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Switching Languages


现在, 很多同学和老师们都可以讲不止一种语言. 但是他们什么时候讲英语,什么时候讲母语呢?


来自哈若盖特文法中学的一名法语老师, Le Bourdon 先生说:“我不知道为什么,我跟我的三个孩子一起时会讲英语,但跟其中一个人谈话时则会讲法语”




Switching languages

Many students and teachers today can speak more than one language. But when do they actually speak English and when do they speak their own language?

As I found out, most people would speak their own language at home or to friends and relatives back in their own home country and would mostly speak English to friends and teachers at school, even if they’re friends are from e.g. china etc. they would speak English to communicate with each other all the same as they would find English an easier language and more comfortable to communicate with.

One French teacher from Harrogate Grammar School, Mr Le Bourdon said: ‘’I don’t know why but I usually speak English when talking to my three children all at once but then I would speak in French when just talking to one of them’’.

With me, I usually speak my home language, mandarin to my parents, my grandparents, friends and relatives back home but would always speak English to my friends and siblings.

But the good thing is that speaking another language looks good on university applications, CVs (Cultivated variety), job applications etc. Plus it gives you a whole new job opportunity-being an English translator etc.! It enables you to communicate with all different kinds of people around the world.

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