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Uniform – but stylish?

Recently many negative comments have been scribbled in year seven student planners about uniform; short ties, top buttons undone, skirts rolled up, and make-up. Harrogate Grammar Students complain and hide from teachers in case they spot their improperly worn uniform. Its not just in year seven though, I see many  year 10 and 11 students  with heavy out lined eyes and 3 stripe long ties, but they hardly ever get stopped. I think the skirts for girls should be shortened by a couple of cm to satisfy girls and save them from getting ‘negs’. Our ties should be allowed to be shorter because they look ridiculous so long. I agree no make-up should be worn because it might damage the image of our school.

If you went around school assessing how many HGS students were wearing correct uniform, you wouldn’t find many because no teenager wears skirts around their knees or ties touching the top of their skirts or trousers. I asked “normal” year seven students their opinion, “it isn’t fair that we have to stick by rules, we should be allowed to express ourselves for who we are.”. To make sure it wasn’t just girls who thought this I also asked a boy in my form who said “I think its a good uniform as it is very formal and is suited for special occasions, I don’t think there is much problem with it but it would be better if we could wear hats and coats”.

So there are mixed opinions about Grammar uniform but there seem to be more wishes than stars.  My opinion of the uniform has already been expressed through my article but I have to admit they are very smart and make us look more efficient  The question though, is what is Harrogate Grammar going to do?

Articlewritten by Emily Louise Spurling :mrgreen:

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Nativity 2 in Aid of Children in Need

Nativity 2 Danger In The Manger,  is the Christmas hit that gets everyone up dancing. This new movie  opened in cinemas on the 23rd November and is already a seasonal special. The cast includes; David Tennent playing Mr Peterson, Marc Wootten as Mr poppy, Joanna Page plays the wife of Mr Peterson and Ian McNeice plays the disappointed father of Mr Peterson.  Millions have been getting into the Christmas spirit and supporting Children in Need!





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My first day at HGS

Harrogate Grammar School, rear view

Harrogate Grammar School, rear view (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When I first started HGS I felt scared that I would get lost in such a big school.  But as soon as I walked through the doors I felt confident  that I would make lots of friends and that I was going to be OK .  I needed some help finding my way around the school and a kind year 9 helped me find my way to geography.

I enjoyed my first day, it went to fast . I now know a lot of teachers and everyone in all my classes.   My favourite subject is English because I have fun and  learn new words and learn how to spell them.   I’m glad that I can do a bit of homework in school and get help with the things I don’t understand or know.

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The Wii U



English: Illustration made in Inkscape by Toky...

English: Illustration made in Inkscape by Tokyoship. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Nintendo, one of the biggest gaming companies have just released their newest console, the Wii U. The Wii U’s most significant feature is the game pad, a tablet looking controller. It has a touch screen interface which allows an extra boost to most games on the Wii U such as on Nintendo’s first horror game, ZombiU. You can use the game pad to open doors that have combination lock’s and searching for items in the inventory. Here is a video about what you can do with the gamepad for this game:



Warning: May Contain Inapropriate Content:

Nintendo are really trying to beat Microsoft’s XBox 360 & Sony’s Playstation 3.


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Girls Football Wanted!!


Girls playing Soccer.

Girls playing Soccer. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Girls should be allowed to play football because it is fun and a great sport to play. If boys are allowed to play football then so should we, girls. We have just as much right to play football as the boys. Whilst the school hasn’t banned girls football there aren’t any girls football clubs or teams.

I think we should encourage everyone to play sport and give them the chance to try out a different sports. Some Girls might not want to play football but some I’m sure many would like to try it.

In 2012 we should give girls the opportunity to play football as well.




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