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Banksy, The Man Behind The Mask

For those of you who do not know, Banksy is the worlds most famous graffiti artist.  His work comments on the political debates of the day. The Conservatives want to remove all of Banksy’s work and have him arrested for damage to property and vandalism. The other political parties are more tolerant and see Banksy’s visual commentary  as  a kind of visual  political time line .  History in a spray can if you will.    Banksy  hasn’t just fallen out with the Conservative but King Robo and  a graffiti legend. King Robo was one of the first people to graffiti in London.

Watch a complilation of the best of Banksy’s Work.

Banksy has some books for sale such as “Banksy wall and piece” and “Seven years with Banksy”. You can visit his website here;  He also has a DVD named “Banksy exit through the gift shop”.  You can buy this at

Banksy has kept identify  under wraps for years and  he is unlikely to reveal his face any time soon. All that most people know is that he is from Bristol, and that  he arranges the annual Bristol graffiti festival. However, he is never actually attends the festival himself.  Banksy, like all graffiti artists, he works at night using stencils.  He needs to be quick and has never  been caught. Therefore, Banksy remains anonymous and anonymous he shall stay.  All we know of him is his art and maybe how he thinks.

Watch the trailer for Exit through the the Gift shop.

You can watch the whole movie on YouTube until it gets removed – enoy.

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