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Hundreds die in Bangladesh Floods

At least a hundred people have died and 250,000 people are stranded in Bangladesh because of five days of monsoon rain. Last weeks flash floods triggered landslides and made buildings collapse, there were also lighting strikes. The majority of the victims were children who got crushed when buildings started to collapse. The weather offices recorded 18.2 inches of rainfall in Chittagong over the past 24 hours. Houses were washed away and crop fields flooded causing the harvest to be destroyed and washed away. Hundreds of families  are fighting for shelter on higher ground and are in desperate need of food and water. It is forecast that the rain will continue for another five days meaning the rescue services are going to have to keep working.

Bangladesh Plan International are responding to   6,000 poor and hard hit people by supplying them with emergency money and transfers of food and clean water. Today the death toll is estimated to be up to 110 people.  Rescue workers, the police and fire brigade are beginning to leave the scene because there are no new reports of people missing however they continue to hand out rice and clean water to all of those affected.

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Yorkshire rainned its show away

On Tuesday 10th july the Great Yorkshire Show started its 3 day event. As you probably already know on the Tuesday there was also a heavy downfall of rain to add to what we  had already endured last week. The after effects of this rain left tractors pulling cars out of the field  and car parks and stall holders packing up. This was a real shame for every one involved because the stall holders lost lots of money with the food stall holder reduced to  giving away the food they could not sell. The staff and visitors were equally affected.  The entrance gate staff  lost their  3 day job and membership and ticket holders lost out on  3 days of fun they had already paid for. This years Yorkshire show was to be the busiest for decades.  I know people have come from as far as Scotland for this event that only lasted 1 day. Now we will all have to wait again till next year and hopefully we might get some better weather.


How it should have been.

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Pictograms of Olympic sports - Rugby union

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Sports day was moved to  Tuesday because it was cancelled on the Monday and was a huge success.  The day started with an Olympic torch parade around the field .  Every year got involved and there was a wide range of sports something for everyone   including tag rugby,tennis,badminton and football. There was a large number of  track events.  We all represented  our houses; Terra,aqua,Ignis and ventus. The final results will be published nest  week. Well done to everyone who took part it was a  very successful day full of joy without rain which held off until the very end. Even the teachers were happy with the students especially Head of Year 9 Miss Smithson!

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