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Your future the all new I Level

exams-4050886In September 2015 the new I level (Intermediate level) exams will be introduced. Their introduction will be the biggest change in school qualifications for over 30 years.  And guess what, we, the current year 7, will be the first to sit the new exams. The reason is according to Ofqual, the exams regulator, is that a growing number of schools had lost confidence in GCSEs.


View our interview with experienced senior teacher.

I level interview from Atticus HGS on Vimeo.


So what’s the deal?

  • The aim of the new exams is to provide greater differentiation between the best students so they are going to b harder.
  • The new changes, will apply first to qualifications in English, maths, physics, chemistry, biology, double science, history and geography. Other subjects will be ready to be taught from 2016.
  • This will means we will sit a combination of I levels and GCSEs.
  • Under the plans the highest grade will be an 8 and the lowest will be a 1.
  • Coursework will no longer be part of the formal assessment, except in science, where 10% of your marks will be awarded for practical experiments.
  • Under the new system, all end-of-course exams will be taken in the summer, except for English and maths papers that can also be sat in November. This is the end of modules. This will mean the end of lots of re-sit exams.

Have your say.

Are these changes good? Are you happy to be the first year to sit these exams?



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Tour De France Week 1

hqdefaultThe Tour De France has been running for over a week now and has lots of great events! Here is some the stages so far…

Stage         Start                             Finish          Length         Date

1                Porto-Vecchino           Bastia           213km         29/6/13

2                Bastia                          Ajaccio         156km         30/6/13

3                Ajaccio                        Calvi            145.5km      1/7/13

4                Nice                             Nice              25km          2/7/13

5                Cagnes sur Mer           Marsielle       228.5km     3/7/13

6                Aix en Provence          Montpellier   176.5km     4/7/13

7                Montpellier                  Albi               205.5km    5/7/13


It has been an excellent start to the Tour De France this year despite the chaos of stage 1. Chris Froome the Kenyan born Sky and British cyclist has taken the yellow jersey which is very good news for team SKY!

Watch the chaos of stage one unfold as a bus gets stuck under the finishing line.

Keep reading to find out more about the upcoming stages in next weeks article and what happened!

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Life in the Sea Cadets

Sergeant Steve Wood of Harrogate Sea Cadets came to speak at the Y7 assembly on 17th of  June to tell us about life as a Sea Cadet.  He is a volunteer who helps young people work towards joining the Navy and  fulfil their dreams.  However, you don’t need to want to join the Navy to join the Cadets. The Junior Cadets are aimed at young people aged below 12.  When you become 13 you move up to the official Sea Cadets. It is a  great hobby and  can help you learn important life skills..


Sergeant Wood described the range of great activities available through Sea Cadets including mountain biking, sailing, wind surfing, climbing, paddle sports, and rowing.   They do lots of camping,  and you learn how to survive in the wild in “Camp Craft” training. You can even do courses in Liverpool, its on the sea. He explained that when you want to go to college or university or apply for a job, you can put all these things on your c.v.

We asked Sergeant Wood how many recruits go through the Harrogate branch and he said that a new course starts every 18 weeks.  However, if you cant wait you can  join at any time.  If you are interested in joining you can find Sergeant Wood in the Hub where he works in the kitchen.  You can also find out more details about the Harrogate branch of the Sea Cadets by clicking here. 

The interview.



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