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Christmas bazaars!


English: Original caption: "Fresh fruit b...

“Fresh fruit bazaar.” (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As we all know in the next couple of weeks each house will be hosting a Christmas bazaar on Thursday. There is also a competition between each of the houses to raise as much money as possible and the winner will win a trophy for the house to keep. As we all know Ignis has already done their bazaar and now it is Ventus’ turn to try and raise as much money as possible. The houses’ turns are in a specific order going from Ignis to Ventus to Terra and finally Aqua. This gives Aqua an advantage as the costumers will be warmed up for fun and games at Aqua’s Christmas Bazaar.

So who is going to win this competition? Keep your eyes peeled for the next edition of this article!

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Photography Club

What type of photography inspires you?

Campaign for a Photography Club


051807 My Cameras with Notes.

 (Photo credit: rachel a. k.)

I think there should be a photography club as lots of people are really interested in photography. Photography is a  great hobby  which can turn into a career.  Photography allows you to capture special moments in time so you can look back and remember what happened.  

Digital cameras give you the chance to delete pictures that aren’t what you want, traditional film and disposable camera’s don’t give you that option.  Disposable cameras are great for 6-8 year olds, but  they are not appropriate for older children and adults.  Digital camera’s capture light really enable you to edit the photos.   The iPads will enable us all to take and edit photographs so there are no resource problems.  You can put photos on lots of things, e.g-mugs, computer mats, on the fridge, in  frames, on pillows, on key rings, clocks…………  You can go to a supermarket or computer shop and print off photos/get a picture printed onto something really easily and cheaply. 

If we had a photography club at school it would give children the chance learn how to use camera’ s properly. This would be especially good for children who don’t have assess to a camera at home.  You can do all sorts of photography, still life, wedding photography, wild life photography………… There is a type of photography for everyone.

With the iPads we will all be able to take photographs but taking good photographs is a real skill.

What type of photography inspires you?



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Musical Opportunites for year 7

Get involved in Music

Music Note Bokeh

(Photo credit: all that improbable blue)

There are so many extra-curricular music opportunities for year 7!

These are only some of the clubs that you could join that run though lunch and after school:

  • Year 7&8 Choir: every Thursday Lunch time.
  • Strings Assemble: every Monday Lunch time.
  • Strings and Woodwind orchestra,  Monday After school.

Contact the Music Department for more information

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Harrogate Christmas Fair

christmas 2007

Christmas (Photo credit: paparutzi)

Undeterred by the horrible weather, stall holders and buyers flocked in to Harrogate and brought festive cheer to the dreary weekend.

Commencing on Saturday 24th November, the first ever Harrogate Christmas Fair (on the Stray) braved the cold, clad in wintery wear. Business boomed, and many a happy face left the stalls, arms full with sweets and roasted nuts. Fathers lead away beaming children, whilst mothers appeared laden with presents. Live reindeers entertained all (yes, real, live reindeers!). Cheese dealers (and the wine stalls!) seduced all adults, young children fascinated by the huge mess of organised chaos! Sellers laughed. Sweet lovers gorged themselves. Chestnuts roasted. All was well. Until the rain came.

Rain, Britain’s worst enemy, jeopardized Harrogate’s Fair. Washing away hopes as well as customers, the rain continued to fall for the remainder of the day. Umbrellas were raised, clogging up the narrow passages. Children cried. Stall holders held their hands up in despair at their leaking roofs. Even the reindeers couldn’t salvage the occasion. Slowly, the once lively audience dispersed in dismal mirth.

‘It was really good…until the rain spoiled it…’ a Y7 student said wistfully. ‘I felt so sorry for them.’ a teacher said who didn’t go.

Next year, there will be another Christmas fair. Let’s hope that the weather holds up for us then.

Click to see photos of the event

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The movie of the year has just been released, called Skyfall  it is the new James Bond film. Thousands of people all over the world hae already queued up to see it and were ecstatic. There is also the theme song for Skyfall from Adele.


Watch the trailer below.

You can watch the complete Adele music video below


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Book Review on Bleeding Hearts

One of my favourite  books is Bleeding Hearts its by Alyxandra Harvey.  It is the fourth book in the Drake Chronicles  series of vampire stories.   In this one a girl called  Christabel is kidnapped.  Lucy’s best friend’s  brother Connor  Drake sets out to  rescue her and togethor they discover a new breed of vampire called na-foir.  They are held prisoner and before escaping.  Chistabel gets staked and Connor tells there kidnapper to turn her into a vampire.  She passes out and Connor carries her back to his court.  It turns out he is a vampire prince.


Alyxandra Harvey talks about the book.

Listen to a bit of the book.

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Ipads for year 7′s


English: iPad 2 with Smart Cover running iMovie.

iPad 2  (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

All years but the year 7’s have iPads. This is hardly fair! Every teacher who teaches us (the year sevens) always says “Right get out you iPads, oh wait! You don’t have them, too bad!” or “We will have to do another activity because you don’t iPads!” Should we really have to change our learning just because we don’t have iPads! We should have the same advantage as the rest of the school. We deserve iPads because we have settled in very well and we are the year with the most stamps in the whole school! We also have the least amount of negatives.  That is a great achievement; shouldn’t we get a reward for doing so well? Don’t you want us to have the same opportunities as the rest as the school? I think that I have made my point clear; year sevens deserve iPads! Please take this into account when deciding what to do next year.

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HGS ChristmasFair


London Mince Pies.

Mince Pies. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

On Saturday was the annual Christmas fair hosted by the P.T.A. It was great fun with lots of things to do and see. This included stalls from local business’s . Games like sweet jar tombola , raffles and a general tombola were all done by the P.T.A. Mince pies and mulled wine  were served at the door which gave it a really nice Christmas feel. The wonderful school orchestra led by Miss Hinkins played a mixture of Christmas songs. A variety of  games were lead by students including  whack a rat and hoopla.


My parents described it as thoroughly enjoyable. A friend said “it was good fun and I look forward to the next one.” I’m sure every one will agree that it was a very good way to spend a cold November Saturday afternoon.

By Alicia Kernaghan

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year 7 netball match v ripon !

Ripon Grammar (Photo Credit: jon crel)

On Wednesday 21st November- Harrogate Grammar year 7 girls competed in a netball match against Ripon Grammar. Unfortunately we didn’t win but we came very close. The A team’s score was not as close as the B team’s score but we all still had a sense of achievement  Ripon Grammar had a  very tall goal shooter who scored a lot of goals very easily.

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Garage Damage Shock – Oatlands Junior School

English: Oatlands Junior School Oatlands Junio...

Oatlands Junior School Oatlands Junior School in Harrogate.  (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Two boys attending Oatlands Junior School purposely got rocks and threw them at someone’s garage window.

The garage window smashed and the two boys were told off when the headteacher found them mucking about.  The boys who cant be identified for legal reasons  had to write a letter of apology to the person whose house they had vandalised.  The Headteacher excluded them for three weeks.

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Rylan Clark leaves X Factor


The X Factor (Australia)

The X Factor (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

On Sunday Rylan Clark, who was loved by some, left X Factor 2012.  Many agreed he should have left but many were upset and gob smacked. The Essex wannabe sang his heart out on the show to deliver what proved to of been his best performances of the competition. In the sing off Rylan took to the stage to perform a surprisingly in-tune version of  the Athlete hit Wires. During his performance he was seen giving Gary Barlow a kiss and it is clear the Take That singer has warmed the Essex lad.  After his exit Rylan thanked everyone on the show and said it was a pleasure to be part of the competition  It seemed as if all the contestants  judges and even Dermot were sorry to see Rylan leave.


Rylan sings for survival

Watch his original audition


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Aqua christmas fair Ideas

As you know the Christmas Bazaar is going to be opening in the next few weeks. Now Aqua are last in the stalls so we have more time to think and steal ideas from the other houses. Please suggest ideas in the comment box below or email me directly. Ideas I have include a:  sweet stall, shop, Aqua T- shirt stall and selling water. (Aqua house only)


Ethan Campbell King

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