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French Exchange Wednesday 28th March


This is the last day of the Exchange.  A very busy day for some.  A more relaxing day for others.

Departure at 8.30 from

to go to Villeneuve d’Asq ( A prize for anyone who can tell me what major building project is taking place there at the moment!) After a long detour due to an overturned lorry on the motorway, we get to the V2.  Most students deappear within minutes of arriving and will return only minutes before the deadline of 11.30, loaded with all kinds of goods:  perfume, clothes, chocolate, sweets a jar of mayonnaise and even a Budha (sic).

I give up, this photo may help you.

Lunch at Flunch is something that every British person should experience at least once.  The usual welcome was given and the food was as it should be in a fast food chain.  Good and plentiful.

The afternoon started with a little tour of old Lille (try and say that quickly!) Then, it was more shopping for those who wished to do so.  Sitting in a cafe in the sunshine with a few chosen students was/is a much better option.  (especially when Andrew gives a demonstration on how to do the Cube). Here I must thank Bruce for keeping Meg and I entertained with a flow of converstion.

By 6pm, all the students were back at school waiting for the parents to pick them up.  It must be daid at this stage that this has been one of the most pleasant week I have spent with a group of students.  Well done to them!

Au revoir

The photos and videos will be available on this site after  Easter.


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