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Welcome to the HGS Hockey column

hockey teamHGS has gone hockey mad. There are now  two hockey teams for year 7 alone . I’m Naimh and I am reporting on HGS girls hockey, this will be a monthly column for you to delve into. Over the next months I will be: profiling the team and players as well as covering the games. Welcome to the year 7 team.

Please contact me with any news or story ideas you would like me to cover.

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Google Glasses

A smiley with glasses.

Google have been hiding in their lab for a while…

They have been creating their very own new piece of technology…


These wonders of science are supposedly able to bring up adverts according to what settings are on. Perhaps you needed to remember something? Tell your glasses! Don’t remember someone’s name? Ask your glasses!

However, these can be dangerous; of course you won’t be able to drive with them on. They are the new big thing! They won’t be for sale just yet but soon they will. For people with glasses you may need special ones; but I don’t know of any yet.

Watch Google’s own video


The features of the glasses are…

  • Google Glass PrototypeRecording videos
  • Taking pictures
  • Giving directions
  • Translating
  • Displaying weather
  • Searching
  • Searching photos
  • Answers questions
  • Send message
  • Give flight details

Hang out with people on Google Me+


Thankyou for reading

by Millie J.S




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Teachers Clothes Show

clothes-show-logoThe teacher’s clothes show rocked!!! It was one of the most popular shows of charities week. This was no conventional fashion catwalk. It was more of a teacher’s fancy dress show, pantomime and  sing song.  The teachers performed in departments.

The first subject  up was the Design department dressed as Hawaiian Ninjas doing ZUMBA, we think. They were followed by Science doing GANGNAM STYLE. Unlike the original video the science teachers are not dancers. up next were: Mr Farnham, Mr Pepper and Mr Dutton as RAPPP!! The Geography Department shocked the crowd with BOND STYLE, wasn’t that a sight! A fantastic  show finished with Head of Schools as Royals, and wasn’t they posh!

To read more please go to the charities week report.

You can watch some of the action below captured by one of our readers on their ipad. Thank-you for reading and leave your comments below.


GAMLAN STYLE from Atticus HGS on Vimeo.


BOND from Atticus HGS on Vimeo.

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8540649391_fd1eeff79aPsy has recently released a new single ‘ Gentleman’. Since Saturday it has got over 94 million views on YouTube  Despite the threat of a nuclear bomb attack, from neighbours North Korea, Psy still carried on releasing his new single.  Watch him in action below.  Is it as good as Gangnam Style?  Let us know what you think.



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World Asthma Day

imageAsthma isn’t really considered a major thing, But it is. Eleven people per day die in the U.K.  Both young and old people suffer from it. In the next few articles, we’ll be looking into asthma and how people deal with it as we build up to World Asthma Day on the 7th of May.  The aim is to raise awareness of asthma and improve asthma care throughout the world.  The theme for this years day is “You Can Control Your Asthma.”

It would be really nice to show support for those who have lost someone to asthma, and people who suffer from it.

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‘The Perks Of Being A Wallflower’ – Review


The Perks of Being a Wallflower was released in February 2013. It stars Emma Watson, Logan Lerman and Ezra Miller and  was immediately a box office sensation.

Stephen Chbosky (the original writer) came up with a great plot. Charlie (Logan Lerman) is starting freshman year at high school and is the odd one out, the nerd, the geek. He feels isolated and alone. He misses his Aunt who suffered a life of abuse and died in a car accident when Charlie was young. His sister, Candice, is being abused by her boyfriend. Charlie becomes friends with Sam (Emma Watson) and her brother, Patrick (Ezra Miller). They allow him to explore his inner self, and come out of his shell. Whilst the plot isn’t unique the film is very enjoyable and engaging.

I haven’t seen a Logan Lerman film before but I can definitely say this won’t be the last one I watch! His acting skills are exceptional. He really was very good. Ezra Miller was also impressive especially in the fight scene and Emma Watson deserves a special note as she was awesome as always.

Soundtrack: I can’t stress how much I love the soundtrack! For someone with such of an old time music taste as me the soundtrack was audio heaven. The score was composed by Michael Brook  and featured as the main song is ‘Heroes’ by ‘David Bowie’. For me that says it all.  Other songs used included ‘Asleep’ by ‘The Smiths’.

Not particularly a massive factor for this film. I mean with Avatar, the visual effects were one of the main parts that contributed to the wow factor; however with this movie it doesn’t really have that effect. Don’t get me wrong though, the visual quality is great.  With a budget of $13 million, they can afford the best cameras out there!

To conclude, this is a fabulous film that I would definitely recommend. As BLISS MAGAZINE said, it is possibly ‘The best film of the year’! Well, almost. I give it 4 stars out of 5.

Ellen Young

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School Concert: March 2013

Myddelton Grange

Myddelton Grange

After a hugely successful (as always) residential at Myddelton Grange prior to the Easter holidays, the music students put on a concert for their parents and friends.

The night started with the Main School Orchestra performing Handel’s ‘Royal Fireworks’ and Mendelsohn’s ‘Dance of The Clowns.’ Then the concert continued with a wide array of acts including the: Wind Band, Barbershop Singers, Solo Acts, Student Bands, Choir, Jazz Band and the String Orchestra. My evening picks were: the Barbershop Singers who were very funny as well as sounding very good, the String Orchestra’s rendition of Eleanor Rigby the classic Beatles hit, and the Wind Band’s compilation of John Williams’ compositions which even with a few giggles, was very pleasant to listen to!

As per tradition, at the end of the night the teachers who gave up so much of their time to run the  residential were gifted some sweet treats from Betty’s and everybody went home in high spirits. I hope you come next year!

Ellen Young

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