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Work Experience- Accused of Slave Labour!

Should This be Happening?

Over the last few weeks there have been allegations saying that work experience for older people is really slave work. Do you agree? Read on to see my views on this debate.

I believe that if you are a older person and that you are out of work you should get experience but you should get paid a small amount of money for your work. The government could  set up a sum of money that people get paid which may be not the minimum wage but a sufficient amount of money that would allow you to survive. If you do get paid during this period this may encourage you to go out and get a job. I also feel that if you do pay people to do work experience then your business would be seen as a place that helps society that we live  in and that  you are trying to encourage that society to grow economically and socially.

On the other hand people may think that work experience is experience, it should be used as a time for people to learn about what happens in a business and this should be free work. Other people also feel that the work that they are doing is not significant enough to get  paid but sometimes the owner of the company will give them a small amount of money if one day they had complete work that really benefited the company.

What do you think about this issue. Do you think that work experience should be paid for older people? Please voice your views by writing a comment.

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