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Mouse In The House!

Русский: Мышь домовая Mus musculus

Русский: Мышь домовая Mus musculus (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Last night at 7pm, Francesca had moved into her new house, her and her family were moving boxes in and out of the house when suddenly a little brown mouse ran across the floor, Francesca and her brothers spent all night trying to catch the mouse… Which failed…..? A lot… badly… It was unspeakable… While Francesca was trying to catch the mouse in her hands it leaped up and jumped on her face! Savagely attacking her and causing her to scream the house down! (Not literally) Of course her mum went to go get the dog so that the dog (Rio) could capture it and kill it. Rio just fell asleep on the job…. Good old Rio. Francesca has not yet found the mouse and was too scared to sleep because she thought the mouse would climb on her in her sleep….

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