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Harrogate High to be rebuilt.

Harrogate High to be rebuilt.

 Harrogate High School originally built in the 1960s is getting demolished and rebuilt from scratch as part of a government scheme.  Nationwide only 261 schools  have been chosen for investment. The government think that it will improve the conditions in Britain’s schools and academic achievement.  To minimise student and staffs disruption  the new building to be built on site before the old one is demolished. They expect the new school to open in 2-3 years time.


Harrogate high is very lucky to have this opportunity because they are the only school in North Yorkshire to be included in the programme  To ensure fair play a surveyor visited and inspected every school before deciding which ones were eligible.


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National Homework Guidelines Scrapped

The Government has scrapped the homework guidelines that were in place across the UK. They now say that Headteachers and teachers can now set as much as they want and it can even be none at all!

The old guidelines were that Children were expected to do homework for an hour a week, increasing to 2.5 hours every night if you were 14 to 16.

Here at Harrogate Grammar School the homework guidelines were:

Year 7: 4.5 hours a week
Year 8: 6.5 hours a week
Year 9: 8.5 hours a week
Year 10: 8 hours a week
Year 11: 8.5 hours a week

As you can see our school was going over the set limit before the guidelines were scrapped and now the rules are gone, they can now increase or decrease it a will. What will our school do now that the laws are gone?



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