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Take a step into the past with Downton Abbey…

Downton Abbey is a period drama, on ITV1 every Saturday at 9:00pm. The new second series was premiered in the UK on the 18th September 2011. The second series is a lot more down to earth than the first series was, as it is set two years on in World War One, in 1916. The series starts off mentioning the war often, and progresses to talk about the soldiers being treated for their very serious war wounds, and the community in Downton Abbey raising money in many charity events. Love and lust is in the air, as the oldest sister, Mary, is uncertain as to whether or not she should tell her true love, Matthew Crawley, how she really feels. The series has recently acquired a Guinness World Record, of the “most critically acclaimed television show” for the year, and has become the only British show to win the award. Downton Abbey is both an educational and exciting period drama, which reinforces anyone’s ideas on the 20th century, and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to take a step into the past and peek through the keyhole at an upper class family living through World War One in a different way than anyone would have expected.

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