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School uniform – Good or Bad?

uk-sc01“RELAXED, liberal schools that shun uniforms and encourage pupils to call teachers by their first names produce students who are more highly motivated than more disciplined establishments, according to research by Harvard University.”

54% of students find school boring, so why do we have a uniform if it’s proven that schools do better dressed down? Because we look smarter? Because it’s a status symbol? Or are we just dressed like this to show that the school maintains control over their troublesome students?

Well we all hate those ugly blazers and uncomfortable tights (especially in the summer when they stick!)– Who is actually going to stand up for the uniforms?  

Does the school gain profit from our uniform? Do they want us to be miserable in our clothes? School uniforms are from a different era when young people were supposed to be seen not heard.  So while school is a place where we can be ourselves, we can’t express our individuality?

What are your views is school uniform good or bad for us?




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