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My Big Idea

Over the summer of 2012, I, decided to start a business. So Snap Photography was born.


It started on a wet, cold, summer morning, and I was watching Dragons den on TV, and I thought; wouldn’t it be great to have a business, to have something to set a goal for, and to

This image shows a "Nikon Nikkor 18-70 AF...

This is the lens from a DSLR camera.

grow it, to try and get it to the top. So, I said to myself, I will start a business,and I will be the best, but what sort of business? After hours of pondering, I came to a conclusion. I’d have a photography business, after all, I’d won a big school competition, so it would be the perfect. I had saved up for the whole of my life and waited for the perfect investment. I thought this was that perfect one.


I went in to town the next weekend, and picked my camera; a Canon 1100d DSLR, it was fabulous,  the picture quality was unbeatable. The next day, I went to the stretch of grass outside Betty’s tea rooms and set up my tripod and camera.  As people walked past, I stopped them and asked if they wanted their photo taking for £2.50, and lots of people said yes (!!!) As a result of the hight demand I raised the price to £5.00, and people still paid.  The highest price I charged was £10.00! The total takings for the day was £50.50.

I’m very glad that I set up my business, because it helped me improve my self-confidence.  I hope I’ve inspired you to do something extra special, because the thrill is amazing, and it will be successful.

Jonathan Colquhoun,

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Hello, I'm Jonathan, and I'm in 7JEK. I love photography

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