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School Sweet School?

We will all remember our time at school, whether for good or for bad reasons it will never leave our memory. If only our “glory” days were like those on the TV screen and the media’s stereotypes: head cheerleader, football quarterbacks and the nerd belting out a ballad in the corridor; but no, the average British teenager spends their day being told off for little things and in lessons they simply don’t like. This normal British high school somehow manages to produce an enthralling mix of humour, drama and interesting storylines, a true phenomenon.

Educating Essex is a real life documentary that films the everyday dramas of high school, capturing the highs and the lows of both students and teachers it brings a sense of reality to our TV screens. Passmore School in Harlow, Essex bravely welcomed the cameras in to film the real school life; it is both comical and surprising, but if it is enough to change students and teachers beliefs of one another I don’t know. I would agree as a student it does bring a new sympathy for teachers and what they have to go through, but also it almost gives a warmth to know that they are human and really do have a life outside “sir” and “miss”.

Mr Drew is one in million, and a favourite of many students; his sarcasm and friendliness gains respect from everyone. However some students test him and his colleagues to their absolute, limits facing pregnancies, family problems and everything in between. Is this a chance for us to reflect on our own school life? Or does it really only matter where you live and who else lives there?

To see this popular reality documentary yourself it is shown on Channel 4 on Thursday night at 9pm.

By Mia Gair

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