up to the Great Expectations.

The Astroturf in use



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Cruise ship runs aground

On January 14th one of Europe’s largest cruise ships ran aground. The incident happened just off the coast of Italy. There are 16 people considered dead and up to 40 people thought missing and injured. The Costa Concordia hit a reef,  slicing a large hole in its side . The ship was carrying 3,200 passengers on board, the captain and first officer were arrested on suspicion of manslaughter. The captain steered the ship to the nearby rocks to speak to the crew of a local ship that he knew. He got a bit too close and it didn’t end well. There are thought to have been cases of passengers trapped on lower decks drowning as the ship tilted. There is radio evidence that the captain refused to stay on board and help evacuate the vessel, but instead he abandoned ship. Passengers say it compared to the Titanic, with the loud noises and not knowing if they were going to make it to shore or the safety of a life boat . For the time being the search will go on for bodies, but it may make you think twice about taking a cruise.



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Living The Dream!!

2012 has begun, new start and a new beginning. With Britain’s Got Talent on it’s way, talent is flooding in from all over the UK. From the simply ordinary to most peculiar. But, what would it be like, if one of your family members decided to audition? Well, I can tell you. Because I’ve witnessed it. One word: embarrassing. Basically, on the 13th of November 2011, my dad went for an audition in Blackpool with a stage name of Dez Presley. As you have probably guessed, the talent was singing. As I say so myself, he was pretty good. At this moment in time, we are still to waiting for a call from the directors, to confirm whether he has been confirmed or not. Not only that, another one of my family members has auditioned but by uploading a you tube video. 


Now, I’m wondering if any of you have a secret talent that no-body knows about. Please leave a coment below. Explaining what the secret talent is also including your name. 

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French Exchange

On the 10th of October 2011 students from a village near Lille came to Harrogate for a weeklong visit, to learn more about our language, culture and school life.

During their stay they took part in activities with their English pen friends. Such as sitting in on some of their classes and going on days out. On Friday 15th of October they took a day out to York where they explored all the sites and did some shopping.


The return starts on the 22nd of March and lasts for a week.

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