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AstroTurf- Great Expectations

Close up of the new Astroturf

As you will all know we have a brand new AstroTurf pitch but is it a convincing investment?  Has it lived up to the Great Expectations? The AstroTurf pitch was installed last summer to replace the shale pitch but was it a big leap forward or are we still stuck in the mud? As you will have seen when it is wet on the AstroTurf it is like a sand pit and when it is dry it is like a dust bowl.

This is not the only problem that has been brought up by this new pitch, when the summer comes we will be doing athletics in our P.E lessons but when you look at the pitch you can see that there is no running markings on it. If you remember the shale you would see that there were markings for you to be able to do sprints and long distance.

On the other hand hockey is a lot better because when you hit the ball you do not get gravel and small stones into your eyes. It is also a lot more of an even surface to play the sport on. I also feel that when we have visitors to the school they will feel that it is a really good facility it would also add to why people would want to send there children to Harrogate Grammar School. Maybe if the sand was taken of the top of the Astro people may feel alot more confident about it.

I have spoken to Mr Brown who is part of the P.E department and here is what he said:

The new Astroturf is a fantastic opportunity for students to enhance the way that they play sport. It especially benefits hockey players. He said that “Lessons are no longer interrupted because of the weather. The quality of teaching and of the learning has gone up massively” The last thing he said was that the range of activities that we can do has increased a lot because of the new all weather pitch. In this interview he said nothing about the amount of sand on top or the lack of running track.

I have also spoken to Mrs Garcia here is what she said:

The reason why there is so much sand on the AstroTurf pitch is because it is in a time of bedding in this is because the Astro keeps getting wet she said when the dry weather comes the amount of sand will decrease. Mrs Garcia also told me that the lack of the 400 meter track was because of cost of adding a track because they would have needed to do more digging she also said that they wanted to maximise the playing space and if they had added a track then they would have lost some room and it would have made Hockey more difficult to play.

After doing a survey I have seen that people that play Hockey and Football love the new pitch as it is easier  play these sports on. On the other hand people who run are a bit surprised that there are no track marks on the pitch.

After reading this article I really do hope that you know a little bit more about are new pitch.

I believe that with a few adjustments, we could make this AstoTurf really great and it could live up to the Great Expectations.

The Astroturf in use



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