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Mr.Sheriff’s LWV interview

For the second year in succession, Harrogate Grammar School transported itself to Lightwater Valley for the day. Molly Allan and Megan Walmsley interviewed Mr Sheriff at LWV.

Molly (MA): Why did you organise LWV as a trip for students?

Mr Sheriff (RS): LWV is more than just any old trip, it’s there to celebrate the achievements of all the young people in the school that have done really well in the last year and that have reached the minimum requirement of a bronze certificate.  They must also have avoided getting into serious trouble at school and basically they have just done the right thing. It’s wonderful that over 1100 students qualified for it.

Megan (MW): What was different from last year?

(RS): Well the new ingredient was of course ‘Light Fest’ perhaps it was an alternative for those students who don’t particularly like rides. It’s also something different and it gives people a chance to perform in their bands or groups to be able to show what they can do to a bigger audience.

MA: What do you intend to change next year?

(RS): Next year we want to develop further Light Fest in which we have an outdoor auditorium in the centre of the park where everyone can see.

MW: So, did you end up going on any rides?

(RS): Well, I was badly battered on the dodgems by Miss Williams. I went on the Eagles Claw, and I have to admit I did feel very sick for a while afterwards. My favourite ride was the Ultimate but there were all these children in the way so I couldn’t get on.

Overall, Mr Sheriff enjoyed his day at LWV and took great pleasure in seeing other students enjoy their rewards trip. Hopefully, LWV will continue to be a great success and grow further to give students

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