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Stargazing LIVE

On Monday 16th Febuary a show called stargazing live aired on BBC2 for 3 nights. The show was presented by Professor Brian Cox and comedian Dara O’Briain. During the shows three days they covered the topic of Black Holes, Alien Life and Planets.

On the first night they talked about stars and how to find stars and launched their scheme about finding a new planet by looking for dips in light which will be a sign that a planet is passing a distant star. They also told the viewers about how they can start stargazing and where to look if people wish to see Jupiter and other star cancellations with the help of Mark Thompson and Liz Bonnin.

After day 1′s spectacular results for both the BBC and the viewers who saw millions of the stars day 2 hit the topic of Black Holes. As Well as black holes they scratched the surface of a big event they had set up to turn a whole Town’s lights of to stop light pollution for a whole night to help the star gazers. As in Night 1 they told people what they could see in the nights sky and where to look if you wish to see the  wondersof the universe.

Night three hit the topic of Alien life. As well as all the useful information about the possibilities of alien life Bian and Dara revealed the results from all the people who had looked for another planet. They revealed the astounding results that two people had found a new planet. They also search for sounds on a planet in a separate solar system, unfortunately there were no signs of Alien life. As well as looking for aliens they turned a whole Town’s lights off to help stargazers in the area but it was too cloudy to see any of the nights sky.

The show had such a hit on people that telescope sales raised by 500%. Many people enjoyed the show and are hoping that there will be another series soon!

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