French Exchange 2012; 23/03/12

Today we went to a bell tower/town hall, a brewery and a workshop where they made giant puppets/floats.

We also went to some lessons in a french school, they like to try and speak english to us as much as they can, but they’re not very good! :)

In the bell tower/town hall we met the Mayor of Laventie, and we went up to the top of the bell tower. – It was very high up!

In the brewery we learnt how they make the 2 different types of beer, and we had an oppourtunity to try a small amount, and to buy some to take back for presents.

We went to two workshops, one where a giant donkey and soldier was built, and another where a giant cat had been built. They showed us how they made them, how they operated them, and what they are used for. They told us that when a new giant is built, they baptise it, by having a gathering of giants, and a drinking session afterwards! The giants are operated by 2-4 people who carry the weight of the giant on their shoulders, by some poles and planks of wood with cushions on the end.

We have started recording video diaries with different students each night, that way parents, friends and family can see what we have been doing whilst in Laventie :)



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