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Syrian Army Continues it’s Attacks

The Syrian Army, who are under the orders of President Bashar-Al Assad, are continuing offensives against the main headquarters of the Free Syrian Army.  Lightly armed Free Syrians are so far proving no match for Assad’s troops, who are armed with flamethrowers, rocket launchers, tanks and artillery batteries.




The Russian Foreign Secretary has been meeting President Assad to discuss a resolution to the crisis, but Russia remains a friend of Syria and President Assad. Iran and China have also declared their support for Assad. At a meeting in Geneva, Russia and China vetoed a UN vote to sanction the amount of weapons that are provided for Assad’s army, a stance which has outraged the USA, Britain and France who say that Russia and China are destroying the lives of thousands of innocent Syrian civilians. Russia is therefore still sending weaponry to Assad and his troops.

On the 23rd February 2012, Marie Colvin, a journalist for the Sun newspaper, was killed alongside 20 other foreign journalists and photographers during a bombing raid by the Syrian army. Colvin had been a journalist for the Sun for over 20 years, and had worked in some of the most dangerous conflicts in the world, such as in Kosovo and Sri Lanka. The British government has expressed their condolences, and also said that this is a stark reminder that the conflict should end soon.



Over 50 world powers, including the USA, Britain and France, have been meeting in Tunis to discuss a resolution to the crisis and to force President Assad to allow aid groups into the city of Homs to treat wounded. Eventually, China agreed to UN plans for allowing aid workers into Homs.

Despite the fact that world powers are discussing an end to the crisis, it is unlikely the conflict will end soon. But the Free Syrians are still confident that the uprising will succed, as they did in Tunisia, Egypt and Libya.



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