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End of year exams


English: A typical Junior Certificate exam hall.

exam hall. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I don’t know if you can, but I can definitely tell the exams  are here! Students are getting homework in on time and seem to be staying awake really late revising. Sure, it’s good to revise but we need sleep as well. These tests are really important, they determine where you go, and what set you will be in next year. DON’T BLOW IT! Year Leaders will have probably sent out a sort of Ibooklet saying the best ways to revise, you need to keep looking back at this! You can’t risk messing up! Please please please revise for your exams. But remember, just try your best! 

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National Smile Month

From the 20th May to the 20 June 2013 we have had NATIONAL SMILE MONTH!  National Smile Month is the UK’s largest oral health campaign.

The Y7 Atticus Team  interviewed local dentist, Dr Andrew Rufnell, to ask him a few questions about smiles and teeth.

Firstly we asked him what were his top 5 tips for healthy teeth.  He thought for a few minutes before listing four:-

1.  No fizzy drinks

2. Brush your teeth twice a day

3. Visit your dentist regularly

4. Be careful about what you eat, cut down on the sugar.

We asked him what the funniest thing that had ever happened in his dental surgery.  He said that someone actually fell asleep whilst he was working on their mouth and,  ”boy did they snore”!!  ”Oh yes” he said suddenly interrupting his story, “number 5 wear a mouth guard”.  Its essential if you play rugby but also if you play other sports like hockey.  It should be part of school kit lists.

Does he get scared when he goes to the dentist we enquired? He admitted he does get bit scared but thinks that it is good to be a bit nervous about going to the dentist.

Thank you to Dr Rufnell and if you are looking for a new dentist you can find his surgery on Otley Rd and he is really very nice.

If you would like to find out about who won the smile competition please go to the story on it.

BY Will Banks



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Tour De France

This is going to be my weekly column covering the Tour  De France which starts on Saturday 29th June.  It is the 100th tour and Team Sky are again in a great position to win with Chris Froome a pre-race favourite. I hope you will keep reading  until it ends on Sunday 21st June.


Watch a fly through of the first stage in Corsica and then an interview with Chris Froome.


Happy Cycling

Will Banks

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kids rule BGT

Britain's Got Talent

Britain’s Got Talent (Photo credit: mrlerone)

Kids rule Britans Got Talent  don’t they? Now officials are complaining  that there is too much stress involved for the children, and that many may find it intimidating by being watched by millions of strangers. A lot of young people are for this, but not us.

Why, because many kids have incredible talents! if you watched this year’s show you will know what I mean! If a child has a talent and they want to share it with the country then they should be allowed to.  This is one of the only ways that this is possible.  Yet if they ban kids from BGT then some children’s talents could go unappreciated and to waist.  Silly people and bullies saying they’re rubbish risks ruining it for everyone.

Jack Carroll a star in the making?

Jack and Cormac – are they really going to make it at 13 and 14 years old. Is it the issue? Cant we and they simply enjoy their talent.

Malaki Paul struggles with stage fright. At only nine years old should he have been on stage?


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Merida – really to be changed?

184676-merida-makeoverRecently Disney released Brave an feature length animation about an adventurous girl who didn’t want to be the princess everyone expected. Set in Scotland a long time ago she refused to tie her wild hair up. She was a strong and powerful female role model. Now Disney has decided to change her and defeat the point of the entire film.

In this new Merida, they have put a belt in place of her signature bow and arrows and she is wearing the exact dress that she tried so hard to get out of in the film.


For her fans these changes have undermined the character or Merida and the purpose of the whole film.  This has been another one of the changes that Disney made to film characters. These changes have raised a lot of controversy and thankfully Disney has now reversed the decision.



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