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Wanted Girl Footballers

Golden goal scored in the 90+3yesdyes minute

Golden goal scored in the 90+3yesdyes minute (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We need more people!!!!!

I play for Beckwithshaw all Girls football team and we are in the York City league.  Two weeks ago we were at the top of the league after a sensational 9-1 win but since then its all been downhill.  As the weather got worse and Christmas approached we have struggled with our squad size. Two weeks ago  the game was cancelled  because of the weather.  Last week’s match had to be cancelled because we didn’t have enough players.  What we really all need is a few more energetic footballers, you will get a game as part of a winning team.

So if you are aged 11-13 get in contact.

Posters have been put around the school with all the information you need to join.

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Forecasters have suggested that parts of the country will see the mercury plunge to as low as -6C, with icy winds from Siberia expected to blow in over the eastern coast.

But while coastal areas in the east remain likely to receive sleet and snow from the 7,000-mile wide weather front, the extreme conditions are not expected to be felt far inland.

L Hartshorn

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World of tanks: Game Review

World of Tanks


World of tanks is a game where you drive around in tanks and try to defeat your opponent. The ultimate goal is to reach the Premium tanks at the top of each ‘Tech tree’ but with every update the developers will add a new tank. Right now there are 5 tech trees to climb but in the next update, 8.2, the developers will add a new tech tree for Chinese tanks. In the future the developers plan to add the Italian and Japanese tech trees.




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School Council issues


Lunch Trays

Lunch Trays (Photo credit: PinkMoose)

In last weeks School Council meeting we raised the following issues.  We are keen to get your feedback.  If you have any ideas please email me.

  • Upgrading the girls toilets
  • People pushing people out of the line
  • Smelly school lunch trays!!!
  • Hot meals – Not many of Year 7 are buying hot meals because they cant be bothered to line up in the massive queue
  • Gum under the table really disgusting!!
  • Making the drinks be included in the meal deal at lunch
  • Teachers letting pupils out of class at different times.  We need every teacher to apply  the same rules

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Mouse In The House!

Русский: Мышь домовая Mus musculus

Русский: Мышь домовая Mus musculus (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Last night at 7pm, Francesca had moved into her new house, her and her family were moving boxes in and out of the house when suddenly a little brown mouse ran across the floor, Francesca and her brothers spent all night trying to catch the mouse… Which failed…..? A lot… badly… It was unspeakable… While Francesca was trying to catch the mouse in her hands it leaped up and jumped on her face! Savagely attacking her and causing her to scream the house down! (Not literally) Of course her mum went to go get the dog so that the dog (Rio) could capture it and kill it. Rio just fell asleep on the job…. Good old Rio. Francesca has not yet found the mouse and was too scared to sleep because she thought the mouse would climb on her in her sleep….

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Twilight – Breaking Dawn Part 2

A screenshot depicting Edward and Bella in the...

A screenshot depicting Edward and Bella in the meadow. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Lets be clear  Breaking Dawn Part 2 is a fantastic film. The film stars Roberet Patterson , Kristen Stewert and Taylor Launtner. It is a seamless sequel to the other Twilight films.  It didn’t let the saga down.

I really enjoyed it because it had everything: there was action, romance and humour.    The story revolves around  their baby girl Renesmee as she grows up.  But Edward’s cousin, Tanya, reports to Voltori, the most powerful vampires, that Renesmee was  half mortal, half immortal; half vampire and half human.  There is a big fight and Edward has to recruit all his relatives to fight for Renesmee.  They have to prove she is innocent and that she was born naturally and not bitten. The Volturi collect people to fight for them.  If they wanted to fight they are transformed into a vampires and if they don’t they are killed!

By Lulu & Louie


Watch the trailer

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The Book Week – Dress up day

IMG_3615 - Katniss Everdeen

Katniss Everdeen (Photo credit: Anime Nut)

It’s going to be awesome. I am very interested about what everyone is going as, I predict that the most common outfits are going to be characters from the hunger games. That sounds pretty weird considering I am going as one of them too, however lots of people I know have said they are going as people from the hunger games . I would reccomend the outfit of KATNISS EVERDEEN the main character. If all of you could tell all your friends and find it out i would be very thanful!!! I HOPE MY ANSWER IS RIGHT!!! :D






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