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Twilight – Breaking Dawn Part 2

A screenshot depicting Edward and Bella in the...

A screenshot depicting Edward and Bella in the meadow. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Lets be clear  Breaking Dawn Part 2 is a fantastic film. The film stars Roberet Patterson , Kristen Stewert and Taylor Launtner. It is a seamless sequel to the other Twilight films.  It didn’t let the saga down.

I really enjoyed it because it had everything: there was action, romance and humour.    The story revolves around  their baby girl Renesmee as she grows up.  But Edward’s cousin, Tanya, reports to Voltori, the most powerful vampires, that Renesmee was  half mortal, half immortal; half vampire and half human.  There is a big fight and Edward has to recruit all his relatives to fight for Renesmee.  They have to prove she is innocent and that she was born naturally and not bitten. The Volturi collect people to fight for them.  If they wanted to fight they are transformed into a vampires and if they don’t they are killed!

By Lulu & Louie


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