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Guess the Teacher!!

From theses clues can you guess who the mystery teacher is?

What football/rugby team do you support?

Perpignan – Rugby team Arsenal – Football

What’s your favourite country?


What’s your favourite city?

Zadar or Avila or Combourg or Tubingen

What’s your favourite colour?

Blue/Pink – used to coach a team that played in pink. Blue reminds X of blue skies

What car do you drive?

Vel satis

Do you have any pets?

Share a dog

What do you wear to work?

Formal clothes

What’s your favourite food?

Moroccan couscous

Do you have any kids?

3 girls

How old are they?

24, 21 and 20

What do they do?

24 – Accountant, 21 – PE teacher, 20 – Student

What’s your favourite genre of film?


What kind of books do you like?


What kind of music do you like?

Good Rock music/Good jazz

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