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Dragons Den at HGS

Meet our Dragons

Business is booming as the Tenner Tycoon  programme is encouraging  young people to start their own business with  just a tenner.  Make a bit of profit to and give a percentage, of your choice, to the school  charity.  Unfortunately it is too late to start your own Tenner Tycoon campaign but you can support the schools charity by purchasing some of the contenders products. There are Noah’s cakes ,the Wi-Fi café,  make your own mug and many more .  In case you didn’t know the school charity project is to build an extension to our partner school in Uganda which will allow  people to learn how to make clothes and wood work.

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Under 15s reach National Daily Mail Semi-final

The U15s rugby team are just one match away from reaching the final of the Daily Mail Vase competition at Twickenham. Having lost in the opening round of the Daily Mail Cup the team entered into the Vase where they won seven matches on the run scoring over 300 points at a cost of only 20 points.

U15s Rugby Team

The quarter-final against the Robert Smyth School in Market Harborough, was a very close encounter with the game in doubt up to the very last second. The home school boasted a front row from Leicester Academy and it was no surprise when they opened the score to go five points up. The team showed its resilience by taking the game to the hosts and applying a lot of pressure but to no avail. The game continued much the same way in the second half with both sides applying and absorbing periods of pressure. With ten minutes to go a good handling movement saw Jasper Jacob released on the left wing to score in the corner. In the last ten minutes the team  withstood a series of attacks but good defensive work kept Smyth School at bay. At the final whistle with the scores  locked at 5 – 5 we progressed as the away school!

We now travel to Broadstreet RFC where we will meet the Sir Thomas Rich School from Gloucester on Sunday 18th in the Semi-Final. The Gloucester side has several players on Gloucester’s books so beating them will be a real scalp.

This will be the third year in a row that the school has reached this stage in the National competition, with last year’s side reaching the final. So fingers crossed the school will look to go one better.

R Mckay

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Epic battle for Under 15′s Rugby team

This is the epic tale of the HGS Rugby legends.  This weekend the under 15s will play away in the semi-final of the national Daily Mail competition.  It is a daunting quest –  basically its just  like Justin Biebers quest to hit puberty.

We have battled agaisnt 6 teams,  and battled for our lives, this conquest will not be ending on the 18th of march we will crush our oppositon like a worm beneath our heels and march on to the final. The teams base we will be at the Coventry  Holiday Inn where we will enjoy luxury service and dine like kings and queens.

We will be victorious  or  we will burn in eternal fiery hell!  Support your team.





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BBC School Report: Charities Week


Every year Harrogate Grammar School holds a wide range of events during ‘charities week’ to raise money for their chosen charity. The school has had a charity every year for 25 years, raising over a quarter of a million pounds. The school has supported a variety of charities: building wells in Africa, wheel chairs in Pakistan, supporting the local old people’s home and the teenage cancer trust.

This year Harrogate Grammar school has chosen to support The Revival Centre in Matugga, Uganda. The Revival Centre is attempting to build a vocational centre containing workshops for building, cooking and hairdressing. This should hopefully prepare students in the school for future life. Some school staff are going to travel over to Matugga to help build the vocational centre and support the school in this project.

The school is hoping to raise an astonishing £15,000 for the charity by holding their annual charities week. Some of the events will include: “The Big Quiz”, “Bizarre Bazaar”, The “Stay Awake”, “HGS Has Talent”, A teachers’ clothes show, “Tackle the Teacher” and a sixth form fashion show, where local shops are donating prom dresses and suits for the show. 

When asked, Mrs Boag, Head of Charities Committee said, “I am most looking forward to students enjoying themselves.having fun, raising money and I think the highlight for me has always been the teachers’ clothes show.”

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BBC School Report: Storming STEM Success

On the 27th of February, Harrogate Grammar School started STEM week. STEM stands for: science, technology, engineering and maths. This was where the students discovered more about STEM and how it is used in business and the outside world.

Students in years 9 and 10 performed a variety of tasks ranging from speed dating to building a car. By doing this they learned various skills from mathematics and teamwork to technology and building.

Next day, year 10 students formed small groups and spent a short amount of time with a business partner to find out about how they use science, technology and maths in their work before rotating round to speak to another business partner.

Finally, selected year 9 students were asked to take part in either a technology or science challenge. Those who were doing the tech challenge were faced with the task of constructing an airsoft ball launcher to launch a ball three metres in the air through a 300mm diameter hole using only some wood, elastic bands and a little imagination. Those doing the science did two different tasks. These were: building a bridge to support a remote control car and making a miniature car powered by either balloons or elastic bands.

The event was a great success. A lot of the students that took part thought the event was a fantastic idea. 


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BBC School Report: iPads at Harrogate Grammar School


Harrogate Grammar recently started a trial period with Apple iPads for some students in years 8, 11 and sixth formers. If this trial period is successful and enhances learning experience with students instead of just being a fashion item then all students could be able to have access to the iPads.

The Apple iPads are likely to be rented by the students at Harrogate Grammar schools. The iPads are being introduced in an attempt to help children learn in an interesting and new way.

The possible advantages could be a boost of students’ grades, more lively and interesting lessons and make learning easier and fun. Children like going in I.T. rooms and going on computers so should find the iPads a new, fun and interesting way of learning and maybe this would encourage pupils to really enjoy their lessons and learn more using this new technology available to them.

The school is aware of the concerns regarding what happens if an iPad is dropped, stolen, used to play games etc. and is researching all the issues thoroughly before approaching parents. You can watch the news story and an interview with Miss Nicholson here:

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Introducing HGS BBC School Report:

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Myddleton Grange Concert

After a Succesful trip to Myddleton grange this year, students have come back with a concert prepared for everyone to listen to. This concert will take place on Thursday 15th of march.

Playing at this concert will be:

  • Jazz Band
  • Wind Band
  • String Orchestra
  • MGM Voices
  • Various Soloists

On the 15th of march, the main hall will be filled with people watching the achievments of everyone who went to Myddleton Grange, and I wish you all good luck!


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Spanish Exchange 2012 :)

In February 2012, students from Harrogate Grammar visited Spain on an exchange to learn more about their language and culture. They stayed with a host family and lived the way they lived. They took part in activites such as the traditional siesta, and visited historical landmarks. The spanish students are coming to visit England in March.


Watch our video to find out what it was really like.

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BBC School News

On Thursday 14th March, A select group of 20 year 9s will be filming, editing and reporting for the BBC News School Report to be uploaded to the BBC website at the end of the day. These pupils will be off timetable all day, but it will still be hard work. Jobs will include, scriptwriting, writing stories, interviewing, presenting, filming, editing to name but a few. Wish them luck!

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Government Steals Kids Term Time Holidays

The British Government is proposing to ban term time holidays for children. They say they are going to crack down on the parents that take their children on holidays during the school term. The government is planning to enforce a rule that prevents  children and their families to have a short time of absence (holiday) from school.
Parents of children who go on holidays at these times say they go when they go because of low prices and they can travel for much less money.
The reason why they are planning to ‘’steal’’ these holidays is because they say that children that go on holidays do not learn as much as children who do not go on term time holidays.
At the moment, Harrogate Grammar School does not want people to go on term time holidays but it is not ‘’illegal’’. With this new rule in place, they will not have to worry about making sure children do not leave for tropical destinations during the school term.

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The Raspberry Pi

The worlds cheapest computer is here the raspberry pi. The raspberry Pi is low cost, small, and portable. It’s actually as small as a credit card. It is a computer that is designed for teaching programming and runs on fedora (an operating system). The raspberry pi has no cover and comes with preinstalled programs like scratch.
It was designed for educational purposes like teaching children how to program with a cheap and easy to use computer. It’s as cheap as £16.00 in the UK. At the minute the raspberry pi is being targeted at children and schools. Element 14 (company of the raspberry pi) think this will be the very first step to intelligent robots. This could be the very thing that leads the way to the future.

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