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French Exchange 2012 Monday 26th March

The morning is spent in school.  The first two periods are given over to following the lessons into which partners go.  After break a quick lesson with Mr Le Bourdon on how to ask questions.  After a short coach trip groups undertake either to do some orinteering, boxing or dancing.

The first nose bleed happens when an over enthusiastic French boy hits qnother on the nose reulting in a fairly good nosebleed.  The best students at boxing happen to be Logqn, Kiera and of course Gemma who must have kicked the coach very hard for him to remember. Quote ¨” Ze girl in ze green trouzers haz a good kick”  Do not approach Gemma without care!

The group then moves to an Estaminet (the local and very old French word for a Cafe) where croissants, pains au chocolat and chocolat chaud are consumed.


Back to school and home

There seems to have been a lot of laughter and hillarity during the day.  Long may it continue!

PS  We are having problems uploading the photos and the flip videos.  We will do so asap

PPS  This blooning key boqrd is hqrd to useq



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