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Prices on cigarettes are going up even more, will this help stop teenagers buying cigarettes…?

Cigarettes have gone up in price by 50p a packet and this may stop teenagers smoking and damaging their body. I had a interview with a student at Harrogate Grammar school. I cannot state their name due to personal reasons but they do smoke and I have asked a few questions on what they think about a packet of cigarettes going up 50p a packet.
“Will the price of cigarettes going up stop you smoking?”

“No, it will not stop me, the money isn’t a problem because I can just go and get some more off my dad and my dad won’t mind if I only ask for 50p”

“Do you think it will stop other teenagers smoking?”

“Yes I do think it will stop a few but only the very poor people because they won’t be able to afford the little extra money, but it won’t make them stop overall because they will put their money together with their mates and buy a packet to share, or they will just ask a few of their mates that who can afford them and ask them for a cigarette. The sensible people who realise they cannot afford it realise there is no point in carrying on and it’s a sign to stop”

So the conclusion of cigarettes going up in price (putting aside all the tax reasons) will hopefully stop teenagers smoking and maybe even some adults.

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