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French Exchange 2012 Tuesday 27th March


A very busy day!  Departure from school at 8.30am.  A short coach trip takes us to Haverskerque ( a prize for whoever gives me the right pronunciation when we come back) to draw or to sculpt.

After a short demonstration by Francoise (known as Fanfreluche: a second prize for whoever can tell me what it means when we return)  the drawing group has a go at drawing a cartoon figure of the rat out of ratatouille.  There are obvious experts such Jack and Ailsa who show the rest of the group how it should be done.  Some find it more demanding but all have a good go at it.  Francoise congratulates them on their persistence and their determination to do well.

The second group is at the sculpture workshop.  By the time your reporter arrives, the students are well into the sculpture.  Ben, Dan and Tom are especially hard at work.  Ben will suffer the double indignity of two breaks;one self-inflicted, the other due to a mishap (Don’t forget the chocolates Laura!) but everything is sorted and Ben should be very proud of his achievement.  A good proportion of the HGS pupils made hearts which are to be given to their mums (how sweet is that!) except  for one person (who shall remain nameless but whose mother was not too far away). Your reporter was also involved in smoothing Meg’s heart!  (Make what you will out of this statement, but it worked!)

Another coach trip takes us to La Gorgue to the CCFL. The CCFL is the equivalent of a super town council which represents the 7 town which make up the Communaute de La Lys.( It had to be said!)

A few games (Gemma is an amazing athlete), a picnic lunch and into the Council Chamber.   The president of the Council makes a short presentation (well, fairly short. You know how politicians are…..!) Questions are sought.  Very quickly the questions from the Harrogate students flow.  Parents should be proud of what happened during this hour.  The president seemed very impressed with the level of questioning and with the interest the students showed in the presentation.

This is followed by a question and answer on the exchange itself.  The topic how can we make it better.  A lot of good ideas came out.  Some more practical and practicable than others.  All in all a good debate.

The day ends with a visit to Fromelles .  The site of one of the most pointless battles of  WWI during which nearly 6000 Australians and 1500 Germans died over a two day period.  The youngest being barely 16. A very moving experience.

Back to school for the buses and home.



PS.  I am going to try and upload some of the pictures.

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